March Breaking! Musicians Keeping a Beat through ReverbNation Opportunities

March's Breaking Artists from ReverbNation

Each month, hundreds of thousands of musicians submit to opportunities through ReverbNation. Artists vie for the chance to headline festivals, be featured in top magazines, play showcases in front of music industry pros and take advantage of all the opportunities to be seen and heard. So, if you’re wondering who submits to opportunities and what happens after submissions close, hear from the musicians themselves in the post below. Watch, listen and congratulate them in the comments. Increase your chances of being one of them and submit to an opportunity now.

Made Her SXSW Debut at the High School Nation Unofficial SXSW Event


Bean made her SXSW debut and played the High School Nation Tour Unofficial SXSW stage. Opening for headliners Drake Bell and Trevor Jackson, Bean and her band rocked out for the crowd on the streets of Austin.

“I have been blessed to win other opportunities through ReverbNation before, and it was an honor to be chosen for this opportunity. I was thrilled! ReverbNation always has the coolest opportunities.” – Bean

Took the stage at Chicago’s Mix and Mingle Music Series through Urban Fêtes

Jessica Brown, Ivan Ellis and Ashley Laschelle scored a chance to perform for Chicago professionals through locally-renowned event planning company Urban Fétes’ Mix and Mingle Music Series. Hear what the artists had to say about the event.


“Reverbnation has been a constant tool to help me create a wonderful, loving fan base, but it has also given me some amazing opportunities. It felt absolutely amazing to be chosen for Urban Fètes Mix and Mingle. I was able to meet so many influential people, and I would like to thank Urban Fètes as well as Reverbnation giving me the opportunity!
Through Reverbnation, I’ve been accepted to other amazing opportunities. Highlighting a few, I’ve been accepted as a songwriter for Songs of Love, I will be a featured artist in the MAY/ JUNE edition of Making Music Magazine, and I was accepted as a RAW Artist, where I advanced into becoming RAW Chicago’s “Musician of the Year” 2013!” – Jessica Brown




“I knew of the “Mix and Mingle” Music Series, but I didn’t know of the ReverbNation booking opportunity until I started using the RPK’s. This was among the first opportunities that I submitted for, and the first one that I won. It felt amazing to be chosen for this event. Urban Fétes has an excellent reputation in Chicago and I was able to network with people who are doing big and exciting things! I definitely hope to be asked back for other events that they have. I will definitely enter for more opportunities in the future. A lot of these seem to be really fun and ReverbNation seems to have more of a grasp on Chicago than Sonicbids. I am looking forward to what the future will bring.” – Ashley Laschelle

Heated up the Liquid Sol Music Festival With The All American Rejects and Buckcherry


Seven Story Fall rocked the stage at Arizona’s Liquid Sol Music Festival. The lineup included bands like Train, The All American Rejects, Everclear, Gin Blossoms, Buckcherry and Kelley James.

“I’ve won many ReverbNation opportunities for radio airplay, festival performances and magazine interviews. It felt amazing to finally be chosen for a well-run, promoted event, and it was the most professional event I have ever been a part of. The crew was amazing and the performance went well. I hope to play it again. I encourage every artist to enter for opportunities that call for their genre and make sure you check opportunities every day!” – Hunter Kennedy of Seven Story Fall

Serenaded Athletes Every Step of the Way at the New York Road Runners Half Marathon


Alissa Cavallaro performed for runners in the NYC Road Runners Half Marathon! Alissa’s music kept runners motivated to keep going despite the cold temperatures.

“This was my second time performing at the marathon through ReverbNation. I felt very honored and privileged to be chosen for this event because I love to perform and I enjoy getting the crowd motivated. I will most definitely will enter for more opportunities in the future because exposure is always great and singing and performing is my passion. Thank you and keep your eyes open for new music and updates!” – Alissa Cavallaro

Got Featured on Dallas-Based Going Deep: The Local Show

Getting airplay on radio stations where your fans listen daily is one of the best way to spread your music, and of course, to get heard by new fans. Nick Lokken and The GlitterMan were two of the nine artists chosen for the spotlight on Going Deep: The Local Show. Hear about their experiences and why they keep submitting to opportunities. Be sure to check out of the music of the other seven winners too!


“This was not the first time I submitted for an opportunity, but it was the first time I won an opportunity. I heard about the opportunity through my email. Every time a new opportunity is posted, it notifies me through my phone, so I can submit it right then and there!

The feeling I felt when my submission was accepted was pretty close to the feeling when I got accepted for college, I was ecstatic! I’m pretty sure I was in class when I got the email back, and I just started to giggle I was so happy.

I definitely try to submit to every opportunity that I can. Even if I don’t win, I just think about the good things, like, it’s just one more person getting to hear my music. Also, it gives me hope knowing that there are still HUNDREDS of venues out there still wanting live music.

I think Reverbnation is ESSENTIAL for every artist out there. It’s nice to have a site that is made by musicians, for musicians. Every tool is linked to my website and social media. I can access just about everything from my phone. I’ve been using it for about 4 years now, and there is no better platform like it out there. I encourage every artist to get on ReverbNation, and keep submitting to opportunities even if you aren’t accepted on the first try!” – Nick Lokken


“I submitted for this opportunity on ReverbNation after just completing my first EP as a solo artist, recently having left my band. I felt great to be selected, I am looking to spread my music and message, so it was great to get the opportunity. I will be releasing my follow up EP sometime in June/Aug. After its completed I will be submitting to lots of other opportunities.

I think every artist should ‘find their inner glitter.’ For me, this meant breaking out as an artist as well as a person. For me, this meant breaking out as a artist as well as a person. It happened when I first splashed the glitter on and came out of my shell. So if not glitter for you,  find that something  that helps you connect with people and who you really are.” – The GlitterMan








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KevinMarch Breaking! Musicians Keeping a Beat through ReverbNation Opportunities

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