October’s Breaking Artists: Kudos to these ReverbNation opportunity winners!

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PS: Breaking Artists are selected by Reverb staff from opportunity winners. Increase your chances of being one of them by submitting to opportunities here >>

Featured in Papercut Magazine…


Electropop artist Ze!

Electropop artist Ze!, of Kuala Lumpur, was featured in the first ever music edition of Papercut Magazine. This year, Ze! won the VIMA Best Music Video of the Year for In the House. When asked about her greatest achievement of 2012, Ze! said:

“I was performing at a gig in the South of France with Joachim Garraud singing our new single I’m Invaded and the crowd of thousands went wild. Watching the guards trying to control the kids from breaking the barriers was just mind blowing!


Featured on The Gunz Show…

The Baby Grand

Indie rock band The Baby Grand.

Indie rock band The Baby Grand was featured on The Gunz Show as the ReverbNation Artist of the Month. In July, the DC-based group released their new album Renaissance, available on iTunes.

“Our interview on The Gunz Show went really well and was a great opportunity for us. The interview was really laid back and a lot of fun to do and Gunz is an awesome guy to work with. There were 56,000 listeners during our time slot and we got a bunch of new Facebook likes and Twitter followers during the show so it was definitely a great promotional opportunity for the band and really good exposure to a wider audience. (…) We have ‘won’ and been chosen for several other opportunites through ReverbNation and find it to be a great tool for helping to get our music out to fans and members of the industry.”

-The Baby Grand

Headlined the CMJ Convention Showcase…


Heavy metal band KILLCODE.

New York-based metal band KILLCODE headlined the CMJ Convention Showcase in New York. KILLCODE beat out more than 1,000 other submissions to lock up the top spot.

“It was the usual packed, rowdy, high-energy KILLCODE show, but what surprised us the most was a surprise guest appearance and performance before our show from Geoff Tate, the legendary QUEENSRŸCHE frontman and one of the most acclaimed vocalists in the history of hard rock and heavy metal! It was great sharing the stage with him! It was also refreshing to see three independent companies that support independent artists, Horn’s Up Rocks, Skateboard Marketing and ReverbNation, work so well together! They put on one hell of a show/party!


Featured in Daily Unsigned…


R&B group Legaci with Justin Bieber.

R&B group Legaci of Vallegjo, CA was featured in Daily Unsigned. In 2010, Legaci went viral on YouTube with their cover of Justin Bieber’s Baby, attracting the attention of Bieber and his manager, Scooter Braun. Legaci was asked to go on tour with Bieber, and to date has performed at more than 130 of his shows.

Featured on 94.4FM Salford City Radio…

Semitt Falls

Experimental/DnB band Semitt Falls.

Manchester-based band Semitt Falls was the ReverbNation Featured Artist on 94.4FM Salford City Radio. Semitt Falls plays a unique blend of genre-bridging music, fusing elements of metal, drum and bass, dance and more to produce a truly one-of-a-kind sound.

More Winners: Mad Rapture, KEPSTAR, Lawless Percussion and Jazz Ensemble, and Shannon MacDonald!

Mad Rapture

ElectroAcoustic group Mad Rapture won a spot at the Tinderbox Music Festival.
“ReverbNation has been tremendously helpful to us in getting gigs, gaining exposure, and making connections in our first year as a band. Recently we were accepted to perform at the Tinderbox Music Festival at Webster Hall in New York, an all-day annual event featuring up-and-coming female fronted bands. We submitted to play at the festival thinking it was probably a long shot, and were absolutely thrilled when we were selected. This will undoubtedly be our biggest show yet!”
-Mad Rapture


New York-based hip hop artist KEPSTAR performed at A3C 2012 in Atlanta.

Lawless Percussion

Texas-based Lawless Percussion and Jazz Ensemble was the WICB Jazz ReverbNation Artist of the Month.
“When I heard about the opportunity for the WICB Jazz Radio’s ReverbNation Artist of the Month in an email from ReverbNation, I didn’t know if our little jazz percussion combo had a shot at it, but thought, it couldn’t hurt! I was delighted to receive a phone call from Cory Healy, one of WICB’s DJs, informing me that we had been selected. (…) I highly recommend to other groups when you see those opportunities offered to take the time to enter. You never know which exposure event will be the one to give your band the boost it needs!”
-Lawless Percussion and Jazz Ensemble

Shannon MacDonald

New Jersey-based Shannon MacDonald was the Captain SIB ReverbNation Band of the Month.
“The experience from this contest win was a tremendous help to my band, myself, and our UK audience…especially since a lot of my music is fan-based in the UK. The Caprtain SIB Show got us a lot more fans, letters, plays, and buys. I, myself, appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the Reverbnation family. My music is truly receiving the attention it deserves and id enhancing our chart numbers. Thank, Reverbnation! Keep up the awesome work.”
-Shannon MacDonald

Congrats to all of October’s “Breaking” Artists!

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So, where’s your next gig?

KevinOctober’s Breaking Artists: Kudos to these ReverbNation opportunity winners!
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Opportunities on Tap: Outrage festival slot and WGMU college airplay!

Tune in every Tuesday for an overview of our top opportunities!

Rock the Stage at the 2013 Outrage Festival

Genre: Alternative, Electronica, Metal, Pop, Rock, Indie, Jam, Punk, Dubstep and Electronic Dance Music
Location: Tyler, TX

Ready to rock? The 2013 Outrage Festival, hosted by Infamous Empire, is going to blow Texas away! Held at Oil Palace, this venue is Tyler, Texas’ leading Entertainment center and can hold nearly 7,000 festival-goers. You can expect maximum capacity with their killer 2013 lineup:

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Hawthorne Heights, Apparitions, The Overseer, NameSake, From Atlantis, Neurotic November, At Tide We Sail, Stand Your Ground, Becoming the Archetype, It Lies Within, Damien Deadson (Ryan Helm of Demonhunter), Widow, Every Passing Dream, Ark of the Covenant, Barrier, Onward to Olympus, Bow Prometheus, Take This City, Artifacts, Sail the Sky, Iori, The Audran Sequence, Thirtyseven, Sworn In, I, Omega, Seeker, Flights, Numbers, and more!

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Can you command an audience like these rockers? >

College Radio Air-Play on WGMU

Genre: All
Location: Online

Take on college radio with WGMU!

WGMU is the one-and-only radio station of George Mason University (GMU). The student run, hosted, and operated station will select the best ReverbNation artists of all genres to include on their program playlists. Artists will be placed in regular rotation on WGMU and will also be considered for an on-air interview, which can be used to promote an upcoming album release or performance in the Fairfax, Virginia area.

WGMU streams 24/7 on their website, providing the Fairfax campus, Manassas campus, and world wide web with an eclectic collection of today’s hottest music, local and undiscovered artists.

George Mason University spirit

George Mason can’t wait to discover your music! >

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KevinOpportunities on Tap: Outrage festival slot and WGMU college airplay!
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How to get a great manager: 6 tips from music executive Jeff Rabhan

This guest post is written by Jeff Rabhanartist manager, music-industry executive and international consultant. His clients have garnered twelve Grammy Awards, sold more than one hundred million records and generated over one billion dollars in global receipts. Rabhan currently serves as Chair of the Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

After 20 years in the business and hundreds of showcases under my belt, I’ve seen a lot of aspiring artists who have two things in common: They’re all looking for a music manager and all trying to get signed. But for the great majority, that’s a pipe dream. The odds are against you. I know it sounds harsh, but in truth, many artists miss their opportunity by not being prepared.

Finding a proper manager can be a painful and frustrating process for many artists; the seemingly endless amount of pitching, sending out unsolicited material and inviting seasoned pros down to showcases only to be met by rejection on the other end can be debilitating. Many musicians blame the managers — it’s easy to convince yourself that their blind eye and stone ears can’t see and hear your musical greatness. But in truth, artists often are not properly prepared for management, nor are their careers in shape to the point where an experienced manager would be interested. So how do you know the right time to get a manager and what are the best ways to secure proper management?

DIY until you no longer can

If you’re sitting at home on the couch right now, chances are you don’t need a manager. You should be your own booking agent, publicist, marketing exec and radio promotion person before anyone else. For one, you’ll learn about all of the different aspects of your career and become educated. Second, you’ll build the relationships yourself instead of hiring a manager based upon who they “know.” Hopefully, by the time you’ve reached the point where you are so busy that you can no longer handle the tasks, proper management will have taken notice. After all, if you have a lot going on, the buzz of a band finds a way of reaching music execs.

In fact, there’s a funny saying amongst music industry people: “If you’re unsigned and great, I’ve heard of you;” meaning, if all of the pieces are put together and you’re ready for the major leagues, managers will find you, as will labels, and lawyers too.

Trust me. Rock bands are famous for handling their business correctly. They split up the chores, handle the tasks and operate their band like a business. This is one sure way to impress a possible manager. I remember before Incubus was signed to Sony Music, they had a strong relationship with their fanbase in southern California, kept meticulous fan lists and had plenty of merch to sell so much of the groundwork was done. The rest is history. Remember: If you’re a new act, no one is waiting for your music to come out. So get all the elements right first.

Get your online presence together

Any manager worth his salt will want to see an organized online presence. That doesn’t mean a website with a few old songs and bad pictures! Managers, labels and executives alike will want to know that you are part of an active community that includes a destination website for your project or band, as well as Facebook, Twitter, a ReverbNation profile, or even a Tumblr. The website should be updated, platforms linked, and the artist active. This is the bare minimum! In today’s market, artists are getting deals with labels and managers based upon the strength of their online presence alone. You could be one of them if you “work” your social media fanbase. Just ask Justin Beiber if YouTube helped him….

Know who you are

Very few managers are interested in figuring out who you are for you. Without a strong sense of identity, a sonic footprint, and a dialed-in look you are wasting time pursuing representation. Take the time to experiment and know exactly who you are, who your audience is and how you communicate with them first. A manager can help you execute but only you can determine those key points. Stepping forward without these three things intact is like a guitar player leaving his instrument at home the night of a gig. Branding is the phrase that pays and every artist needs to be in the branding business.

Some artists take offense to the term “branding” and feel that it goes against their artistic ethos. Think again. As a wise manager once said, “No one wants to manage the greatest band you never heard of.” Branding is music.

Captivate a following in your hometown

A manager friend of mine once told a band looking for management “Don’t call me until you can sell out the best club in your hometown!” I believe that message holds true. If you’re not popular where you are, how can you expect to be in demand anywhere else? Work on establishing yourself in your hometown and making yourself a household name at clubs, radio stations and the musical community. Bands that are making noise locally are usually the ones that get snatched up long before projects that have no local development.

Master your live performance

These days, an artist with no live following looking for management is like a tree falling in the forest. With so much income reliant upon touring and merchandise sales in today’s market, most managers will want to know that you are capable of earning on the road and building a fan base every time you get out and perform. This means that if you’re a band, you are tight and know how to sell it from the stage. If you are a solo artist, you should have a band together that showcases your talents and they are prepared to perform your material at any time.

I can’t tell you the number of times I was hyped on a band that I went to see and they couldn’t deliver it live. It’s a deal-killer every time.

Avoid “Uncle Joey Syndrome”

Many musicians fall prey to this horrible disease! Rarely is an artist served well by having a family member or close personal friend as their manager. More personal relationships are destroyed in this scenario than successful careers made. Plus, opinions are so subjective that often family is blinded by the reality of your situation. Hire the best person with the most experience you can find. Occasionally you meet the artist who believes that their career is the family business. I’ve managed artists who have insulated themselves with family and do not have the ability to see themselves clearly. Objectivity is the key to great management and blood rarely possesses it.

Having great songs is truly just the beginning. Without building your base and utilizing all of the tools available, you may find yourself in the unpleasant situation of waiting to be heard. So get off of that couch and know that success is in your hands. If you build it, they will come. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Jeff tweets daily at @JeffRahban.

KevinHow to get a great manager: 6 tips from music executive Jeff Rabhan
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Opportunities on Tap: New Year’s Eve Gig and NYC On-air Performance!

Every Tuesday we’re bringing you the top gigs on tap at ReverbNation. Here’s another round!


Perform at Underground Atlanta’s 2013 Peach Drop Celebration

Genres: Alternative, Blues, Folk, Hip Hop, Other, Pop, R&B/Soul, Rock, Reggae, Americana, Indie, Rap, Singer Songwriter and Instrumental

Location: Atlanta, GA

Be a part of history! The 2013 Peach Drop celebration is by far the South’s most popular way to ring in the New Year! This historic event began in 1989 and is now in its 24th year. Past performers include music sensations, Edwin McCain, Miranda Lambert , Collective Soul, Sister Hazel, Lonestar, Morris Day & The Time, Julianne Hough, Kansas and Tito Jackson. Now it’s your turn to light up the stage!

Beginning with family-friendly activities, Underground Atlanta will buzz with fun for children and adults alike. The festival will host three stages this year including the Peach Drop Main Stage, the Kenny’s Alley Side Stage, and the Budding Peach Stage, for performers under the age of 18. As 2013 nears, the main stage will light up with live performances and the 800 pound Peach will begin its descent, just before the clock strikes midnight, for more than 100,000 expected visitors.

Ring in 2013 on stage and start your year off right! >

Bud and Roach Live On-air Performance

Genres: Alternative, Blues, Christian/Gospel, Country, DJ, Folk, Jazz, Latin, Other, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Americana, Bluegrass, Celtic, Childrens, Holiday, Indie, Jam, Singer Songwriter, World, Christian Rock, Electronic Dance Music, Experimental, Funk, Instrumental, Rockabilly and Ska

Location: New York, NY

Live in the New York City area or just headed through town? The Bud and Roach Show (B&RS) is back, and this time they’re LIVE in New York City. The B&RS has showcased amazing talent to thousands of people worldwide, providing both live interviews and music air-play for artists of all genres. Now they’re teamed up with local NYC venues to launch Bud and Roach LIVE, a live internet broadcast and showcase of great up-and-coming artists.

ReverbNation artists will be chosen to perform at the inaugural showcase, on November 11th at Gizzi’s in the West Village.

Additional Benefits

  • Live broadcast to a global audience on BudAndRoach.com
  • Live broadcast on the B&RS free mobile app for iPhones and Androids.
  • Post-performance video interviews with Bud and Roach, which will be featured on their website.
  • Marketing materials to be provided for the event
  • Heavily advertised on The Bud and Roach Show as well as on The Wake and Bake Show with Roach

Got what it takes to WOW a worldwide audience? >

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KevinOpportunities on Tap: New Year’s Eve Gig and NYC On-air Performance!
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How-to video: Fast and easy way to create ads for top music sites

In case you missed the announcement about the new ReverbNation “Promote It on Top Sites” campaign, get the scoop >here<. Basically, with this campaign, independent musicians on a tight budget are finally able to create their own custom ads and promote them on top sites like YouTube, Pandora, MTV, Pitchfork, and Rolling Stone.

Watch the video below to see how easy and fast it is to make professional quality ads and start gaining fans from music sites you know and love:

Look at Jenny Kowalski’s and Fastwalkers’ ad on AllMusic.com

Want to see your ad on premium sites just like Jenny Kowalski and Fastwalkers got to see theirs on AllMusic.com? Just click the button below to be seen, get heard, and start building buzz!

KevinHow-to video: Fast and easy way to create ads for top music sites
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Opportunities on Tap: Print coverage, Folk features, and UK airplay

Tune in every Tuesday to get a taste of the opportunities we’re pouring up each week!

Editorial Spotlight in The Aquarian Weekly

Genre: Alternative, Metal, Rock, Indie, Punk and Rockabilly

Ready for the spotlight? The Aquarian Weekly is scouting out the best ReverbNation artists for an Editorial Spotlight in an upcoming issue of The Aquarian Weekly. If they really like ya, your band will be considered for a video interview for The Aquarian’s Project Greenroom on YouTube. Not familiar with The Aquarian Weekly? Then you must be living under a rock but we’ll give you the scoop. Here’s their story.

The Aquarian Weekly has been the publisher of the only weekly alternative music newspaper in the country for over 42 years. The music world has changed and evolved greatly since 1969, and The Aquarian has been there every step of the way. They have the ears, the contacts, the respect and the love to be honest, helpful and consistent in this often difficult to navigate corner of the world. The Aquarian is constantly looking for new talent – the under the radar music – to champion, push forward, and get heard. >

FolkMusicBrazil.com’s ReverbNation Artist of the Week

Genre: Folk, Bluegrass, Americana, Celtic, Singer/songwriter

How can you gain international fans when you can’t afford to tour internationally? FolkMusicBrazil.com is looking for breakthrough folk bands and artists from across the globe that are eager to introduce their music to a new folk-loving audience. Their fans are always looking for new sounds, and we want your music to be the next to catch their ears.

Each week ReverbNation artists will receive interviews, album reviews, and playlist featured on the FolkMusicBrazil.com homepage.

I know your little paws may be antsy to hit that submit button but this is for acoustic, indie folk, folk rock, country folk, celtic, AAA, americana, bluegrass and simply folk artists or bands only.  Perfect fit? Then, submit away! >

If your music doesn’t fit into one of these genres then don’t sweat it, we’ve got love for you too. Check out a full list of opportunities by clicking the link at the bottom of the page!

Rotation on Live Wire Talk – UK radio

Genre: All

Taking a break from touring? Here’s another great way to keep the momentum going when you aren’t on the road!

Live Wire Talk is an online audio channel featuring celebrity and personality interviews, new music, entertainment and talk shows. Over the next few months the station will be running through ReverbNation Press Kits to find some radio ready singles for airplay

This station is broadcast to syndicated radio stations on FM, AM and Online (including Wi-fi). Live Wire’s area of coverage includes the UK’s East Midlands, West Midlands, Northern England, North East England, South West England, South East England, Southern England. If you fancy? >

Don’t want to miss out on upcoming opportunities?

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KevinOpportunities on Tap: Print coverage, Folk features, and UK airplay
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Opportunities on Tap: Rock and Hip Hop artists wanted for Online Features

Xtreme iRadio seeks Rock artists

Get heard by more than 650,000 music fan worldwide with Xtreme iRadio! This  online radio station plays the best Rock from famous signed bands AND soon-to-be-famous unsigned bands. The winners will be included on Xtreme iRadio in October, November, and December.

Xtreme iRadio seeks new ReverbNation talent each quarter. Check out just a few of our previous winners!

Join these artists and apply to be on Xtreme iRadio now! >

KevinNottingham.com seeks Hip Hop artists

Do you have those tight verses, fly hooks, and sick beats? Hip Hop artists, I’m talkin’ to you!

Bridging the gap between old school and new school Hip Hop, KevinNottingham.com is the underground hip hop authority, featuring new music, mixtapes, videos, and exclusive interviews with your favorite artists. Over the next three months, Kevin Nottingham will host weekly features in which the next untapped and emerging ReverbNation artists will earn the coveted homepage feature on his site.

Hip hop inspiration, KRS One said once that “Rap is something you do. Hip Hop is something you live.” Show us how you live through your music! >

Don’t want to miss out on upcoming opportunities?

Here are four ways you can stay up-to-date on our latest gigs. We recommend using all of them to ensure nothing gets missed!:

  • Follow our updates on Twitter and Facebook
  • Check the email updates we send you
  • Check the latest Opportunities on this page
  • Go to your Control Room on your Reverb page > click “Opportunities”
KevinOpportunities on Tap: Rock and Hip Hop artists wanted for Online Features
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Inside a remix competition: Insight and interviews

Ever wonder what goes on after submissions close on a ReverbNation opportunity? The truth is that they’re all different, but we thought you’d enjoy getting a peek behind the curtain and find out more about one. So we asked Eric Sharp — producer, remixer, DJ and co-founder of label Rock It Science Laboratories alongside DJ Fame — to fill us in a remix opportunity he helped run last fall and tell us more about the three submissions that stood out above the rest.  

Eric Sharp. Photo credit: Jonathan Saunders

Hey everyone, Eric Sharp here! I’d like share with you the story of a very successful opportunity my label Rock It Science Laboratories created with ReverbNation, KRK (a great brand of speakers) and Gator Cases (a gear accessories company.) We set out to find three outstanding new electronic music producers by developing a remix competition. The top artists received a pair of studio monitors from KRK, a bag from Gator Cases, and an official release on Rock It Science Laboratories which is now available worldwide. We had about 100 serious remix entries, which we narrowed down to 15. Out of that hand-picked pool,  we judged three to be the best based on originality, creativity and sound quality. The judges? Roy Davis Jr, a legendary house music producer, Santiago & Bushido, well-respected electro house producers, and our staff standing in for Photek who was out on tour during the final round. When the dust settled, three artists stood above the rest: Alen Bajd of Croatia, RiMiNiO of Poland, and Jamieboy from the US.

What is a remix?

Since not everyone is a music producer, I wanted to share a brief primer on remixing. I will try and avoid being too technical. Remixes are a very integral part of dance music and club culture but any genre artist can remix a song, which is what’s so great about remixing. You can connect with a whole new audience that may not have otherwise experienced your incredible songwriting. Many times a remix is more popular than an original track (Skrillex’s Grammy-winnng remix of Benny Benassi “Cinema” and The Crookers remix of Kid Cudi “At Night” come to mind). Remix artists take which parts they liked from a song and throw others away, add their own parts, add effects, rearrange things, and basically create their own work based off of the sounds in the original song. Sometimes the remix references an original track heavily, other times they are so far afield that it’s hard to imagine how the two songs are linked. Generally remixers work off of stems, which separate audio tracks, each with one sound from a song. So one stem would be a vocal part, one stem for a kick drum, one for a clap, one for a bass sound, etc. One can however actually create a remix without even having the original stems, but instead cutting up a song oneself. Most “unofficial” or “bootleg” remixes are just this – a remix made without permission by the original artist or label derived from cutting up the full song.

What makes a great remix?

In our case we made the stems available for download to all ReverbNation artists who wanted to participate. What makes a remix a great remix is certainly subjective, but I wanted to share with you our best advice to anyone who wants to make them.

1) Creativity and originality

At RISLabs we value a boldness in taking a remix into adventurous territory. Just be creative and don’t worry about how other people will perceive your work. You will find an audience if you create authentic art and hone your craft.

2) Sound quality

Since we are a boutique dance label and a primary component of our audience are DJs, it’s important that any tune we release will sound great on a big sound system. You should really spend the time studying the technical aspects of music production. There is so much readily available advice online, and technology has really made it possible to produce studio-quality recordings on nearly any machine. Most of all have fun!

We close this post with remixes and interviews from each of the winning artists. Thanks ReverbNation, KRK, and Gator for working with us on this and thanks to all the artists who submitted their remixes.


You’ve been in the game quite a long time. How do you stay inspired to keep going?

My first gigs were at the city club “Green Orange ” in 1989. At that time we were spinning the hits of New Order, Depeche Mode, Yello, etc. In 1991 a war started in Croatia. Then things started again 1995 with new clubs opening in Dubrovnik and the great desire of people to spend some good time in clubs after the war. They did not want any heavy dance tunes, but they wanted dance and melodic songs. During this period I met with many producers of dance music but Frankie Knuckles left the biggest impression on me. Six years ago I also started a radio show on radio stations Radio Ragusa and Laus called “Line Up”. Of course the show is about electronic music and is for sure one of the best and most listened in this area. I began music production exactly 12 years ago and I made a lot of songs that were issued on compilations. I did three albums and remixed songs which I thought had ”something.”

How has living in Croatia shaped your music career?

To be a DJ-producer in Dubrovnik is not easy. Dubrovnik is one of the most famous cities in the world but that does not mean that it is the best for this line of work. One thing I can tell you about Croatia which is really brilliant (at least on the Adriatic coast): there are a lot of private parties, so you can live well from your work. I played for many celebrities from show business at their private parties and gained my experience there.

You’ve had the chance to share the decks with some really exciting artists. What’s a stand-out memory of yours in that regard?

I would mention Gramophonedzie because ultimately that was a fantastic evening full of energy, smiles and happy people dancing. That night people were ready to dance until they dropped to the floor. It’s fantastic is it not!?

We heard you had a great residency this summer. Tell us about that.

One of the best clubs in this part of the world named ”Culture Club Revelin” has opened. It is located in the largest fortress in the old town of Dubrovnik and is a historic gem – a perfect space, sound system, and light show. The program for this summer was 100 days, and I worked there as a resident Dj with two other colleagues. This summer had James Zabiela, Fatboy Slim, Kurd Maverick, Martin Solveig , Funkerman, Paul Van Dyk, Axwell, Fedde Le Grand, Syke’N’Sugarstarr, Gramophonedzie, Sebastien Leger, Paul Woolford, Umek, Riva Starr, Lissat & Voltax and many others.

What is next to come for Alen Bajd?

First I will finish the new album, which will be released at the end of this year for the ”Dancefloor Gang”. The plan is to produce two video clips for the songs ”Sing With Me” and ”Love U All” . I also hope to perform on a  few electronic music festivals and travel all around the globe .


How has being classically trained in piano, trumpet, and accordion affected your approach to making electronic music?

Let’s say that classical music calibrated my ears.  I like mash-up of classical motives with modern music. For example I really enjoy the piano sound in “Pacific Winds” of Ryan Farish or the piano theme in Robert Miles’ tracks. Thanks to some kind of musical sensitivity I have learned in classical styles, I think now I have wider view on sound and melody.  I try to compose not obvious, unique sound patterns and harmony. I find them particularly in Depeche Mode music, that I am huge fan of.

Are there other people in Wroclaw who are making and pushing dance music that we should know about? Tell us about the scene there.

I love my city (that is also called “Wroc-Love” 😉 but I am not really interested in the local dance music scene. That’s why for me it’s really hard to describe it. Otherwise, I must admit that I have more personal contacts with minimal-techno and guitar-jazz composers or hip-hop producers…

You have a lot of remixes up on your website. Do you prefer remixing to producing original tunes?

It’s not like that. I’ve produced few remixes, some others are still waiting in my workshop for being finished. But mainly I focus on my own original compositions. I like to experiment with sound, to create it from scratch. I enjoy experimenting especially with analog synthesis. My head is always full of music, new sounds and rhythms. It happens to me that in one moment I am hit with kind of “multi-layered” song with the whole scenario… That’s why I am stiill looking for some ‘downloading’ technology from the artist brain to the MP3 file 🙂

What producers do you dream about collaborating with?

Hard to say. There are many talented producers. Would be great to cooperate with a famous one 🙂 I would like to cooperate with JMJ whose music I grew up with. It could also be: Eric Prydz, Carl Cox, Carl Craig, Florian Schneider of Kraftwerk or Matthias Paul (aka Paul van Dyk), Tijs Michiel Verwest (Tiesto), Alex Gaudino (Greetings for all of them!)

But most of all I would like to work with someone whose personality would suit me most. So we could get along and complete each other…     

What is up next for RiMiNiO?

Right now I am still working on my first album. 3 tracks have been finished already and another 5 are in progress. This year I am also going to finish and publish my profile app in Android market. I think also about cooperating with some of my friends to make something together and check myself in soundtracks production or just start with the dj’ing live. 🙂

You know, for many years I composed mostly for my own satisfaction. Now I think it’s worth doing to grow my fans, too. Last time I was performing live, I was a 12-year old boy and played in a trumpet duo in Wroclaw Philharmonic. At the moment I do not perform live. But who knows. I returned to my hobby of composing music after few years of break, while I was focusing on my business only. Two years ago I managed to fill up my little home-studio with a new hardware. So I am on my way of going public with my music and being published internationally. I’ve just released digitally my 2 singles. Let’s see how it grows. Anyway I am really happy to win RISLabs contest. Thank you guys!


What is the music scene like in your local area?

Let me see, the music scene in Indianapolis, Indiana… I think its finally getting out there. I think a lot of the local artists kind of try to sound like somebody that’s already hot and people already know. I wish artists in Naptown would try something new, be more creative and original!!! I think if people supported good music and not just artists they know, all local artists would be more successful. Shout out to GameFace Ent. and Heirborn Gang, some local artists I actually listen to.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

First of all, I love all music. I’m definitely a hip-hop head tho lol. Timbaland is a huge inspiration. I think I would have to say Kanye West is the biggest inspiration I’ve had so far. I love the Neptunes too. I think Kanye and Pharrell’s music is so different from everybody else’s. A lot of the music we hear today have a lot of the same sounds and loops. It gets so old to me. When a song comes on, you kind of have to guess what song it is. I love to song write. I think Ne-yo and Adele are awesome! I could also listen to Norah Jones all day. Huge Jay-Z fan too. I listen to a lot of Lupe Fiasco. Drake? Who doesn’t like Drake. Big Usher fan, Mos Def, Common, and I could keep going…

How did you approach your remix of The Chirps?

Well, in my opinion, a remix should sound nothing like the original. Well, maybe a little… lol. But it should be completely transformed. I love using vocal samples and in the original track, they weren’t used a lot. So I changed that. I added a couple of new synth sounds to make it more dramatic, and some electric guitar on the breakdown. I wanted to make it change up a lot, so the listener would wonder what was going to come next. I know beats are supposed to have structure so they say, but to me this wasn’t the track for that. I have to be different, and in this case it worked out for me. Thanks again for the opportunity.

What is up next for you?

Up next for Jamieboy? I just want to get my music out to the world. Soundclick.com/jamieboymusic is where anyone can hear a Jamieboy production. Free downloads are available for promotional use only. I song write if anyone is looking for new material in all genres. For custom tracks just e-mail me whenever: jamieboyproductions@gmail.com. I’m currently working on a remix for Nipsey Hussles, and a couple of mixtapes for some local artists here in Naptown. Make sure and become a fan at reverbnation.com/jamieboy. Thanks again!

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