UK Songwriter Kashy Keegan’s “This Is My Dream” Tops iTunes Chart in Hong Kong

by Liz Moy on December 9, 2013

Kashy Keegan Number One ITunes Hong Kong ReverbNationUK-based singer-songwriter Kashy Keegan is a celebrity in China. Seriously. He never expected that his emotive song, “This Is My Dream” would become the theme of Hong Kong Television and reach the top of their iTunes charts, beating the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. The song was such a hit that Kashy was invited to perform the song in central Hong Kong for an audience of 30,000! But the musician’s success didn’t happen overnight. In fact, “This Is My Dream,” was written from a place of frustration and discouragement. After penning the song, Kashy continued to write and perform music for six years before he was offered the sync licensing deal with Universal Music Asia through ReverbNation.


 ”My story is really one of perseverance. I wrote the song ‘This Is My Dream’ back in 2007 when I was really frustrated with the music industry and just feeling that there wasn’t an opportunity to get my music heard or have any real exposure. Six years later the song has been a number 1 hit!”

“The journey of how it got to number one is largely due to a sync licensing request that came about when a music supervisor in Hong Kong discovered my song on ReverbNation,” Keegan said. “Then, initiated by ReverbNation, I was introduced to Universal Music Asia and I signed a single song publishing contract with them.”
It’s easy to see why the people of Hong Kong celebrate Kashy’s work. His songs revolve around love, self-acceptance, inner strength and positivity. Among other accolades, Kashy is #1 in the UK ReverbNation charts, won the  National UK Songwriting Competition and Songwriter Universe’s Best Vocalist and Best Song Of The Month competition. “This Is My Dream” also reached the number one position on both the Track4 Euro and Pop charts in Germany.


Despite the demands of his newfound success, Kashy was able to chat with us to tell us more about his experience, and how using his ReverbNation profile helped get his song heard!

When did you first sign up for a ReverbNation profile? Has it met your expectations?
I first signed up for a ReverbNation profile back in 2009. I was looking for a music site that was like Myspace but for musicians and ReverbNation ticked all the boxes. The experience has been a really positive one for me. I think the site is such a fantastic platform for artists to promote their music and it offers so many tools for you to network and take your music to the next level with fantastic opportunities to get your music heard and discovered by the right people.


Kashy Keegan ReverbNation


What products and services from ReverbNation have you used? How have they helped you land gigs and spread your music?
I have predominantly used ReverNation to host my music, share it with my supporters, network and connect with other musicians. I have been able to reach out to other local musicians thanks to ReverbNation and arrange some great co-writing sessions.


Tell us a little bit more about “This Is My Dream” and its rise to fame.

I wrote “This Is My Dream” back in 2007, and it ended up going to number 1 in Hong Kong due to the fact that the song was first discovered on ReverbNation. A music supervisor who works for a TV network in Hong Kong found my song on ReverbNation back in September 2012. ReverbNation contacted me to tell me about this amazing opportunity, and I ended up signing a single song publishing deal with Universal Music in Asia. Fast forward a year and the song was used as a theme tune for a television show in Hong Kong and recently became a popular protest song in Hong Kong. On October 25th, 2013 it rocketed to number 1 on the Hong Kong iTunes download chart, outselling international artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. I am so pleased that I decided to sign up for a ReverbNation profile!

Kashy Keegan ReverbNation Hong KongWhat has happened as a result of your chart-topping success? 
I flew out to Hong Kong and got to perform the song before a crowd of over 30,000 people – that really was living the dream! It was completely surreal! I never in a million years thought this could ever happen. To see one of my songs become a hit in a country on the other side of the world still feels like a miracle!


Would you recommend ReverbNation to other artists? Why or why not?
ReverbNation comes highly recommended from me. In terms of my music career as a performer and songwriter, creating a profile has been one of the best decisions that I have honestly ever made. By offering artists the chance to sign up for sync licensing programs and submit songs for amazing opportunities it really gives you a golden opportunity to get major exposure. No other site has worked as well for me and my music as ReverbNation has.


Anything else?

My story is really one of perseverance. I wrote the song ‘This Is My Dream’ back in 2007 when I was really frustrated with the music industry and just feeling that there wasn’t an opportunity to get my music heard or have any real exposure. Six years later the song has been a number 1 hit! Life can surprise you in the greatest of ways! As I have discovered, with the tools and opportunities open to you on ReverbNation the sky really is the limit. There is a lot to be said for perseverance, if you keep on persevering eventually something has to give.

Check out Kashy Keegan on ReverbNation, watch his live performance and listen to his interview with HKTV. Congrats, Kashy!

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