Opportunities on Tap: One month PR campaign and a UK feature!

Artist Development Package from AltSounds

Could your band use some serious PR? AltSounds is here to give you the boost you need!

This is your chance to win an exclusive one month AltSounds Online Development Package. Check out the full details:

  • One month PR campaign through AltPR ($1000 value)
  • Guaranteed review of your latest release on AltSounds.com, KingLoaf.com and Queenster.com
  • Guaranteed mention in AltSounds’ mailing list that goes out to 250K people and industry folks
  • Professionally designed social networking backgrounds (Youtube, Facebook & Twitter)
  • 250K Takeover Ads across the AltSounds Network [$5000 value]

Pumped Audio | Amplify

If your music falls into the EDM genre then you better get on this!

Bust out the glow sticks and get those fists pumpin’! Pumped Audio Amplify, the sister company to Pumped Audio, one of the UK’s most popular online dance music magazines, wants to feature you on their site!

Covering the spectrum of electronic sub-genres, Pumped Audio Amplify pride themselves on providing highly relevant and up to date label, artist & release news to their readers. Pumped Audio Amplify, is dedicated solely to supporting up and coming electronic artists, providing them with a platform to share their work, gigs and news with our readers on a regular basis. This is their way of giving something back for all of the wonderful music they’ve enjoyed.

Good PR begets good PR! >>

KevinOpportunities on Tap: One month PR campaign and a UK feature!
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