ReverbNation Artist Profile Cover Photos: Selfies Welcome

by Liz Moy on February 7, 2014

Now you can customize your ReverbNation profile even more by uploading a cover photo to your artist profile, selfies included! Ok, so maybe you don’t want the first thing people to see when they land on your ReverbNation page to be a selfie. But you can upload any photo you’d like, as long as it’s 980px x 381px, which is conveniently the same size as cover photos on Facebook.

It’s easy, and just takes seconds to do. Check out some awesome examples from a few artists in the slides above, and keep reading for a quick how-to guide on uploading your pic.

1. Click the Add Cover Photo Now button in your artist dashboard and follow the prompts

Cover Photo: Step One

2. Hover over the upper-right hand corner of your cover photo to see more appearance change options

Cover Photo: Step Two

3. Change the background color of your profile using pre-selected colors pulled from your cover photo

Cover Photo: Step Three

Upload your cover photo now and share links to your fresh new profiles in the comments below!

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