Opportunities on Tap: Amplified fest, Papercut mag, comedic blogs and more!

Open for National Act at the Amplified Global Music Fest 2012

In the North Carolina area? Get the exclusive chance through ReverbNation to perform at LABEL, Charlotte’s newest night club, and open for a national recording artist at the AMPLIFIED Global Music Festival. The best part is that travel and hotel accommodations will be paid for by AMPED 4-A-Cure, Inc.

This international cancer music marathon was created by AMPED 4-A-Cure, Inc and on October 13, 2012, thousands of musicians of all genres worldwide will perform in their home cities to raise money for cancer research. The goal is to raise more than $500,000 for research regarding early detection and prevention.

Do you want to make a difference with your music? 

Get Featured in Papercut Magazine

Do you have original music and style? What makes you unique? Papercut Magazine wants to find fresh faces, new sounds, and rising talent thru ReverbNation to feature in its upcoming issues!

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Comedian Dave Hill Podcast and Blog Feature

Does your music push the limits? Is it cutting edge? Then, get reviewed by the one and only Dave Hill. I’ll let the man himself give you the skinny on his opportunity.

“Hello. This is your man Dave Hill- comedian, rock person, man of letters, highly-boneable public figure and much more- with a message of great importance.  Submit your band into my sweet contest and I will totally listen to your band, judge you without mercy, bop my head around a little (if I like it), give you the finger (if I don’t like it), and quite possibly even attempt to have intercourse while listening to your music (I need you to be cool with that). In the end, I shall pick a winner and that winner, which is to say the band that I decide is the best ever basically, will be glorified in the form of me writing a lengthy and profanity-laced entry about them on my website (the most popular website on the Internet pretty much) and also featuring them on my wildly popular podcast, Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident (the best podcast and I’m not even kidding).”

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Live Performance Review & OnstageSuccess.com Feature Spotlight

Would you like to improve your live show? OnstageSuccess.com wants to help! Get specific recommendations, creative concepts, and useable advice for you and your band to become a success every time you perform onstage. Onstage Success producers have worked with Taylor Swift, Jars of Clay, The Band Perry, Francesca Battistelli, & more.

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KevinOpportunities on Tap: Amplified fest, Papercut mag, comedic blogs and more!
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