How to Make Your Band Bio Instantly Better

Every artist has some form of a band bio. Traditionally, they include background on you (and/or your fellow bandmates), the story behind your music, a brief discography of past albums/singles, notable gigs, and what you’re up to now or working on next.

All of that is fine, but an outstanding bio needs a bit more pizzazz, and it’s unbelievably easy to spruce up a dull bio with just a few quick tweaks that show off your creativity and make you look ultra professional. So, whether you’re writing your bio for the first time or desperately need to update your current one, try one of these five tactics to elevate your band bio instantly.

RebeccaHow to Make Your Band Bio Instantly Better
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5 Band Skills That Can Apply Towards a Career

Despite what you’ve heard, it’s possible to be in a serious band while having a career. Part of being an active and successful musician in 2017 is abandoning the now defunct notion that “making it” means becoming so successful that you’ll be able to someday quit your day job and ride off into the sunset and leave a trail of cash in your dust. Even Grizzly Bear, one of the world’s most beloved and successful indie rock bands, famously revealed that not all of its members could afford health insurance back in a 2012 interview. Getting a serious job isn’t admitting defeat when it comes to making music. Defeat only happens when you stop making music altogether, and that can happen whether you’re employed or not.

Plenty of musicians are doing well in their careers and making meaningful music, and if you’ve been writing and performing seriously for a few years, you’ve probably developed some serious skills that could apply toward a career outside of music. Here’s five examples of band skills:

Rebecca5 Band Skills That Can Apply Towards a Career
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Why Expecting Too Much From Your PR Campaign Will Kill Your Chances At Success

Going all in on a PR campaign for your newest release can be one of the smartest investments you make. In fact, I’d put it up there as a non-negotiable cost with every major new release, right alongside professional recordings, promo photos, and a killer release show. Yet, many artists view this as an optional cost. They’ll spend thousands on a strong recording, only to plead brokenness when it comes time to hiring a professional to promote it—then wonder why it didn’t see any kind of buzz.

RebeccaWhy Expecting Too Much From Your PR Campaign Will Kill Your Chances At Success
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Artist Interview: The Leones

If you take epic piano riffs and dreamy synths, then mix them with influences like 80’s horror movies and Neil Young, you get The Leones. Hailing from Buffalo, NY, they dub their sound “ghost-gaze,” which is a great way to describe their haunting, cinematic sound.

The Leones submitted their song to one of our opportunities where they were picked from thousands of bands to be signed to End Of The Trail Records. We spoke to them about how they got started, the submission process, and what’s next for them.

RebeccaArtist Interview: The Leones
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6 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Pitch Any Music Journalist

If you’re preparing to send out your next pitch email to a slew of music journalists, there are a few boxes to check before you blast your carefully crafted message. Our hope, as writers, is that you’ve already thought through most of the things below, but, unfortunately, each one of these elements gets overlooked more than you might think.

Some pitch preparation is mental and some is material, but to make sure you have your bases covered, keep these six things in mind before pitching a music journalist.

Krissy6 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Pitch Any Music Journalist
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How Blogging Can Grow Your Fanbase

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’m going to tell you about a tool that is incredibly powerful in connecting with your audience, and yet completely underutilized particularly in the world of musicians. It has the power to bring forth laughter, tears, reflection, happiness, and most of all, it evokes a sense of connection from the reader to the writer.

I’m talking about blogging.

The power of words is not to be underestimated—beyond their daily use in our lives, we use them all the time in our careers. Every time we craft an email, post to our social media, or send out our newsletter, we’re harnessing the power of words to connect with our audience.

And yet for some reason musicians overlook blogging as one of the most powerful ways to connect with their audience.

RebeccaHow Blogging Can Grow Your Fanbase
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How to Create Album Artwork for Free Using Canva

As an indie artist, most of the time you end up doing everything yourself from recording your album to taking your own band photos to promoting your new release. One of those do-it-yourself items is creating your album artwork. You may be thinking “but I’m not a designer” or “I don’t know how to use Photoshop.” An alternative route would be to pay a graphic designer to put something together for you. But what if that’s not in your budget?

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create your album artwork for free using a website called Canva. With Canva, you don’t have to know how to use Photoshop or pay a graphic designer. It’s very user-friendly and they even have templates you can use for social posts, album artwork, gig posters, and lots more.

RebeccaHow to Create Album Artwork for Free Using Canva
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