Simon Perry Promoted to Chief Creative Officer, Head of A&R at ReverbNation

(NEW YORK, NY) ReverbNation Founder and CEO, Michael Doernberg, today announced that Simon Perry has been promoted to the position of Chief Creative Officer, Head of A&R at ReverbNation. He was previously Senior Vice President of Creative, Head of A&R, joining the company is 2013.

In his new role, Mr. Perry will continue to lead the company’s impressive artist curation and development initiatives which bring substantive opportunities to promising ReverbNation artists to help them become successful. In addition to leading ReverbNation’s team of curation experts in major markets across the country, Mr. Perry also spearheads outreach to the larger music industry, including records labels, music publishers, concert promoters and the film and television communities. He also oversees ReverbNation’s CONNECT program, an artist incubator that will launch later on this year.

SamSimon Perry Promoted to Chief Creative Officer, Head of A&R at ReverbNation
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SXSBest — Gathering the Top #AustinSnapshots from South by Southwest

Did you miss South By Southwest in Austin last week? Or were you lucky enough to join thousands of other audiophiles and experience the annual festival and conference? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Before SXSW began, we asked dozens of great ReverbNation Artists to help us document their time in Austin using #AustinSnapshot on Instagram and Twitter. You can see the whole #AustinSnapshot collage here, but we’ve also picked out some of our favorite shots that showcase everything from Texas BBQ to Game of Thrones pedicabs to all the great shows that happened during the week.

SamSXSBest — Gathering the Top #AustinSnapshots from South by Southwest
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Simon Perry Discusses Music & Artist Discovery

We sat down with Simon Perry — hit producer/writer, ReverbNation’s Chief Creative Officer, Head of A&R, and lifelong music fan — to hear how his music roots spread to embrace technology and point to a new music future.

Q. You’ve been working behind the scenes with ReverbNation for a few years now, but your recent efforts are paying off in a pretty public way. Before we talk more about that, tell us a little about your background.

A. I started out as an Artist in the UK, where I’m from. I got signed, but I didn’t become famous (insert self-deprecating British smile and shrug here), so I gave up my dream and went to law school. Then I went straight back to music, but this time I was writing and producing for other Artists. I was lucky enough to have a lot of success, but eventually I realized that I wanted to develop my own acts instead of writing for other people.

I co-founded a company called Archangel Media, and that’s what I was doing when I first heard about ReverbNation and met Mike (Doernberg, ReverbNation CEO and co-founder).

ShellySimon Perry Discusses Music & Artist Discovery
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Announcing the #LoveandHeartbreak Video Contest Winners

In celebration of Valentine’s Day (and all things romantic), ReverbNation launched our inaugural video mission, #LoveandHeartbreak. We knew how much time and talent our Artists put into their music, so we also wanted to give them an opportunity to showcase their video skills — we were not disappointed.

Out of hundreds of submissions surrounding the eternal themes of love and heartbreak, we’re proud to announce the winners of this unique contest:

First Place: Alina Celeste, “Love is”

SamAnnouncing the #LoveandHeartbreak Video Contest Winners
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2015 New Year’s Resolutions: #ArtistsFirst

2015 is only hours away so we went around the office and asked a few employees about their Artists First resolutions. Of course, as a company we’re focused on helping to advance Artists’ careers. And we’ll have a lot to share on that in the coming months. But for now, take a look at what’s on the mind of a few ReverbNation staffers as midnight approaches.

Shelly2015 New Year’s Resolutions: #ArtistsFirst
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Best of 2014 Staff Lists

Every year around the end of November, conversations start to percolate around the office: “Did you hear…?” “Did you see…?” So, the tradition continues of compiling our favorite albums, songs, moments, or whatever else we dug this year into a much-loved, much-debated list. We hope you enjoy ours, and please share your favorites of 2014 with us below!

SamBest of 2014 Staff Lists
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Demystifying the Recording Studio with Mitch Easter

For beginners, the studio can seem like a mystery zone, a place where MP3 files are distilled from an unknown alloy of instruments, cables, and knobs.

Even for experienced musicians, there is an emotional element to the process that can complicate things. Long hours, attention to the smallest details, and constant repetition can swing them from rewarding highs to frustrating lows.

To help shed some light on this complex topic, we sat down with producer Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Susanne Vega, Pavement, Wilco) to discuss common misconceptions about recording and address basic questions that might improve your next (or first) studio experience.

SamDemystifying the Recording Studio with Mitch Easter
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Booking Shows Locally: Tips From Venues and Talent Buyers

In my last post, I discussed the value of being a part of your own local music community. As a follow-up, I talked to a few venue owners and talent buyers to get their insights into how artists can get the most out of their local scene.

Be Good

Yes, this may be an obvious piece of advice. But you’d be surprised at how often artists spend more time worrying about things other than their music. Richard Sloven, talent buyer for the Knitting Factory – Brooklyn NYC  says:

Richard Sloven, Talent Buyer for The Knitting Factory

Richard Sloven, Talent Buyer for The Knitting Factory

“You can spend endless energy trying to come up with marketing gimmicks or spending money on PR, videos, recording, etc., but it doesn’t really mean anything if you aren’t good.”

Essentially, you need to be sure that your live product is as finely tuned as it can possibly be. None of the hard work spent promoting or packaging your music is worth a thing if you can’t capture someone’s attention in a live setting.
Mark Connor, talent buyer/owner for Slim’s and The Cave (Raleigh/Chapel Hill, NC) says:


Mark Connor, Talent Buyer for Slim’s and The Cave (Photo © Ian Dunn)

“People see and hear music in many places in their lives, and if you aren’t special, then there won’t be much you can do to overcome that,”  

SamBooking Shows Locally: Tips From Venues and Talent Buyers
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