Life on the Road: Touring Tips from Smooth Hound Smith

After traveling over 80,000 road miles and playing over 500 shows in 30 plus states, it's easy to say that Smooth Hound Smith knows a thing or two about touring. We recently chatted with the foot stompin' American roots duo about touring, life on the road, and more.

How do you start planning for a tour?

At the beginning, planning for a tour revolved almost entirely around getting the shows in place.  For the first three-and-a-half years we were a band, I sat at my computer or with my phone for several hours a day and booked nearly everything for us.  I had a system that involved multiple open browser windows: one to find a venue and check it out and see if it was a good fit, one to send the promoter an email (or follow-up email), one of a map I could refer to if I didn’t know how far a drive was between two cities, etc…

KevinLife on the Road: Touring Tips from Smooth Hound Smith
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