Opportunities on Tap: Susan G. Komen and INmusic fest performance

Hey Nation lovers, here are this week’s opportunities!

Perform at Dodger Stadium during the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre(s): All

Race for the Cure raises significant funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer, celebrates breast cancer survivor-ship, and honors those who have lost their battle with the disease. During the Race for the Cure at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, one (1) ReverbNation artist or band 10,000+ people and will perform on the bill with Kim Jang-Hoon (well known KPop Star), Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees) and others TBA.

The selected artist or band will receive the following Ultimate Rock Star Treatment:
– Perform in front of 10,000+ at the Race for the Cure 2013
– Exclusive interview and photo opportunity with Playboy Radio
– Feature on Komen’s website and social media profiles
– Press release + other PR opportunities
– Walk the pink carpet at the Race
– Photo shoot and video shoot opportunities

Join the cause and use your music for good! >

Play at Croatia’s INmusic Festival

Location: Zagreb, HR
Genre(s): Alternative, Electronica, Hip Hop, Rock, Indie, World, Punk, Dubstep, Electronic Dance Music and Ska

INmusic festival is Croatia’s largest open-air festival, mostly centered on modern rock and urban music. The festival began in 2006, taking place at the Šalata venue in Zagreb. Since 2007 INmusic has relocated to the Island of Youth at the beautiful Lake Jarun. This year the INmusic Festival wants to add two more bands to it’s line-up. Past performers include Jamiroquai, New Order, Arcade Fire, Massive Attack, Moby, Franz Ferdinand, Kraftwerk, The Flaming Lips, and Lily Allen.

Artist/Band Compensation: Travel costs up to 500 Euros per band (reimbursable upon arrival), Food & Drink vouchers, Free 3-Day Festival passes, Free Camping

Playing alongside Arctic Monkeys, Iggy and the Stooges and NOFX starts here! >


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KevinOpportunities on Tap: Susan G. Komen and INmusic fest performance
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Opportunities on Tap: DyingScene.com feature, India performance, Saigon Kicks opener, and Echo & Echoplex booking

From features to performances, here are all of this week’s top opportunities!

Feature on Dying Scene Punk Compilation Spring 2013

Genres: Rock, Punk, and Ska
Location: Online

DyingScene.com is looking for a ReverbNation artist to feature as part of their Spring 2013 compilation, SKAFACE: EVOLUTION. Artists will receive exposure to this popular punk site’s 140,000 unique visitors per month.

After their wildly successful Too Punk To Folk, Dying Scene (DyingScene.com) is assembling SKAFACE: EVOLUTION, a ska-punk follow-up aimed at spotlighting ska-punk acts deserving recognition. The compilation will be limited to 15 handpicked bands. Promotion is expected to reach hundreds of thousands of ska and punk fans. Are you dying to submit?

About DyingScene.com: Over the last 10 years the punk scene began to lose its angst. DyingScene.com was created to expose the bands that still have that fire burning inside them. It was created to pump new blood into the anemic state of true punk rock today and to help salvage the remains of a dying scene.

Perform at India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2013

Genres: All
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit is one of the biggest youth events by the India Today Group, India’s leading media conglomerate. Youth icons from cricket, bollywood, top corporations, sports, media and politics participate in the event. At least five (5) acts who submit their press kits will be selected to perform in front of celebrity youth icons and a large audience. The exposure of the event is enormous – reaching all media channels (TV, Print, Internet, Social Media and Radio).

About Mind Rocks Youth Summit: Mind Rocks Youth Summit is an annual event organized by India Today Group for young minds. It is a unique concert of new ideas and live music. This forum brings together bright young minds to participate in an open two-way dialogue with their icons. It is a place where inspirational leaders from different spheres of life share their mantras of success and a platform where today’s youth can engage with decision-makers in an informal setting and learn from their experiences. In turn leaders can connect and learn from that part of society that will define the future.

Play the legendary Echo & Echoplex in LA

Genres: All
Location: Los Angeles, CA

What do Foster The People, Grouplove, Elliott Smith and Local Natives all have in common? They all got their break at one these venues. Does your band have what it takes to set the stage for a headlining act? If the answer is “hellz yes” then they want to hear from you. The Echo and Echoplex over the course of the next three months is looking for the right support artist(s) to wow them so they can add you as an opener to a headlining act.

About The Echo & Echoplex: The Echo & Echoplexis a cultural incubator for emerging talent and known as two of the city’s prime performance venues for LA’s independent music scene. The connected spaces The Echo and Echoplex also feature some of the most creative club nights in town that attract a diverse mix of hipsters, punk rockers, goth kids, and die-hard music snobs.

Direct Support for Saigon Kick Reunion Tour in NYC

Genre: Rock
Location: New York, NY

The year was 1988 and Saigon Kick was an American rock band from Miami, Florida. They gained a following on the local club scene and generated a buzz that lead them to be signed to Third Stone/Atlantic records in 1990, releasing their first album in 1991. Following the year long tour for the debut album, Saigon Kick immediately returned to the studio to record the follow-up, The Lizard, in 1992. The gold selling album spawned the band’s biggest hit single, “Love Is on the Way”, which reached No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and also received a gold single. In addition, the video for “Love Is On The Way” hit #1 in the Top 10 MTV countdown.

Now your band has the opportunity to be direct support for Saigon Kick in NYC at The Studio at Webster Hall. Saigon Kick wants to give a new band or artist the opportunity to play in front of a packed house filled with music industry and press. This will be Saigon Kick’s first show in over 20 years in NYC and is sure to be an unforgettable night! Saigon Kick band members will pick the winning artist themselves.

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KevinOpportunities on Tap: DyingScene.com feature, India performance, Saigon Kicks opener, and Echo & Echoplex booking
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How to Tour Without Losing Money

In this guest post, full-time DIY musician Ari Herstand gives you tips on how make a profit while touring. Ari has opened for artists such as Ben Folds, Cake, Joshua Radin, Matt Nathanson and Ron Pope. His songs have been featured on TV shows like One Tree Hill and various Showtime and MTV shows. His latest studio album debuted at #11 on iTunes singer/songwriter charts. He writes an independent music business advice blog, Ari’s Take.

I’ve played over 500 shows in 40 states. I’ve played every possible venue imaginable from arenas and theaters to living rooms and high schools. Every tour I go on is still a combination of all sized venues (well, not quite arenas as consistently as I’d like).

Once I quit working at Starbucks years ago, I made the decision that I would find a way to make a living with my skills and talents that didn’t include knowing the proper amount of foam on a caramel macchiatto. I hit the road and since then I have learned how to make every tour financially successful. Let me say that again. Every tour that I have ever done, after expenses, has been profitable.

It blows my mind that musicians tour and LOSE money. This is totally avoidable, but I hear many musicians just accept this as a reality of the road. Don’t. If you want to be a professional musician, you have to figure out how to actually make money with your music.
+Book Your Own Tour: A How-To Guide

Follow these tips on the 8 basics of touring. If you can think of anything else, leave me a comment below!

Booking shows

Every show needs a purpose for the tour. Too many bands think that at every show the CEO of Atlantic Records’ brother will be in the house and he’ll make one phone call and turn them into superstars. That doesn’t happen. So once you accept that this is a business and it’s a slow grow and not a quick dash to play in front of “the right people,” it will change your mentality on the purpose of your tours.
+Shows Sell, Events Sellout

The purpose of every show should either be (or a mix of):

a) To help fund the tour (and your lives)

b) To gain exposure and build a fanbase.

Every show I play I still put to this test. For the shows with the biggest amount of exposure (for merch sales), I’m willing to accept a smaller guarantee. The shows that won’t offer much for exposure, merch sales or career advancement, I need a much higher guarantee.

But don’t get into the trap of convincing yourself that every show you’ll sell hundreds in merch and DON’T take free shows from restaurants or friends of your parents promising a big crowd and “you can sell your merch.” This is a trap and it almost never is as worth it as you think it will be.
+Our Tour Page Is Totally Full (of Empty Shows)

Play house concerts! These are some of my most profitable shows. If you’re a singer/songwriter it’s much easier. The promo is done by the host and most of the people that come (even just 20) buy lots of merch. Charge the host a guarantee of about $350 (but ask them to charge their guests $15 and if 24 people come they get a free concert). Every tour I include a few of these.

House concerts or living room concerts can be very profitable.

Of course most of your shows will be a percentage of the door — so you need to promote each show in each town heavily!
+50 Is The Magic Number (Book A Headlining Tour)

Once you have a tour made up of a healthy balance of (more) money shows and (less) exposure shows then you are ready to begin.

Who to bring on tour

Only bring people on the road who are absolutely necessary for your operation to work while still making a profit. If you can’t afford a sound guy at this stage, well, then don’t bring one. Even if they agree to do it for free, it’s not free. You’re gonna have to feed them, lodge them and once they see all the money coming in from the door or merch they’ll make it uncomfortable enough where you’ll get guilted into throwing them something.

Selling merch

Learn more about >> 4 Reasons Fans Buy Your Merch <<

Merch is your #1 income generator on the road. Believe it. Some shows you’ll make next to nothing from the door, but hopefully you’ll be able to leverage those in the house to buy some merch.

Make sure you always have someone manning your merch table from when the doors open to when people leave. If you can’t afford to bring a merch person on the road find a friend in that city (post status on Twitter and Facebook to request help) to run the table in exchange for free entrance to the show (or even a small % of sales). It’s worth it.

Especially if you’re on a bill with multiple bands or are playing for hours, most people won’t stay until the end of your set. If they like what they hear (even after one song), but have to take off early and they want your CD, if no one is at the merch table to sell it to them, you just lost a sale. Get a credit card swiper (like Square – it’s free). I nearly doubled my sales with this.
+Double Your Income… No Really

Saving on gas

Gas can kill tours. Don’t tour in a larger vehicle than necessary and don’t pull a trailer unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. I know 5 piece bands that can fit all their gear and merch in the back of their van.

Or you can buy a super economical veggie oil bus and drive coast to coast on less than $100 like the rock band Blameshift:


The best way to save on gas is to make sure you’re not driving out of the way. No huge tour routing will ever be perfect, but keep the backtracking to a minimum (if ever).


Don’t get hotels until you’re making serious money. And even then try Priceline “name your own price” (not getting a kickback but I SHOULD) — I get $45 4 star hotels that way. It’s a nice little mid-tour perk to get off of the beer stained couch for a night. Invest in an air mattress and sleeping bag so you can keep your lodging portable and all you’ll require is floorspace.

Blowing money

You must (as a band) make a decision early on if you want this project to be just for fun or for profession. If everyone is on the same page that you want to be a professional outfit then you must act like it.
+Double Your Income…No Really

Most venues will give you drink tickets. Don’t ever buy drinks at the bar you’re playing — it’s a waste of money and you don’t need it (BUT always tip your bartender on free drinks).

When you stop to fill up you don’t need the $2 bottle of water or soda. Those add up. Get a water bottle and fill that up.

Saving on food

If you’re out for awhile, go grocery shopping as a band. Buying in bulk obviously saves and if you bring a cooler along, you can spend more on ice and less on Subway.

The road is a mix of saving money and making money (as is life), but it’s magnified when you’re on tour. Always keep coming up with ways to make more money (merch combos, house shows, PLAY COLLEGES, better targeted promo to get more to show up). Don’t tour to just say you’re going on tour. Tour to grow your base WHILE making money.

If you’re still stuck and need more specific ways to get your tours to become even more profitable or want to embark on your big first tour, let’s Get Specific. 

And if you have questions or want to share your touring experience, leave us a comment below!

Ari can be reached on Twitter and Facebook, and you can find his music hereSign up on Ari’s Take Newsletter: http://aristake.com/signup.html

KevinHow to Tour Without Losing Money
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Opportunities on Tap: New Release Tuesday Feature, Stendhal Festival, and Hammerfest

Get all of our latest opportunity openings right here! 

Apply to NewMusicTuesday.com’s ReverbNation Download

Location: Online
Genre: Christian/Gospel and Christian Rock

NewReleaseTuesday.com is the largest Christian music site online welcoming over 450,000 visitors every month.NRT works with almost every major label in Christian music as well as multiple independent artists. Their mission is to work hard to help establish a new release to their active and supportive audience.

Over the course of the next three months, NRT will offer one artist a week an opportunity to be the “ReverbNation Download” through the Free Downloads section on their website. Downloads are available for 2 weeks and heavily promoted through their site that first week. Typically, NRT sees around 2,500-3,000 downloads during this timeframe and can report final download numbers once the campaign ends.

Spreading the positive message starts here! >

Play the Stendhal Festival of Art 2013

Location: Limavady, UK
Genre: All

The Stendhal Festival of Art on Ballymully Cottage Farm, now in its third year, is selecting at least five ReverbNation bands to play in 2013. The festival has over fifty bands play from Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and the UK, and expects 4,000 in attendance.

About Stendhal Festival of Art: The ethos of Stendhal Festival of Art is to introduce and inspire the discovery of performing and visual arts. The festival showcases local, national and international artists, with a reputation for innovation and exceptional hospitality as an access-for-all event. The staff’s mission is to create the vibe of community. Grab your bandmates and possibly yer wellies, and come see what the festival has to offer.

Hop on this bill here! >

Rock the stage at Hammerfest V: In Fear of the Dragon

Location: North Wales, UK
Genre: Metal, Thrash Metal, Stoner Metal, Doom Metal

Hammerfest V: In Fear of the Dragon, the fifth Hammerfest presented by Metal Hammer and Hard Rock Hell, is booking three ReverbNation bands to play at Hammerfest 5 taking place at the Haven site in North Wales. Chosen bands will receive lodging onsite (apartment or mobile home) and a drinks rider. Fifty runners-up will be chosen to receive day passes for up to six people. Bands playing the festival include Saint Vitus, Killing Joke and Candlemass. Past bands at Hammerfest include Suicidal Tendencies, 5 Finger Death Punch, Anthrax and Skindred, and more.

About Hammerfest V: After last years “Nordic fun,” the organizers now migrate their Metal Valhalla over to the far east for some ancient Japanese inspiration and culture. Hammerfest IV had to have been one of the most enjoyable gigs that the festival has done to date and was certainly the biggest. With that in mind, the festival has upped the quality of the accommodations, the eateries, the venues, the rigs and made it an even bigger metal experience for 2013. With a 12th century Japanese Samurai culture as their back drop, they embark on yet another metal voyage, taking their metal model to Pwllheli in North Wales. As ever, they will have three stages and over 50 bands in tow as the HF Oathsworn take a trip to a new destination and an all new show.

This gig is for you, metal heads! >

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KevinOpportunities on Tap: New Release Tuesday Feature, Stendhal Festival, and Hammerfest
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