Artist Spotlight: KingKLA$$

Through contrasting musical backgrounds, Brooklyn-raised, D.C.-based artist, KingKLA$$, aspires to create a new trend in music while cultivating a genre reminiscent of the New York nostalgia present in hip-hop. Drawing influences from 90’s funk, the rapper delivers candid lyrics over a laid back flow while evoking the sound of classic east coast hip-hop. We caught up with KingKla$$ to discuss  his new single, “Lucid,” the importance of social media for emerging artists, how he landed a feature on THUMP through ReverbNation, and his take on the impact of hip-hop culture in America.

DaveArtist Spotlight: KingKLA$$
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4 Ways Travel Can Boost Your Music Career

What if I told you that something almost all of us love to do—travel—can actually be beneficial to your music career? The truth is that travel is one of the most effective ways to grow your career, as long as you’re willing to put in the time, energy, and focus that building something truly great requires. Here are four ways planning your next big trip can lead to major career growth.

Dave4 Ways Travel Can Boost Your Music Career
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7 New Merch Ideas You Need To Try Now

Clever merch can do marvels for a band, and we’re not talking just about super-cool T-shirts and well-designed album art. Think of your shop selection—online or IRL—as having the same possibilities of any other store. You’ve got the freedom to offer almost anything you want, and if you’re creative enough in your selection, your sales will surely get a boost. Those special items can help grow your fanbase, too.

Dave7 New Merch Ideas You Need To Try Now
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How To Not Destroy Your Career

How you are perceived by others matters in life – perhaps even more so in the music industry than anywhere else. Are you seen as a genius? A hack? A savant? Unserious? Unscrupulous? Your reputation is your calling card in many cases, so knowing what pitfalls to avoid can make a difference in how smooth – or bumpy – your music career ends up being. Listed below are four ways musicians can put themselves in a less-than-ideal situation, and advice on ways to avoid each one.

DaveHow To Not Destroy Your Career
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They Already Did That – Diversifying Your Music From Trends and Cliches

On a recent tour, I played a frantically put together house show that was a last ditch effort in saving multiple cancelled shows. Seeing as my show was one of those that was cancelled, it was a complete relief to be able to play and I met some awesome people I’d only heard of in name before. One of the bands from a different tour came to mind when I started preparing this article about diversifying your music. The reason is, their sound was completely bland. They were by far the most solid, energetic, and talented band at the show. But they had little to no originality. I had absolutely no desire after seeing them to go listen to their music, because I’d heard it before from different artists.

DaveThey Already Did That – Diversifying Your Music From Trends and Cliches
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What Is Mastering? Here’s What Every Musician Needs To Know

What is mastering and why do we do it? This is an important question to ask for any indie or DIY artist, and we’ve brought in the team at iZotope to help answer it. Mastering is that last moment when you can alter, enhance, or edit the sound of a recording, and since it’s the final step, it is the most critical from the standpoint of assessing the sound.

What is mastering?

First and foremost, we want our music to sound as good as possible. It means we need someone with the ability to tweak what we have and fully develop the sound to its maximum quality. That’s where mastering comes in. Here are some things that need to be considered in mastering:

DaveWhat Is Mastering? Here’s What Every Musician Needs To Know
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Invest, Create, Explore, Enjoy: Music Career Advice From Singer M. Maggie

From pop to soul and electronic R&B, New Orleans native M. Maggie is making heads turn. Her effortless croon, heartfelt lyrics, and jazzy flourishes have gotten her noticed by Pigeons and Planes, Buzzfeed, and Nylon Magazine. Her song “Trndsttr” reached #14 on the Dance chart on iTunes and has received over 2 million views on YouTube! That’s not all,  M. Maggie has been selected for several ReverbNation opportunities including Rock N’ Roll Marathon, School Night, and Bold Creative Media. We caught up with the singer to learn about her new single “My Love,” the benefits of collaborating with other artists, and her advice for artists just joining ReverbNation.

DaveInvest, Create, Explore, Enjoy: Music Career Advice From Singer M. Maggie
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8 Tips to Make More Money From Your Music During the Holidays

There’s no denying that the holiday season is the absolute best time of year to boost your music-related income. With reports that 20 percent of industry-wide music sales happen in the final six weeks of the year, it would be silly to squander the opportunity. There are plenty of ways you can make more money as a musician this holiday season, and here are just a few ideas to get you started that you can put into action right now.

1. Live-stream a holiday concert

If you have fans in a lot of different cities, live-stream a holiday concert from your living room so everyone can tune in. You don’t need a fancy, expensive setup to pull this off successfully – a reliable internet connection paired with a decent webcam and microphone will do just fine. Put up some (non-distracting) holiday decorations in the background, center yourself in the shot, and you’re good to go!

Dave8 Tips to Make More Money From Your Music During the Holidays
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