Whoa! 136 more Reverb Bands Slated to Play SXSW… Are you one of them?

Wow, ReverbNation artists never cease to amaze us. Another 135 Reverb musicians and bands (bringing it to a total of almost 200!) were selected to play at SXSW 2012!

The SXSW crowd

If you haven’t seen the other 62 bands, you can check them out here.

Are you or someone you know on this list? Let us know (so we can meet and share a few beers at SXSW)!

1. Peter Bradley Adams
2. A.Dd+
3. ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra)
4. Alpha Rev
5. Amoral
6. Ancestors
7. Ancient Astronauts
8. The Apache Relay
9. Arborea
10. Atash
11. Automelodi
12. Maya Azucena
13. Michael Beach
14. Bez
15. Bliss N Eso
16. Blitz the Ambassador
17. BoDeans
18. The Bombettes
19. Bonfire Nights
20. Cory Branan
21. Brother & Bones
22. Cairo Knife Fight
23. Candy
24. Canteca De Macao
25. Chapter 24
26. Clock Opera
27. Jordan Cook
28. The Copper Gamins
29. Cosmo Jarvis
30. Craft Spells
31. The Curious Mystery
32. Dash Rip Rock
33. Dead Letter Circus
34. The Defiled
35. Diplomats of Solid Sound
36. Dirty Karma
37. Dive
38. Lila Downs
39. Dry The River
40. Dying Fetus
41. Early Graves
42. Electric Guest
43. Elephant Stone
44. The Evaporators
45. The Foreign Resort
46. The Fray
47. Gamebouy
48. Gappy Ranks
49. Garland Jefferys
50. Gliss
51. Gold Fields
52. The Good Natured
53. Great Lake Swimmers
54. Peter Gregson
55. Hatcham Social
56. hellogoodbye
57. The Higher State
58. Audrey Horne
59. Horse Feathers
60. Hull
61. Anna Ihilis
62. Imaginary Cities
63. The Interbeing
64. Sarah Jaffe
65. Joe Volume
66. Kenny Ken
67. Kimbra
68. La-33
69. League of Extraordinary G’z
70. Li’l Cap’n Travis
71. LIRA
72. Little Hurricane
73. M.A.K.U. SoundSystem
74. Danny Malone
75. David Mayfield Parade
76. Andy McKee
77. MC lars
78. Mother Falcon
79. Krista Muir
80. My Jerusalem
81. Naeto C
82. Napoleon IIIrd
83. Natives
84. Natty
85. New Cassettes
86. Night Beats
87. Oh My Me
88. Lisa O’Neill
89. Paula and Karol
90. Protoje
91. Quiet Company
92. The Rasites
93. Nathaniel Rateliff
94. Res
95. The Riff Raff
96. Finn Riggins
97. The Ripe
98. Roach Gigz
99. Rachael Sage
100. Scale the Summit
101. Scars on 45
102. Schiller
103. Screaming Females
104. The Seedy Seeds
105. Shandy Mandies
106. Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds
107. Skindred
108. Frank Smith
109. Charlene Soraia
110. Sore
111. Soul Khan
112. Sparkadia
113. The Spinto Band
114. Spirits of the Dead
115. Spoek Mathambo
116. Stereo is a Lie
117. Patrick Sweany
118. Tall Ships
119. Tea Leaf Green
120. Telephunken
121. Torreblanca
122. Lissy Trullie
123. Tumi and the Volume
124. Turbina
125. 22
126. Two Cow Garage
127. Ume
128. The Violet May
129. Vockah Redu
130. Wheeler Brothers
131. The White Eyes
132. Witchburn
133. Carolyn Wonderland
134. Paul Woolford
135. Zorch

Honorary mention:

136. Mr. Bleat

KevinWhoa! 136 more Reverb Bands Slated to Play SXSW… Are you one of them?
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ReverbNation Gigs & Things

Every Monday we will post some information regarding the ReverbNation Opportunities we have brokered for our Artists.  These opportunities consist mostly of performance slots at Festivals, Conferences, Awards Shows, Tours, and Clubs but also include Songwriting Competitions, Licensing Opportunities, Music & Video Reviews, and more.

Since ReverbNation does not take a % of the Submission Fee that may be charged by some Promoters, we are often times able to offer Opportunities that have no Submission Fees or very discounted Submission Fees. Our goal is to keep providing value to the Artists, at the lowest cost possible!

Instead of spamming you with summary emails each week, just add the RSS feed in the upper right corner and you’ll be up to speed on all our opportunities. Feel free to share this blog post with your fellow artists!  And without further ado,

New Opportunity Listings:

Last Chance to Submit Opportunities:

And Always Available from ReverbNation:

The ReverbNation website now attracts 25 million visitors per month.  Get Featured on the Home Page at ReverbNation Featured Artist of the Week

Just a few of the Artists selected this week by our Promoters – BUT Congrats to All of You:

  • The ASPS were selected to have their record produced by Ron Nevison (producer/engineer whose credits include The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, Bad Company, Barbra Streisand, Jefferson Starship, Chicago, Styx, Heart, Damn Yankees, Thin Lizzy and more.)
  • Dee-1 and BIGREC are two ReverbNation Artists that have been selected already to perform at this year’s A3C Hip Hop Festival.  Submissions are still open and at least 4 more ReverbNation slots are still available at A3C Hip Hop Festival.

Things to Know:

Submissions require a free ReverbNation account and active subscription to ReverbNation Press Kits.  If you do not have a ReverbNation Press Kit, activate your 30 day free trial now!

If you have an Opportunity(s) that is valuable to some or all of ReverbNation’s 1.4million artists, please go to http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/main/signup and choose Festival/Event. That will take you to the application, and after you fill it out, a rep will be in touch shortly!

If you are a Venue, please check out the only comprehensive Venue Application on Facebook, Venue Profile App on Facebook.  Any questions, give us a shout!


Lou Plaia & the RN Staff (no, its not a band name)

Lou PlaiaReverbNation Gigs & Things
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Vote for Your Favorite Band Names: A Look Back on 1,000,000 Artists

50 Popular Words That Bands Use In Their Names

ReverbNation.com reached a new milestone yesterday when it signed up its one millionth artist. “We’re humbled, but this is really a story about how vibrant the global Artist community is right now,” says COO and Co-Founder Jed Carlson. “For our part, we’ll continue doing what we do best – creating powerful tools and great opportunities for Artists and those the orbit them. ”

The 1,000,000th Artist to join the site is .. “PANA!“.  In celebration of this, we will be providing this Artist with a nice prize package, including a ‘1,000,000th Artist Reverb T-shirt’.

Launched in October of 2006, ReverbNation has quickly become one of the most explosive and talked about music sites on the Internet today. Artists all over the world are enjoying the site’s ever-expanding number of features and services, such as Digital Distribution to major online retailers, festival and showcase submission opportunities, and direct-to-fan merchandising. ReverbNation is growing faster by the day and Mike Doernberg, CEO and Co-Founder of the site, does not believe the momentum will be slowing any time soon. “We recognize that the music business is way more than just selling discs or downloads,” he says. “The scope of what we do for the Artist will continue to grow, and if we keep delivering real value to them, we expect that they will keep joining the Nation.”

Reaching one million artists could not have happened without the support of all of the amazing artists, venues, labels, and fans that have made ReverbNation what it is today. We would like to thank each and every one of you for all of your support through the years. Since the site’s birth, we have heard a lot of great music. We have also seen some of the most hilarious, interesting, (and sometimes just plain vulgar) band names ever created. In honor of reaching one million artists, we would like you to vote on your favorite band name in each of the following categories:

FUNNIEST – You WILL laugh.

MOST BIZARRE – Band names that MUST have an interesting backstory.

MOST CLEVER – Band names that we wish we would have thought of.

Be sure to vote for your favorites! The winning band in each category will receive a full year of our Reverb Press Kits service for FREE!

reverb_administratorVote for Your Favorite Band Names: A Look Back on 1,000,000 Artists
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Bands Helping Bands — Your Best Touring Advice

After much anticipation and competition, we’ve finally gotten our Bands Helping Bands finalists. There were a lot of great submissions, with a lot of great advice! We’ve placed some of our favorites below. Watch the videos and let us know your favorite one in the comments. The best one will get a Featured Artist spot on the ReverbNation homepage!

Zenith Da Goddess’ Tip — Keep Your Voice Healthy

Visit Zenith Da Goddess’ ReverbNation page

1000 Generations’ Tip — Offer Comment Cards At Gigs For Feedback

Visit 1000 Generations’ ReverbNation page

Jillian Riscoe’s Tip — Explore Unconventional Venues

Visit Jillian Riscoe’s ReverbNation page

Mike Borgia’s Tip — Show A Venue What Your Worth Is

Visit Mike Borgia’s ReverbNation page

Some Tips From A Venue Owner

Visit The Local 506’s ReverbNation page

reverb_administratorBands Helping Bands — Your Best Touring Advice
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Give Us Your Best Advice — Bands Helping Bands

The best ideas for ReverbNation.com come from the Artists, Labels, Managers, Venues/Promoters, and Fans that use our site.  So does the best advice about how to be a successful Artist today.

As a result, we’re starting a new feature, which we’re going to call “Bands Helping Bands”.  We’ll ask our members (that’s you) to submit short video clips of advice on a particular topics, and we’ll filter out the best of the best and publish it for all to see on this blog (no guarantee this will make you famous, but its free publicity at least).

This month’s topic: Touring tips.

Do you have a trick to booking a great tour? Have great ideas about how to tour on the cheap? How do you stay on the venue owner’s good side when you play a show? Have any tour horror stories that others could learn from?  Are you a venue owner with some advice for Artists?  A booking agent with some advice?

Tell us all about it with a 1 to 3-minute video.  Simply upload to Youtube or Vimeo and send a link to blog@reverbnation.com with “Bands Helping Bands” in the subject line.  Or Tweet @ReverbNation (using the hashtag #BHB) with links to your videos on YouTube or Vimeo.

At the end of the month, we’ll choose the best videos and post them up right here on the blog. Each entry will be tagged, so all you have to do is find the category you want more information about and see how other Artists have done it!

The very best video on each topic (as determined by a non-scientific poll of the RN staff) will get a Featured Artist spot on the ReverbNation homepage for a week.  So what are you waiting for?  Fire up that webcam or FlipHD and help your fellow Artist.


We prefer videos with:

  • No nudity, gore, violence, sexual references, or drug or alcohol references. Keep it PG, people.
  • No gratuitous cursing (if we hear the F-word, it’s out)
  • It has to actually contain a tip or some sort of nugget of advice that is vaguely relevant to the topic at hand (we will not accept videos of your band messing around in the tour van with a Flip cam — unless it’s really, really funny)
  • No flagrant-to-the-point-that-it’s-annoying self-promotion (this is about bestowing your knowledge upon other artists, not promoting your new album). If you mention your upcoming album or single, or your MySpace page, it’s out. Don’t worry! If you’re chosen, we’ll provide a link to your ReverbNation page.
  • Make sure the title of the video includes “Bands Helping Bands” so we can organize the videos.

reverb_administratorGive Us Your Best Advice — Bands Helping Bands
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