Opportunities on Tap: New Release Tuesday Feature, Stendhal Festival, and Hammerfest

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Apply to NewMusicTuesday.com’s ReverbNation Download

Location: Online
Genre: Christian/Gospel and Christian Rock

NewReleaseTuesday.com is the largest Christian music site online welcoming over 450,000 visitors every month.NRT works with almost every major label in Christian music as well as multiple independent artists. Their mission is to work hard to help establish a new release to their active and supportive audience.

Over the course of the next three months, NRT will offer one artist a week an opportunity to be the “ReverbNation Download” through the Free Downloads section on their website. Downloads are available for 2 weeks and heavily promoted through their site that first week. Typically, NRT sees around 2,500-3,000 downloads during this timeframe and can report final download numbers once the campaign ends.

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Play the Stendhal Festival of Art 2013

Location: Limavady, UK
Genre: All

The Stendhal Festival of Art on Ballymully Cottage Farm, now in its third year, is selecting at least five ReverbNation bands to play in 2013. The festival has over fifty bands play from Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and the UK, and expects 4,000 in attendance.

About Stendhal Festival of Art: The ethos of Stendhal Festival of Art is to introduce and inspire the discovery of performing and visual arts. The festival showcases local, national and international artists, with a reputation for innovation and exceptional hospitality as an access-for-all event. The staff’s mission is to create the vibe of community. Grab your bandmates and possibly yer wellies, and come see what the festival has to offer.

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Rock the stage at Hammerfest V: In Fear of the Dragon

Location: North Wales, UK
Genre: Metal, Thrash Metal, Stoner Metal, Doom Metal

Hammerfest V: In Fear of the Dragon, the fifth Hammerfest presented by Metal Hammer and Hard Rock Hell, is booking three ReverbNation bands to play at Hammerfest 5 taking place at the Haven site in North Wales. Chosen bands will receive lodging onsite (apartment or mobile home) and a drinks rider. Fifty runners-up will be chosen to receive day passes for up to six people. Bands playing the festival include Saint Vitus, Killing Joke and Candlemass. Past bands at Hammerfest include Suicidal Tendencies, 5 Finger Death Punch, Anthrax and Skindred, and more.

About Hammerfest V: After last years “Nordic fun,” the organizers now migrate their Metal Valhalla over to the far east for some ancient Japanese inspiration and culture. Hammerfest IV had to have been one of the most enjoyable gigs that the festival has done to date and was certainly the biggest. With that in mind, the festival has upped the quality of the accommodations, the eateries, the venues, the rigs and made it an even bigger metal experience for 2013. With a 12th century Japanese Samurai culture as their back drop, they embark on yet another metal voyage, taking their metal model to Pwllheli in North Wales. As ever, they will have three stages and over 50 bands in tow as the HF Oathsworn take a trip to a new destination and an all new show.

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KevinOpportunities on Tap: New Release Tuesday Feature, Stendhal Festival, and Hammerfest

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