Opportunities on Tap: DyingScene.com feature, India performance, Saigon Kicks opener, and Echo & Echoplex booking

From features to performances, here are all of this week’s top opportunities!

Feature on Dying Scene Punk Compilation Spring 2013

Genres: Rock, Punk, and Ska
Location: Online

DyingScene.com is looking for a ReverbNation artist to feature as part of their Spring 2013 compilation, SKAFACE: EVOLUTION. Artists will receive exposure to this popular punk site’s 140,000 unique visitors per month.

After their wildly successful Too Punk To Folk, Dying Scene (DyingScene.com) is assembling SKAFACE: EVOLUTION, a ska-punk follow-up aimed at spotlighting ska-punk acts deserving recognition. The compilation will be limited to 15 handpicked bands. Promotion is expected to reach hundreds of thousands of ska and punk fans. Are you dying to submit?

About DyingScene.com: Over the last 10 years the punk scene began to lose its angst. DyingScene.com was created to expose the bands that still have that fire burning inside them. It was created to pump new blood into the anemic state of true punk rock today and to help salvage the remains of a dying scene.

Perform at India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2013

Genres: All
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit is one of the biggest youth events by the India Today Group, India’s leading media conglomerate. Youth icons from cricket, bollywood, top corporations, sports, media and politics participate in the event. At least five (5) acts who submit their press kits will be selected to perform in front of celebrity youth icons and a large audience. The exposure of the event is enormous – reaching all media channels (TV, Print, Internet, Social Media and Radio).

About Mind Rocks Youth Summit: Mind Rocks Youth Summit is an annual event organized by India Today Group for young minds. It is a unique concert of new ideas and live music. This forum brings together bright young minds to participate in an open two-way dialogue with their icons. It is a place where inspirational leaders from different spheres of life share their mantras of success and a platform where today’s youth can engage with decision-makers in an informal setting and learn from their experiences. In turn leaders can connect and learn from that part of society that will define the future.

Play the legendary Echo & Echoplex in LA

Genres: All
Location: Los Angeles, CA

What do Foster The People, Grouplove, Elliott Smith and Local Natives all have in common? They all got their break at one these venues. Does your band have what it takes to set the stage for a headlining act? If the answer is “hellz yes” then they want to hear from you. The Echo and Echoplex over the course of the next three months is looking for the right support artist(s) to wow them so they can add you as an opener to a headlining act.

About The Echo & Echoplex: The Echo & Echoplexis a cultural incubator for emerging talent and known as two of the city’s prime performance venues for LA’s independent music scene. The connected spaces The Echo and Echoplex also feature some of the most creative club nights in town that attract a diverse mix of hipsters, punk rockers, goth kids, and die-hard music snobs.

Direct Support for Saigon Kick Reunion Tour in NYC

Genre: Rock
Location: New York, NY

The year was 1988 and Saigon Kick was an American rock band from Miami, Florida. They gained a following on the local club scene and generated a buzz that lead them to be signed to Third Stone/Atlantic records in 1990, releasing their first album in 1991. Following the year long tour for the debut album, Saigon Kick immediately returned to the studio to record the follow-up, The Lizard, in 1992. The gold selling album spawned the band’s biggest hit single, “Love Is on the Way”, which reached No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and also received a gold single. In addition, the video for “Love Is On The Way” hit #1 in the Top 10 MTV countdown.

Now your band has the opportunity to be direct support for Saigon Kick in NYC at The Studio at Webster Hall. Saigon Kick wants to give a new band or artist the opportunity to play in front of a packed house filled with music industry and press. This will be Saigon Kick’s first show in over 20 years in NYC and is sure to be an unforgettable night! Saigon Kick band members will pick the winning artist themselves.

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KevinOpportunities on Tap: DyingScene.com feature, India performance, Saigon Kicks opener, and Echo & Echoplex booking
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