Artist Session: My Gold Mask

Electro-pop trio My Gold Mask have recently been featured in NYLON Magazine and Bullet Media and took some time to tell us about their SXSW experience, their new album, and more.

My Gold Mask has been around since 2009, tell us a little about the evolution of your sound?

When we first started we were a two-piece and were really just experimenting with new styles and sounds. Playing around with instruments and structures that were outside of our wheelhouse as musicians, so to speak. It began with wanting to try new things, but we still used all organic instruments and were very minimal live. As time went on we became more and more interested in incorporating electronic elements and really creating a fuller sound, even adding a third member with James Andrew. But the focus has always been on conveying emotion through the songs.

KevinArtist Session: My Gold Mask
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Life on the Road: Top 8 Touring Tips from Smooth Hound Smith

Smooth Hound Smith, the foot stompin' American roots duo who have travelled over 80,000 road miles and played over 500 shows in 30 plus states, shared their Top 8 Touring Tips with us. From learning basic auto repair to eating healthy, these tips will help you plan a successful tour.

Here are some things that have served me well while on the road.  Some of them are useful for folks just starting out; other things are great no matter how much touring you’ve done.  They’re in no particular order:

KevinLife on the Road: Top 8 Touring Tips from Smooth Hound Smith
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Staff Picks: April Edition

Here at ReverbNation we're constantly discovering new music, sharing our fave songs with each other, and rocking out 24/7. So we figure, why not share some of our current picks with you? Get to know us in our Staff Picks: April Edition playlist.

KevinStaff Picks: April Edition
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Success Story Update

Throughout the week, our ReverbNation CONNECT team keeps track of industry news and artist successes. We’ve got your weekly recap of the top stories you’ve missed, including features and premieres on Noisey, Brooklyn Vegan, and more.

Kyle Forester

Kyle Forester

Shortly after debuting “Won’t Go Crazy,” off his self-titled album, Kyle Forester shared his second single and accompanying video, “Didn’t Try To Run Away,” on Brooklyn Vegan.  Kyle, also has some shows coming up, including ReverbNation CONNECT & SIOLM’s music series, PURSUIT on April 6 along with Silverbird and Erika Spring (Au Revoir Simone).

Norwegian artist Gundelach, is getting ready to drop his debut EP ‘Spiders’ in May, but in the meantime, enjoy a spectacular soul-drenched live performance of “Alone In The Night,” presented by NBHAP.

Little Tybee

Little Tybee

Little Tybee unleashed “More Like Jason,” a soaring indie-folk jam premiered by Noisey. Impressed by their unique and engaging sound Noisey said, “the group stands to create some of the most promising and truly original music of our generation.” Head to Noisey to learn more on Little Tybee plus check out their Q&A with each one of the members!

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Artist Session: We Are Temporary

Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed here are those solely of the artist and do not necessarily reflect the views of ReverbNation, its affiliates, or its employees.

When did you start making music?

I started getting into music in a serious way when I was 12. My mom was an opera singer and my father, too, was a musician and worked in the industry, so I started taking piano lessons as a little boy, but it didn’t stick at first. I tried organ, oboe, choir, and drums, but it wasn’t until I got a guitar in my hand around 12 that my passion for music took hold in earnest. By 15 years of age, I was playing in punk bands, studying classical guitar, taking theory lessons, returned to the piano, and got really involved with computers, midi, and early synths. From then on, music continued to be my life’s obsession: writing; recording; touring; studying composition, audio production, and classical guitar at university, etc.

KevinArtist Session: We Are Temporary
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