Charity Tuesday: Interview with Fender Music Foundation and Hellogoodbye

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We got to speak with Moriah Scoble (upper left), Executive Director of Fender Music Foundation, and Forrest Kline (lower right), of the pop band Hellogoodbye who is supporting them through Music For Good


Founded by the former Guitar Center CEO Larry Thomas in 2005, Fender Music Foundation‘s (previously named Guitar Center Music Foundation) is a public non-profit organization with the mission to assist music programs in schools, prisons, community centers, and retirement homes by providing instruments to their aspiring musicians. Since then, they estimate they have reached over 187,000 people through the foundation’s music grants.

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We had the opportunity to catch up with Executive Director Moriah Scoble and Forrest Kline, the organization’s Spotlight Artist and the lead singer/songwriter/guitarist of the power pop band Hellogoodbye. We talked  to both of them about their involvement with Music For Good, their goals and what they have to say to their supporters.

Moriah, why did Fender Music Foundation (FMF) decide to participate in the Music For Good program?

Teacher helps students with instruments donated by FMF

Moriah Scoble: Music For Good sounded like a fantastic program. I mean, this could be how we achieve a really lofty goal of getting more instruments to the music education programs. Because we’re  a public non-profit foundation, we’re always looking for ways to fund our work so I was really excited about Music For Good. I think it’s a great idea to connect music sales with a platform for artists. We work with a lot of emerging artists as it is, and any way that we can all work together to enhance the industry, the better.

How about you, Forrest? What was it about FMF that attracted Hellogoodbye’s support?

Forrest Kline: Picking a charity is tough because there are so many great causes to support, but music is particularly close to my heart.

“I think music is so important because it’s not just entertainment, it’s educational. It pushes you to use your brain in different and interesting ways and gives you a different way of thinking about all sorts of problems. That isn’t to downplay the entertainment side, it enriches and fulfills peoples lives and gives them lasting connections all over the world.”

Have you guys done any charitable work with your music in the past? Can you tell us a little about it?

FK: We’ve played many a benefit concert, when schedule allows and the cause demands. A month ago, we played in Pomona to raise money for a family in need, we raised money to build schools in Panama and when the earthquakes hit Japan, we sold wristbands on our webstore donating twice the proceeds to the Red Cross. Music is a wonderful way to do these things because you can occasionally do something of value for little more than some elbow grease, like put on a show or write a song, and are able to give more directly to a cause.

Moriah, through Fender Music Foundation, over 187,000 people have received grants of instruments to music education programs. Tell us why that’s important.

Kids enjoy the guitars donated by FMF

MS:  It’s important because it satisfies the needs of many different types of people: music can help children form connections to their brains. It helps them with language, math and science. It can be a way for them to escape a difficult home life. It can just give someone peace and help give them social skills so that they can interact with their peers. I mean, there are just countless benefits to music and it kind of depends on the type of organization in which the benefits are gonna be most seen.

“Music therapy can be a lot of times a escape for people who are dealing with pain, to just kind of distract them from all that and let them focus on something else.”

Tell us about what you’ve noticed since joining the program.

MS: It’s been great! I’m shocked that we’ve has over 10,000 artists choose to donate to us. That’s very exciting! We’ve also seen a huge boost in traffic. We see a lot more interest in our website and social media, and people are definitely reaching out to us. Music For Good is, though, the best way for emerging artist to get involved with us.

“Emerging musicians have reached out about working with us in another ways but Music For Good makes the most sense. The biggest way they can help us is by selling more music.”

What would you both have to say to the artists and fans who have chosen to support Fender Music Foundation through Music For Good?

FK: It means a lot for anyone to go out of their way to support anything, so I’d like to thank them for taking notice and helping. They obviously also know how important music is to the world and its youth.

MS: We are so grateful for your support! I think it says a lot that all of these artists see the power of music and want to give more people that opportunity. I think it speaks to how important we all know music is.

SUPPORT FENDER MUSIC FOUNDATION: Click here to get involved!

To learn more about Fender Music Foundation, please visit their website

To buy music from Hellogoodbye and help support Fender Music Foundation, please visit their ReverbNation profile.

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KevinCharity Tuesday: Interview with Fender Music Foundation and Hellogoodbye

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