February Breaking! Musicians Keeping a Beat through ReverbNation Opportunities

Each month, hundreds of musicians submit to opportunities through ReverbNation. Artists vie for the chance to headline festivals, be featured in top magazines, play showcases in front of music industry pros and take advantage of all the opportunities to be seen and heard. So, if you’re wondering who submits to opportunities and what happens after submissions close, hear from the musicians themselves in the post below. Watch, listen and congratulate them in the comments. Increase YOUR chances of being one of them and submit to an opportunity now.

Rose to the Top in the FIAT USA Band Prix powered by ReverbNation

ReverbNation and FIAT USA teamed up to invite more than 6,000 independent musicians to submit their best songs, all for a chance to catch their big break – an appearance on VH1. Privet Earth stole the show and were featured on VH1, but fan votes sent four additional bands to the finals. These bands snagged the most votes in the country for their genres, including alternative, urban, pop and rock.

“This wasn’t our first time submitting for an opportunity on ReverbNation, but it’s definitely the first time we won something like THIS. It felt KRAZY (with a K!) when FIAT called me at home, I actually thought somebody was pranking me, but it wasn’t a prank! It was reality. We are constantly submitting for new opportunities, fingers crossed that we get chosen again. Let’s Blitz-Rock!” –Ivan Smirnov of Privet Earth

Want to get to know all of the bands? Visit the FIAT Backstage blog to learn how you can Hangout with them on Google+!

Made Strides in Local Music Scene with a Feature in Colorado Music Buzz

Getting heard and making a name for yourself in your local scene is important for every band and musician. For most artists their hometown fans are the first who show love for their music. Five Colorado-based artists got the chance to connect with their local fans through a feature in Colorado Music Buzz Magazine, a print and online music magazine out of Denver. The chosen musicians were highlighted in a nice write-up, and got airplay on their live and digital radio station.

Check out the artists’ music below and hear about their experience.

“This was my first time being selected for an opportunity, and boy did it feel good. I am looking forward to submitting to many more opportunities that become available and hopefully this wont be the last I’m chosen for. I am truly blessed to have ReverbNation on my side. They have helped me organize myself as an independent artist, grow my fan base, and have given me confidence.” – Joe Hunt

Performed the Sunset Sessions for top Music Industry Gatekeepers

Featured in JAZZIZ Magazine, the Premiere Publication for Jazz Artists

Since 1983, JAZZIZ has been the authority on everything related to jazz music and culture. The notoriously cool magazine chose jazz phonemes Randy Corinthian and Jacnique to highlight in their February issue, showing off their talent and tunes to listeners who appreciate them the most. Read more about how it went for the artists and give their music a listen.

“I was thrilled to be selected for this opportunity! JAZZIZ Magazine is one of the leading authorities in the jazz community, and it’s great to be recognized among the many esteemed colleagues for my contribution to this great musical society. Customarily, I submit to the opportunities that I think are a good fit for me. Sometimes I’m selected, and sometimes I’m not. But one thing’s for sure..we miss 100% of the shots we never take.” – Randy Corinthian

“I was so excited to hear of the feature opportunity in JAZZIZ Magazine through ReverbNation and I responded right away. I knew that this would be anexcellent way for me to share my music with listeners who can really appreciate the kind of music that I create. I have submitted for many other opportunities through Reverbnation, but this one was a perfect fit and I am absolutely thrilled to have won! Being chosen for this opportunity was like a dream come true. I feel like this will open many new doors for me and I am excited to see what happens. I will most definitely continue to enter for more opportunities through Reverbnation. This is a fantastic platform for independent artists!” – Jacnique

Rocked the “Indie Band of the Week” Column in RockRevolt Magazine

Long Island metal four-piece band The Things They Carried says they believe music is about taking risks and putting yourself out there with the hope that people will grab on to it. The group had a chance to get their name out there after being chosen as the “Indie Band of the Week” from RockRevolt Magazine.

“This was the first time we have submitted for and won an opportunity. Shortly after we heard the news about this opportunity, we were also accepted to play this year’s Launch Music Conference through ReverbNation! We’re honored to be selected and we will definitely enter for more opportunities in the future.” – Steve Schwartz of The Things They Carried

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KevinFebruary Breaking! Musicians Keeping a Beat through ReverbNation Opportunities

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