12 Artists Doing it Right on Instagram

Instagram is notorious for pictures of food, sunsets and of course, the infamous selfie. It’s even caused some controversy with musicians who use it, like Rihanna‘s burqa photos or Justin Bieber’s Instagram handle change. At the end of the day, most musicians aren’t trying to get press from it. They’re just trying to show what’s up in their own lives.

We wanted to give a shout out to these artists who are – as Trinidad James would say – on Instagram straight flexin’. Check out the pages of the artists below for inspiration for your own Instagram account, and share your IG handle with us in the comments so we can follow you. Oh and don’t forget to follow us back: IG ReverbNation.

TINASHE > R&B Bombshell Tinashe uses her Instagram feed to post pics from her travels, photoshoots and throwback pics for TBT. Check out this pic below of one of the handwritten notes she sends fans who sign up for her newsletter.

YOUNGBLOOD HAWKE > Indie rockers Youngblood Hawke describe their band as “five friends mid-journey,” so it makes sense that most of their photos are of them just hanging out or doing cool stuff on the road. Sometimes they even dive with sharks.

LUCIUS > Brooklyn duo Lucius like to mix it up. Their feed is chock-full of pics of friends, pets, performances and other artistic imagery they capture.

BURGERKILL > Indonesian metalheads BURGERKILL have some seriously killer performance photos. Catch up-close-and-personal shots of them rocking out for huge crowds at gigs and festivals.

CHAKA KHAN > Legendary funk queen Chaka Khan keeps it fresh on her Instagram, with pictures of her everywhere from attending awards shows to volunteering in her community. Or, you know, chilling with Jesse Jackson.

ONWARD ETC > Folk ramblers Onward Etc have been on the road for eight years. Naturally, their photos document life on the road. We picked the photo below for obvious reasons, but check out their whole feed to see where all of their adventures have taken them.

THE CIVIL WARS > The Civil Wars may be on hiatus, but they continue to post to their feed, and even used it to announce their recently-released EP. Check out this photo they posted last week commemorating their appearance on the Jay Leo show in honor of the late night host’s final show.

ALKILADOS > Columbian band Alkilados keeps their fans connected with tons of behind-the-scenes photos and videos. Watch the video below to see their appearance onstage with some feathered friends.

WEST WITHOUT > For indie band West Without, their art goes hand-in-hand with their music. Their Instagram is home to awesome graphics in addition to photos of the band and screenshots of tour posters.

KACEY MUSGRAVES > Country sweetheart Kacey Musgraves is known for her down-to-earth personality, which shines through in her music and on her social media sites. The photo below shows Kacey celebrating with her band after taking home two awards at the 2014 Grammys!

DELTA SPIRIT > The dudes of Delta Spirit like to kick back and have a good time when they’re not busy making musical magic onstage or in the studio. Check out their goofy pics like the one below.

DELTA RAE > The other “delta,” Delta Rae are also big fans of TBT and post great photos from their concerts. They compiled the below slideshow of photos from 2013 set to one of their songs using Flipagram.

BONUS: REVERBNATION > Oh hey, it’s us! We get a little Insta-crazy when we want to, with pics of our office, musicians who stop by to play sets for us and our artists performing at concerts and fests. Get in on the action. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a regram if you’re lucky.

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Kevin12 Artists Doing it Right on Instagram

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