New Song Player Announced — Embeddable & Shareable

We haven’t talked about this much yet, but you may have noticed that we’ve given our song player a much-needed facelift, and we’re pretty excited with how it looks.

You can compile a great looking playlist or share a song all by itself — both options will put your album artwork front and center. You can even customize the “waveform” of each song to match that artwork, or choose a sleek looking “dark” or “light” finish.

KevinNew Song Player Announced — Embeddable & Shareable
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Introducing the New Band Profile App for Facebook

As Facebook continues to limit your musician/band page’s “organic reach,” (i.e. how many people see your posts without having to spend money to “boost” your posts), we wanted to be sure that anyone who visited your Facebook page would be able to get all the information they needed in one place. So if you hop over to your Facebook musician/band page, you’ll notice that your Band Profile app now sports a simple, sleek look designed to focus all of your fan’s attention on your music.

KevinIntroducing the New Band Profile App for Facebook
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Digital Distribution Checklist: Getting Your Release Ready for iTunes, Spotify, and More

Getting your music onto services like iTunes and Spotify is essential to an independent Artist’s complete web presence. We’re proud to offer our Artists a quick and affordable method of digital distribution, and we want to help make sure that your release won’t get rejected by the retailers’ strict guidelines.

With that in mind, we put together a final checklist to make sure that your release meets those requirements and doesn’t end up delayed. Watch the following video, or check out the highlights below.

KevinDigital Distribution Checklist: Getting Your Release Ready for iTunes, Spotify, and More
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Email Marketing for Musicians: It Starts With Knowing Your Audience

In our post The Biggest Misconception Musicians Have About Email Marketing, we offered tips on how Artists can start an email marketing strategy. We continued the conversation with Ferol Vernon, SVP of Artist Services at ReverbNation, to learn more about how musicians can get the most value out of emailing fans.

Experiment to Find Out What Works for You

For musicians, the prospect of creating an email campaign may seem intimidating. However, Ferol says it’s likely that most Artists will already have all the information they need to get started. Knowing how to market to your audience, means that first, you need to know your audience.

“You can read all the websites and papers out there on good marketing tactics, but at the end of the day, what works for your fanbase works for your fanbase,” says Ferol.

Watch to learn more about how you can take what you know about your fans and refine your email campaigns through continued experimentation:

KevinEmail Marketing for Musicians: It Starts With Knowing Your Audience
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The Biggest Misconception Musicians Have About Email

A few months ago, ReverbNation surveyed artists and asked what digital tactics they use to promote their music.

Surprisingly, we found that Artists don’t think it’s important to use email marketing to communicate with fans. Why?

“I’m not a senior citizen, that’s why I don’t do email marketing.”

“Email is for old people.”

“Nobody cares about email anymore. They care more about social media.”

Ferol Vernon, SVP of Artist Services at ReverbNation (and our resident digital marketing expert) analyzed the survey results firsthand. I sat down with Ferol to learn where this perception of email came from and why he thinks it’s a dangerous view for artists to have.

KevinThe Biggest Misconception Musicians Have About Email
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NEW FEATURE: Optimize Your Online Press Kit

You know the old saying, “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression?” It’s especially true for musicians trying to get heard. It’s why we’re always encouraging you to use great photos and album artwork and constantly perfect your craft. And it’s why we’ve added the Song for Consideration feature to the opportunity submission process.

We’ve just made it easier to select the perfect song to submit to each new ReverbNation opportunity. Increase your odds of being chosen for tours, festivals, radio play, and more by selecting the best song for each opportunity submission. The “Song for Consideration” will be the first one promoters hear, so you can make it count.

KevinNEW FEATURE: Optimize Your Online Press Kit
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Are Photography and Cover Art Important for Musicians?

Tina V, ReverbNation Artist Since 2010As musicians, you spend most of your time writing and performing music that you hope will set you apart from the rest. Sometimes, you spend so much time focusing on music, that other important pieces that can help you get discovered are forgotten. One of the most important – and often forgotten – elements of your band’s presence is how you present yourself visually. [Tweet this]

You might already know that at ReverbNation, we provide opportunities for artists to play festivals, get featured in magazines, get airplay on radio and more. We work directly with promoters to bring these opportunities to you, the artist, and after you submit to the opportunities, the promoters select the best fit for the winner. A few months ago, we conducted a survey of 2,000 artists to find out how they think the opportunities process works.

KevinAre Photography and Cover Art Important for Musicians?
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Opportunities on Tap: 1979 Revolution video game placement, Eco Hideaway at Sundance Film Festival, “Be 1 for Change” film placement

 What’s on tap this week on ReverbNation?

Music placement in the video game 1979 Revolution


Location: Online
Genre(s): All

The gaming veteran who helped create the iconic looks of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, San Andreas, Max Payne I & II, Midnight Club Franchise, Manhunt and more is breaking new ground with the suspenseful action/adventure thriller 1979 Revolution. Based on the true events of the 1979 Iranian revolution, the game revolves around Reza, a fan of western American culture and music. Ten ReverbNation artists will have their tracks placed both in the game and on the score soundtrack.

Take your music to the next level, apply today! >

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Perform during Sundance Film Festival at Eco Hideaway

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 5.33.57 PM

Location: Park City, UT
Genre(s): Americana, Bluegrass, Blues, Celtic, Christian Rock, Christian/Gospel, Country, DJ, Electronica, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Jam, Jazz, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Rockabilly, Singer/Songwriter

Eco Hideaway, a socially-conscious, exclusive daytime lounge, is looking for artists to perform during Sundance, one of the United States’ largest independent film festivals. Last year, more than 40,000 attendees made their way to Park City for a week of films, fun and showcases featuring some of the biggest names in music. This year, 50 ReverbNation artists will be selected to perform at Eco Hideaway and have the chance to network with VIP press and media.

Get ready to lace up your snow boots and head to Park City! >

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National exposure in the film “Be 1 for Change”


Location: Online
Genre(s): All

The One Love Foundation exists to end relationship violence through education and technology. The organization is creating a film for the “Be 1 for Change” initiative, their signature program that aims to educate, create awareness and provide resources for people 16–24-years-old. The film, set to debut next year, will be part of their digital workshop and will be shown at high schools and colleges around the nation as well as be shipped to film festivals. One Love Foundation is searching for ReverbNation artists who are able to donate tracks to be featured in the film.

Apply today and give your music to a great cause! >

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Don’t want to miss out on upcoming opportunities?

Here are four ways you can stay up-to-date on our latest gigs. We recommend using all of them to ensure nothing gets missed! Stalk us, we don’t mind. >

  • Follow our updates on Twitter (@ReverbNation or @Gigs) and Facebook
  • Check the email updates we send you
  • Check the latest Opportunities on this page
  • Go to your Control Room on your Reverb page > click “Opportunities”
KevinOpportunities on Tap: 1979 Revolution video game placement, Eco Hideaway at Sundance Film Festival, “Be 1 for Change” film placement
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