Get Your Shows On Your Personal Calendar

Life’s easier when you’re in sync.

No, not N’ Sync, although JT and the gang have it pretty good too. We’re talking the set-it-and-forget-it variety. Update once and let the magic of computer automation do its thing. At ReverbNation, we take this concept to heart. Update your songs and photos on your ReverbNation page, for instance, and they show up effortlessly on Facebook, your website, your Mobile App, your FanReach emails and more.

Calendar Sync

Introducing Show Schedule Sync 

With just a couple of easy steps, you can now get your ReverbNation show onto your personal calendar (Google, Yahoo, iCal, Outlook, more). Once setup, your new shows and show edits on ReverbNation will be synced to your personal calendar without ever having to update it. Additionally, you’ll get a link to pass onto fans so they always know when and where you’re playing (and can set reminders in their preferred calendaring service!).

It’s simple to setup and get started. You can find this new feature in the Shows > Show Schedule area of your Dashboard. Click the “Sync Schedule” button.

Show Schedule Sync button

**Please note that Show Schedule Sync will not import shows from your personal calendar. We suggest keeping your ReverbNation Show Schedule up-to-date and using this feature – in combination with our dynamic HTML5 Show Schedule widget and ‘Upcoming Shows’ Facebook app – to populate your schedule everywhere else on the web.

Let us know how this new feature works for you in the comments below. 

KevinGet Your Shows On Your Personal Calendar
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