Passing Through: Good Graeff Takes a Break from Touring & Offers Advice to Aspiring Musicians

by Liz Moy on April 25, 2014

In March, twin sisters Brooke and Brit Graeff of Good Graeff took time out of their crazy touring schedule to stop by our office in Durham, NC to hang out and play a short set for our Passing Through series.

Good grief, they were entertaining! We talked about everything from recording a music video overseas to funding their tour through a Kickstarter campaign. Afterwards, they graced us with the sweet sounds of their lively, upbeat folk music, Brit’s cello and the playful, yet painfully honest lyrics sung by Brooke.

Check out a few memorable quotes and pieces of advice from the sisters below, and watch the full interview and other performance videos to get the complete Good Graeff experience! Don’t forget to check out their ReverbNation profile and grab a copy of their “Better Half” EP.

“Before we ran our Kickstarter campaign, we didn’t even have one quarter-inch cable. And when you start touring, you need a lot of gear. The Kickstarter really helped us do that.”

“If you want to support yourself with your music, you need to have no other way to support yourself.”

“Once you don’t have anything else [to focus on] you can say ‘yes’ to every show.”

“If you plan on doing music full-time, it’s easier to do it if you have nothing, and you have to be prepared to work. You’re not going to get anywhere if you’re not willing to work”

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