5 YouTube Tips For Musicians from GLEE’s Noah Guthrie

Looking to use YouTube as more than just a way to share your latest video? Here are some tips from GLEE star Noah Guthrie on how to advance your career using one of the world’s biggest music discovery sites.

1) Have a Continuous Stream of Content

“Have that set day where you want to post, every week or every other week. For whatever reason 1-4 or 2-5 PM seems to be the golden time to post videos on YouTube.”

2) Choose the Right Songs

“You want to choose something that’s super popular so you get views, but at the same time, if you do that all the time you get super bored and burnt out. There are only so many pop artists on the scene, so you get bored if you don’t do what you love. But you know, I think it’s more of the actual content — people don’t really care too much about the song. “

3) Have Good Content

“Honestly, it may sound silly, but just make sure you have good content. You know, if you’re doing a cover of a song don’t half-do the cover — do the best you can do and make it your own because no one wants to hear the same song over and over and over again. That’s not why they’re going to your YouTube page.”

4) Get Creative

“For me, when I have to translate something to just me and an acoustic, I might have to re-work the song’s bridge. Not because I think it was bad or anything like that, but just because it just won’t work for what I’m doing. I can’t just go to the bridge of the song and hit one note and do a bass drop with my mouth. I have to put new chords there…but that’s actually fun.”

5) Use It As a Tool

“I’ve met a lot people where that’s their job, YouTube. You can buy a house off of YouTube, or a car. But for me, it’s always been just another tool, just like GLEE was a tool. For me it’s always about the song and my original stuff, that’s my goal.”

About Noah Guthrie

Noah Guthrie first started using YouTube as a way to share his music with family and friends. But after his acoustic cover of U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name” led to an endorsement from Ellen DeGeneres, Noah knew YouTube was a chance to create real success.

The [U2] video got me a ton of exposure, so we thought, ‘The video got seen by Ellen, who else can it get seen by?’ 

Noah Guthrie_edited-7378So Noah put together as much of his own original material as he could and hit the road, eventually getting spotted by Selena Gomez (who helped him land a manager). He began posting more and more videos, but his biggest break came from the unlikely pairing of his soulful voice with LMFAO’s hit single, “Sexy and I Know It.” The video received millions of views in just its first week, and it currently boasts more than 23 million views.

The video’s success, along with his avid touring, lead to him performing on shows like NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and securing a role on the final season of GLEE. 

Noah is currently hard at work on a new album, and he isn’t worried about navigating the crossover from YouTube star to bonafide musician:

I’ve been really lucky that people will come to my shows because of YouTube or Glee, but they always stay for my stuff and leave with an album…I’m just very lucky.



Jordan5 YouTube Tips For Musicians from GLEE’s Noah Guthrie
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ReverbNation Discover: Find Great New Music On Any Device

ReverbNation Discover brings you exciting new music from emerging artists. The app makes the music easy to access whether you are at work, on your computer, or listening on the go.

The Problem with Music Discovery

There is more music in the world today than there has ever been before, but music discovery can be daunting. The Internet is a great resource, but it amplifies what is already popular, making it challenging for fans to find new music. And for artists—especially emerging artists— it’s harder than ever to get heard.  

The launch of ReverbNation Discover will bring emerging artists and music fans together. Combining the songs fans discover themselves on ReverbNation with hours of new music curated by our team of industry tastemakers, ReverbNation Discover is an entirely new way to uncover great music.

Mobile & Web, Unified

The ReverbNation Discover mobile app (iOS or Android) lets you take any song you find on ReverbNation with you. When you save music to “My Library” in your Dashboard, those songs will also be available in the Songs menu of your ReverbNation Discover app. The same thing applies to any Playlists you’ve created or saved.



Powered by Curation-at-Scale

Music lovers are always on the hunt for find great undiscovered music. ReverbNation has assembled an acclaimed team of curators to help fans with that search. ReverbNation’s Curation Team are a group of passionate music industry tastemakers with expertise in their respective genres. The Curation Team has listened to millions of songs to find the best new ReverbNation artists to share with fans.

The Curation team has assembled Collections that highlight buzz artists, trending tracks, and videos. We’re also working with a few artists and music publications to help them curate their own Collections. Next,  we’ll begin spotlighting fan-curated Collections. Here are a few examples of Collections in action:

The Watch List: Thaddeus Anna Greene

Artist Collection: Ogden Payne

Opportunity Promoter Collection: Relix Magazine

Kurt MerriweatherReverbNation Discover: Find Great New Music On Any Device
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ReverbNation CONNECT Success Story Update

Throughout the week, our ReverbNation CONNECT team keeps track of industry news and artist successes. We’ve got your weekly recap of the top stories you’ve missed, including who is featured in Nylon Magazine and what single made iTune’s Hot Tracks.


Lena Fayre

Nylon Magazine feature Lena Fayre in this week’s “Band Crush.” Lena is currently working on a follow-up to her last EP, Is There Only One?, but took some time to chat with Nylon Magazine about her next project, her inspirations, and where she would like to see herself in five years.

ReverbNation CONNECT and The Watch List band, Thaddeus Anna Greene’s latest single “Heart Out” was featured in iTunes and Apple Music’s Hot Tracks.

Following a performance at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Nashville-based rising roots duo Smooth Hound Smith premiere their latest single “Forever Cold” on The Bluegrass Station. The single is off their soon-to-be released full-length album, Sweet Home Tennessee.


Matt Kivel

Singer/Songwriter, Matt Kivel is gearing up to release his third full-length album Janus, but not before sharing his latest single, “Violets.” The track exclusively premiered on Interview Magazine and was later featured by Stereogum. According to Kivel, “Violets” was inspired by his ongoing thoughts after watching the dark and graphic documentary Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills.”

Consequence of Sound shares Nashville-based blues rocker Jack Berry’s first single, “The Bull,” off his forthcoming LP, Mean Machine.


JordanReverbNation CONNECT Success Story Update
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Starting a New Band? Don’t Miss These Essential Tips

It’s a new year, which means the perfect chance to break out of your musical mold and try something completely different. Starting a new project is equal parts exciting and exhausting, so we’ve come up with a list of helpful do’s and don’ts to get off on the right foot.

19696837921_d4f17cd216_o (1)Ask Yourself, “What kind of music do I want to make?”
This might seem like an obvious starting point, but if you’re thinking about doing something new, it’s essential that you have some sort of framework. Are you looking to ditch your guitars for turntables and see what EDM is all about? Or are you burnt out on oscillators and want to dust off your 6-string? The clearer you are about what kind of music you want to make, the easier it will be to get started.

But Don’t Be Afraid to Evolve

It’s important to not let your initial ideas about a new project get completely cast in stone. Because the project is new, your sound is going to inevitably evolve, and that’s a good thing! While it’s important to have a well-defined vision for a project, don’t get upset or frustrated if you end up somewhere different after a few rehearsals or shows.

Choose a (Somewhat) Practical Name
Google is a fantastic tool for any music fan, but naming your band something like “Chair” or “Fantaztik Adv3nturz” is not going to make it any easier for them to find you with it. Sure, you don’t want to limit your artistic vision, but with millions of new bands on ReverbNation alone, the more accessible your band becomes even in just a simple search, the better.

Register Email and Social Media Accounts
Even if you are still kicking around a few names, go ahead and register an email account, Facebook page, Twitter account, and ReverbNation account for those potential names. Doing that is free and only takes a few minutes, so you might as well cover your bases.

22324309081_11d6a4f8c1_oRecord Some Demos
Once you’ve got some finished material, record some demos as soon as you can. Today’s home recording equipment is not only better than it ever has been, but it’s more affordable, too. There are lots of great (and free) recording programs like Auadacity available to use. Or, if you’d rather have a polished sound from the start, pool your resources for a studio session to knock out a song or two — just make sure you and your bandmates are well-rehearsed and ready to record before the session.

Take A Decent Photo
Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and the cameras on even the basic models are capable of taking a decent photo. Fans like to see the artist they’re listening to, even if it’s not the most imaginative or elaborate photo.

Establish a Band “Mission Statement”
It’s important to establish early on a few things like how serious you want the project to be or who has creative control of the project. Is this going to be a band that just plays a few local shows a year and rehearses mainly as an excuse to hang out with friends? Totally fine! Just make sure everyone in the band is on the same page. Similarly, if this project is going to get “serious” and require lots of time and financial investment, your bandmates should be aware.

19637351966_045946d851_oSpread the Word to Previous Fans
Chances are you’ve probably had some previous band experience, or at least you have enough friends on Facebook who know you play music. The best way to get some early buzz going about your new project is to let those fans know that you’re working on something new. Just make sure your old bandmates are OK with you promoting your new project on older social media accounts before you use that existing fanbase.


Set a Deadline
The most effective way to make sure that any new project gets off the ground is to set a deadline for yourself. Whether it’s booking a show, scheduling a studio session, or announcing a release date, having a set due date for something is the best way to keep yourself on track.

Have any other advice? Let us know in the comments!

Tips compiled by Ryan Trauley (lead singer, Hotline), Mike Robinson (bassist, Annuals; lead singer, First Persons), Nathan Price (guitar player, Lilac Shadows; bassist, The Lollipops) and Sam Logan (singer & guitarist, Lilac Shadows).

SamStarting a New Band? Don’t Miss These Essential Tips
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ReverbNation CONNECT Success Story Update

Throughout the week, our ReverbNation CONNECT team keeps track of industry news and artist successes. We’ve got your weekly recap of the top stories you’ve missed, including who is touring with Brian Setzer.


Low Volts, on tour w/ Brian Setzer

One-man act Low Volts, chats with NBC’s SoundDiego about touring with Brian Setzer, and how ReverbNation CONNECT along with Surfdog Records helped him land a career-changing opportunity.

San Diego-based new wave rockers, Barbarian make it to Impose’s “Year In Pop:2015”, a round-up of select artists that made an impact this year.

Award-winning music blog, Gorilla vs. Bear premiere Ellie Herring’s latest release “Take Me Back,” a collaboration with up-and-coming Los Angeles producer DUCKY.

The Bay Bridged include Annie Girl and The Flight in “The 2015 Playlist,” a collection of 175 songs released by San Francisco Bay area local bands in 2015.


JordanReverbNation CONNECT Success Story Update
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How To Build A Strong ReverbNation Profile

Whether you’re new to ReverbNation, or just looking to spruce up your profile in the New Year, our guide will help you navigate our tools and make your profile the best it can be.

First off, here’s a rundown of everything our tools can do for you:


Now, let’s get into the details. These tips will help you build an online brand that’s cohesive and unique.


Your music is the core of your brand as an artist, so putting your best work forward on your profile is important. Be sure to upload multiple songs so you can display the range of your work. If you only have your first single recorded, no worries. Upload that song for a start, and then be sure to add news songs to your profile as soon as you release them.

JordanHow To Build A Strong ReverbNation Profile
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ReverbNation’s Top 10 Songs of 2015 Recap

The ReverbNation Curation Team picked their Top 10 songs of the year for our most popular genres, featuring some of ReverbNation's best emerging artists. See the rundown below, and listen in our Discover collections.

2015HipHopsqTop 10 Hip-Hop Songs of 2015

  • Tut, “Corner Stories” ft. Michael Da Vinci
  • J. Holcomb, “Pushing-Feat. L.O.G.I.C. and Young Lyte”
  • Mr.IvorySnow, “50K”
  • Brooklyn Bri, “Neverland”
  • Joey Mack, “Got The Juice”
  • Doug Locke, “Style on Fleek”
  • thefame, “All I Need/The Vent”
  • ALSCAE CARCIONE, “Been Grindin”
  • Airbird & Napolian, “Go To The Sun”
  • Kingkla$$, “Get The Bread”


TopElectronicSQTop 10 Electronic Tracks of 2015

Napolian, “Only You”
Lauren Flax, “In The Night feat. Jo Lampert”
Ellie Herring, “Maze”
Pool Cosby, “Give Your Love”
CFCF, “Berlin by Overnight” (CFCF Remix)
IDYLL, “Bad Boi”
Bruce Smear, “Pick and Roll”
Carlson, “1”
Fear Club, “Hours”
Gavin Turek, “Hemisphere” (prod. TOKiMONSTA)

JordanReverbNation’s Top 10 Songs of 2015 Recap
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ReverbNation CONNECT Success Story Update

Throughout the week, our ReverbNation CONNECT team keeps track of industry news and artist successes. We’ve got your weekly recap of the top stories you’ve missed, including who made Apple Music’s Best Experimental Album of 2015 list and which artist contributed the number one most popular story on Forbes.

CFCF, one of Apple Music’s Best Experimental Album of 2015

Apple Music includes CFCF’s album “The Colours of Life” in their picks for Best Experimental Album of 2015.

Ellie Herring releases “Take Me Back” on Pigeons and Planes’ first original compilation, ‘I Like It, What Is It?’

After being spotted by Perez Hilton for her infectious tune “Done With Bein’ Done,” Nashville-based artist, Daphne Willis gets featured in American Songwriter’s “Daily Discovery.”

JordanReverbNation CONNECT Success Story Update
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