5 wishes on every musician’s list this holiday season

And just like that, the holidays are upon us!

With more than a few members of the ‘Nation finding themselves behind on their holiday shopping this year, we decided to lend our readers a hand with their wintertime rush by creating this list. For rankings, we polled trusted music authorities like this year’s high school talent show finalists and the host of the Bollywood Bonanza on the local college radio station.

Use it to build your own wish list, or share it with family, friends and fans to inspire gift ideas and spread the word about what you want this year!  Happy holidays, and good hunting:

5.  More Exposure – You’d think this wish is a no-brainer, but according to our data exposure barely beat the Amp Capo (honorable mention) out for the #5 spot on our list.  Perhaps it’s so obvious that it was taken for granted, but when we tallied the final results, exposure was cemented as one of those classic gifts that keeps giving.

4.  More Fans – Musicians across the board wanted more fans, citing the rush of hearing huge crowds singing their songs back to them and more money at the door as lead contributing factors.  Fans may not be this year’s Tickle-Me Elmo, but just like presents and pumpkin pie, they’re sure to satisfy just about anyone this time of year.

3.  Vantare Platinum Plus Tour Bus – Just like the pony you asked for every year as a child, the world’s most expensive tour bus really puts the ‘wish’ in this year’s wish list.  Blowing up the blogosphere with its Inca marble, antique bronze, and pearlized Italian leather interior, this $2.5M tour bus will ensure you never want to stop touring.  We hope you’ve been real good boys and girls this year…

2.  Buzz – Elusive and mysterious, few musicians are able to obtain this heady mix of recognition & momentum.  Buzz has the power to supercharge an artist’s career, but is difficult to create and even harder to maintain.  Given its promotional power and its rarity, it’s no surprise buzz ranked near the top of our list, bested only by the most overwhelmingly cited wish…

1.  ReverbNation Gift Cards – This year’s winner beat the competition handily for the #1 spot, and it’s easy to see why.  A Promote It Gift Card from ReverbNation allows musicians to promote their music on top websites like MTV, Facebook & Pandora, driving exposure where people go to discover new music.  Not only does Promote It help musicians get new fans from around the world, but sustained promotion builds buzz previously out of the reach of all but the most successful artists.  ReverbNation’s Promote It Gift Cards start at just $10  and give artists everything they’re wishing for this holiday season!  Except for the tour bus; but with promotion like this, 2013 just might be the year they can finally afford one.

Lucky for you, you can get this holiday season’s #1 gift for musicians right here! Whether you’re a fan or a musician, giving or receiving a gift card is simple:

If you’re a musician, log into your ReverbNation profile page and click the gift card ad in the right column.

You’ll be taken to your custom gift card purchase page. Simply copy the URL from your browser’s address bar and email the link to anyone buying you a gift this year.

If you’re a fan, find your favorite band’s ReverbNation profile page by entering their name in the search bar at the top of ReverbNation.com or navigating to their page directly. Click on the gift card ad in the right column to navigate to that artist’s custom gift card purchase page. There, just complete the form to customize your gift and schedule delivery.

This holiday season, treat a musician (or yourself!) to a gift that’s sure to please with Promote It Gift Cards from ReverbNation!

Kevin5 wishes on every musician’s list this holiday season
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November’s Breaking Artists: Kudos to these ReverbNation opportunity winners!

Breaking: Artists in the Spotlight

Wondering who submits to all those opportunities you see in your email inbox every week? And what happens after submissions close? Our monthly Breaking Artists newsletter, along with this nice, shiny blog post, breaks it down and shows you some of the opportunity winners.

Take a look and a listen, show your support for your fellow musicians and send them kudos in the comments.

Breaking Artists are selected by Reverb staff from opportunity winners. Increase your chances of being one of them by submitting to opportunities here >>

Touring on next year’s Uproar Festival…


Alternative rock band The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show.

Richmond-based band The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show won the 2012 Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands. The win earned the rock group $10,000 in music gear and the opportunity to record an EP with producer Jay Baumgardner, who has worked on albums by bands including Papa Roach, Godsmack, and Three Day’s Grace. Best of all, CSPS secured a spot on the 2013 Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival! Check out an interview with the band here.

“It’s hard to say what the most exciting part is about all of this. Getting the VA tour date was huge, we were really honored and humbled to have gotten picked out of so many great bands to be a part of the festival experience. We can’t really put into words how awesome it was getting that phone call to win the entire grand prize and get a spot on the entire 2013 tour. I think we’re all still in a surreal mindset. The whole thing has been a learning and growing opportunity for us as a band, so we’re taking it slow and soaking up all of the knowledge we can gain moving forward.

-The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show

Rocking out at Austin’s OUTlander Fall Festival…

The Awkward Robot

Indie band The Awkward Robot at the OUTlander Fall Festival.

Austin’s own The Awkward Robot played the OUTlander Fall Festival for Austin’s Pride Week. The heat did nothing to slow them down as they played a kick-ass, albeit a bit sweaty, show.

“The OUTlander festival was a hot, sweaty, super fun day. We had to stare at the sun, and it was blazing hot, but it didn’t matter. We still had a great time, and we got to watch our friends play as well (Honey Son, Glow in the Sun, and Immigrant Punk). (…) We like to promote a free and fun loving vibe, and the OUTlander Festival seemed like the perfect vehicle for it.”

-The Awkward Robot

Played the Port Charlotte Family Fall Festival…

Macy Kate

Macy Kate at the Port Charlotte Family Fall Festival.

14-year-old vocalist Macy Kate performed at the Port Charlotte Family Fall Festival in Florida with her band, Currentz. Macy Kate gained the confidence to seriously pursue her music after being narrowly eliminated on XFactor, Season 2.

“I have been knocked down many times, and I just pick myself up, brush myself off and keep trying to get my message out there, through my music. I want to inspire teen girls to never give up on their dreams no matter what! (…) The Port Charlotte Music Festival was one of my first submissions, and I was so crazy happy to be the youngest performer chosen. It was a total honor to play at the music festival with my band Currentz. It was a great set and a great experience. I will always thank ReverbNation for that opportunity!

-Macy Kate

Performed at the San Diego Music Thing…

Shake Before Us

San Diego-based Shake Before Us.

The rock band Shake Before Us won a spot at the San Diego Music Thing 2012. The two-day festival featured 150 bands across 14 venues. Shake Before Us plays a unique brand of garage rock, prominently featuring instruments like the harmonica and the theremin.

Played NordAmerica: Northern Nights in NYC…

Lion in the Mane

New York-based Lion in the Mane.

Pop rock band Lion in the Mane played a set at NordAmerica: Northern Nights in NYC. The band represented New York at the festival, which showcased bands from Nordic countries.

“It felt great to get chosen.  And it was certainly a great opportunity to play for them.  We met a lot of great bands and a lot of people who really cared about the music scene. (…) There was somewhat of a snow storm that happened the same night.  But, with the amount of people that showed up, you would’ve thought it was a beautiful night outside.

-Lion in the Mane

More Winners: Pat Kelley, DJ ROU-DEE, The Brian Bateman Blend, and Xero Gravity!

Pat Kelley

Pat Kelley at the Republic of Texas Biker Rally 2012.
“After almost having a blow out on I-35, we only drove 55 mph for 1/4 of the trip to avoid blowing the bad tire. (…) We finally pulled up to the stage while the band before us was in the middle of their last song and my drummer, Kyle, was calling me, freaking out, shouting, “DUDE, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS!?” So, after that near heart attack, the set felt like a walk in the park. And we DID kick ass! The band after us had this look on their faces like they were wishing they had not even shown up! Great experience! Kick-ass show! Good times!”
-Pat Kelley


DJ ROU-DEE opened for Big Gigantic at Yoderfest.
“This was the first time ever submitting an electronic press kit for an opportunity through ReverbNation, but I thought I would give it a shot because there was no harm in at least trying. A few weeks later I received an email saying I had been picked to be the opener! I couldn’t even believe what I was looking at, I just kept reading those words in that email over and over again. (…) Last year Big Gigantic played a show in Raleigh at the same venue and I thought I was just lucky enough just to see them play live, as well as meet Dominic and Jeremy and talk to them for a brief moment, mostly simply thanking them for making incredible music and putting on amazing shows throughout the world. I was not DJing at that time. Now, a little over one year later, I was DJing on the same stage that Big Gigantic was about to play on, getting the crowd hyped for what was a packed house and just an insanely fun concert all around.”

The Brian Bateman Blend

The Brian Bateman Blend performed at the Boise Soul Food Extravaganza.
“I have always considered myself to be a ‘soul’ artist. So, maybe what you hear are touches of Alt Country, Blues, Rockabilly, Folk… but what I really do is tell stories directly from my soul. When I was selected, it was an amazing feeling. I knew it was something that I was meant to do, and spent the next few weeks putting a set together that would represent the best of what I do live. When it was all said and done, we had the place on their feet wanting more. The organizers loved the show and have expressed wanting The Brian Bateman Blend back in 2013. Couldn’t ask for a better experience. Thank You ReverbNation!”
-Brian Bateman

Xero Gravity

Xero Gravity played McCarren Park Williamsburg for Summerscreen.

Congrats to all of November’s “Breaking” Artists!

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KevinNovember’s Breaking Artists: Kudos to these ReverbNation opportunity winners!
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