Live from SXSW! Catching Up With ReverbNation Bands at the Festival

It’s music week in Austin, and SXSW is in full force. This year, ReverbNation was excited to send three of our team members to the renowned festival to sit on panel discussions, grab great footage of our artists and of course, see some mind-blowing live performances.

Check out some pics from the sets we caught below and hear from some of the musicians themselves about the 2014 SXSW Experience, and advice they have for other musicians.


Chicago rock band Phosphene played at Burnsides Tavern

“SXSW has been an amazing experience! There are so many people and all of them want to hear fresh music from all over the US. We met some awesome bands from Virginia and Oregon that we networked with. We will definitely be back! The people of Austin were friendly and actively participating while we played. Our advice to other bands is make the trip down its worth your while but play at places that don’t make you pay. We were able to get this opportunity and connect with Music Gorilla through ReverbNation, and they didn’t ask for a dime. They just allowed us to share our music. Don’t fall for scams that ask for $150 to up to $2,000 for shows! Submit through ReverbNation opportunities and play a fun show with kind people who support the local scene! Hope to see you all there in 2015! Special thanks to ReverbNation, Music Gorilla, and the amazing people of Austin Texas!”

Jeni Leigh, Phosphene

The Great Socio SXSW ReverbNation

Four-piece alternative band The Great Socio kept the audience going at Burnsides Tavern

“Last night was extraordinary. The best advice I can give that was passed on to me by C.T. The guitarist of Lovebettie, in my words:

You have to stand out. There’s so much competition and every act here is of professional caliber. Find the thing that makes you different, and work it as hard as you can. Our showmanship and energy of performance sets us apart. I lost my voice due to illness but knowing that my strengths are not in my vocal abilities but in my ability to perform, gave me a huge edge and made our set memorable. Stand out. And talk to everyone. You never know who your next biggest fan will be.

Also, drink a lot of water, geez!”

– Berto, The Great Socio

Saidah Baba Talibah

Rock n’ Soul crooner Saidah Baba Talibah took the stage at 512 Rooftop

“Austin is a kickass town! How many times in your life do you get to rock out under a half moon and stars with new friends from all over the world?  We jumped, sweat, sang & played our faces off and our audience was right there with us, singing along with us, fists in the air and all. Shit, I’d say last night was a dream come true.  Plus, Robin McKelle & The Flytones and Mingo Fishtrap were incredible acts to share the night with.”

Saida Baba Talibah

Robin McKelle and the Flytones ReverbNation SXSW

Robin McKelle and the Flytones rocked the house with Saida Baba Talibah and Mingo Fishtrap

“I had a great night filled with good people and music. This was our first time but most definitely not our last!”

– Robin of Robin McKelle and the Flytones

The Lonely Biscuits ReverbNation SXSW

Funky fresh band The Lonely Biscuits played bar 96

“Our advice to other artists is to make honest music and have fun doing it. Put yourself out there and create relationships with your fans.”

– Sam Gidely, The Lonely Biscuits

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KevinLive from SXSW! Catching Up With ReverbNation Bands at the Festival

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