Opportunities on Tap: Print coverage, Folk features, and UK airplay

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Editorial Spotlight in The Aquarian Weekly

Genre: Alternative, Metal, Rock, Indie, Punk and Rockabilly

Ready for the spotlight? The Aquarian Weekly is scouting out the best ReverbNation artists for an Editorial Spotlight in an upcoming issue of The Aquarian Weekly. If they really like ya, your band will be considered for a video interview for The Aquarian’s Project Greenroom on YouTube. Not familiar with The Aquarian Weekly? Then you must be living under a rock but we’ll give you the scoop. Here’s their story.

The Aquarian Weekly has been the publisher of the only weekly alternative music newspaper in the country for over 42 years. The music world has changed and evolved greatly since 1969, and The Aquarian has been there every step of the way. They have the ears, the contacts, the respect and the love to be honest, helpful and consistent in this often difficult to navigate corner of the world. The Aquarian is constantly looking for new talent – the under the radar music – to champion, push forward, and get heard. >

FolkMusicBrazil.com’s ReverbNation Artist of the Week

Genre: Folk, Bluegrass, Americana, Celtic, Singer/songwriter

How can you gain international fans when you can’t afford to tour internationally? FolkMusicBrazil.com is looking for breakthrough folk bands and artists from across the globe that are eager to introduce their music to a new folk-loving audience. Their fans are always looking for new sounds, and we want your music to be the next to catch their ears.

Each week ReverbNation artists will receive interviews, album reviews, and playlist featured on the FolkMusicBrazil.com homepage.

I know your little paws may be antsy to hit that submit button but this is for acoustic, indie folk, folk rock, country folk, celtic, AAA, americana, bluegrass and simply folk artists or bands only.  Perfect fit? Then, submit away! >

If your music doesn’t fit into one of these genres then don’t sweat it, we’ve got love for you too. Check out a full list of opportunities by clicking the link at the bottom of the page!

Rotation on Live Wire Talk – UK radio

Genre: All

Taking a break from touring? Here’s another great way to keep the momentum going when you aren’t on the road!

Live Wire Talk is an online audio channel featuring celebrity and personality interviews, new music, entertainment and talk shows. Over the next few months the station will be running through ReverbNation Press Kits to find some radio ready singles for airplay

This station is broadcast to syndicated radio stations on FM, AM and Online (including Wi-fi). Live Wire’s area of coverage includes the UK’s East Midlands, West Midlands, Northern England, North East England, South West England, South East England, Southern England. If you fancy? >

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KevinOpportunities on Tap: Print coverage, Folk features, and UK airplay
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