The Special Olympics #UnifiedRelay Tour Comes to a Close

Last Friday, the 2015 Special Olympics #UnifiedRelay tour finished up its 120+ tour stops in Los Angeles, CA. The Flame of Hope finally made its way the west coast after weeks of travelling across the country. Along the way, dozens of ReverbNation artists performed at different tour stops, sharing their music with the athletes and supporters of the Special Olympics.

We documented the whole journey with our #UnifiedRelay campaign (which you can check out in full here), and now we’ve got a round-up of some of our favorite shots from the tour.We also spoke with two ReverbNation Artists, Wordsmith and Erin Kelly, about their experience at the #UnifiedRelay. Take a look through the photos below and see what these artists had to say about the #UnifiedRelay experience!

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Why did you want to perform at #UnifiedRelay?


Baltimore, MD’s Wordsmith

Wordsmith: My brand of Hip-Hop is profanity-free, uplifting and message-driven. All of these elements can be used by a Special Olympics athlete to get themselves pumped up for their big day.

Erin Kelly: I have performed numerous shows and helped with sports camps locally for children with special needs for years. This show meant a lot to me knowing how much the Special Olympics means to all of the athletes involved.

What was the #UnifiedRelay experience like?


Allentown, PA’s Erin Kelly

Wordsmith: The experience with Special Olympics was great! I hit the stage right after the Torch was lit in Annapolis, MD, and there were Special Olympics athletes, Annapolis police force, Bank of America employees and tons of others walking around that stopped to see the event.

Erin Kelly: It was a pleasure to meet some of the athletes and speakers involved with the Special Olympics after the ceremony. The Music Box Theatre in Hershey Park is such a beautiful venue, and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to perform there.

SamThe Special Olympics #UnifiedRelay Tour Comes to a Close
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Summerfest 2015 Artist Recap

Milwaukee, WI’s Summerfest — “The World’s Largest Music Festival” — played host to over 700,000 people this year, and some of our CONNECT artists took to the stages to entertain them. Schuyler from the CONNECT Team chatted with Glass Lux (Chicago, IL), Ogden Payne (Austin, TX), Catbath (Minneapolis, MN), Bailiff (Chicago, IL), Sammy Brue (Ogden, UT), Forgotten Species (Chicago, IL), and Golden Age (New York, NY) about their journeys to Wisconsin, their favorite moments from the festival, and more.

SamSummerfest 2015 Artist Recap
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40+ ReverbNation Artists to Play Summerfest 2015

As June draws to a close, bands all across the world are gearing up for Summerfest, an annual mega-music festival in Milwaukee, WI. Known as “The World’s Largest Music Festival,” Summerfest hosts approximately 900,000 attendees over its 11-day run and features over 800 bands from around the world.

And with a 2015 lineup that includes headliners such as The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Kendrick Lamar, Carrie Underwood, Linkin Park, and Ed Sheeran, this year’s Summerfest is where every music fan needs to be.

But this year’s festival also includes something we haven’t seen in years past: more than 40 ReverbNation artists, almost all of whom were selected through an official ReverbNation opportunity, who will be a part of the official festival lineup. 

Sam40+ ReverbNation Artists to Play Summerfest 2015
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Introducing the New Band Profile App for Facebook

As Facebook continues to limit your musician/band page’s “organic reach,” (i.e. how many people see your posts without having to spend money to “boost” your posts), we wanted to be sure that anyone who visited your Facebook page would be able to get all the information they needed in one place. So if you hop over to your Facebook musician/band page, you’ll notice that your Band Profile app now sports a simple, sleek look designed to focus all of your fan’s attention on your music.

SamIntroducing the New Band Profile App for Facebook
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5 Questions: Josh Rabinowitz of Grey Advertising on Sync Licensing

Over the past decade, sync licensing has established itself as a reliable source of income for emerging artists. Once the domain of only top-level performers, now artists at all levels are finding success with licensing. In addition to touring, merchandising, and album sales, sync licensing can boost your revenue on a consistent basis. And in today’s digital world, sync licensing is no longer only relegated to film and TV. Artists are placing music across a variety of platforms and devices, including video games, eBooks, and more.

But as attractive as licensing can be for an independent artist, it’s not the easiest realm to navigate. If you’re thinking about getting into this new arena, questions can begin to pile up. To help with that, we spoke to Josh Rabinowitz of New York City-based advertising agency, Grey, who are currently running two licensing opportunities with ReverbNation. Check out some of the helpful advice Joshua gave us, and then be sure to submit your music! 

Sam5 Questions: Josh Rabinowitz of Grey Advertising on Sync Licensing
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5 Questions: Brian Ball of Ernie Ball & The Warped Tour

Since 1995, the Warped Tour has showcased not only some of the biggest names in punk and rock, but they’ve also created a platform for up-and-coming artists to get exposed to larger audiences. In fact, many consider The Warped Tour to be the first festival to bring artists like Blink-182, New Found Glory, and Katy Perry into the national spotlight.

In keeping with that tradition, The Warped Tour and Ernie Ball are working with ReverbNation for the fifth year to present a battle of the bands-style competition in which unsigned, independent artists compete for a two-week tour spot on this year’s Warped Tour.

Sam5 Questions: Brian Ball of Ernie Ball & The Warped Tour
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Making Waves with Pacific Records

When you imagine a group of record label executives, you probably wouldn’t expect them to spend as much time on a surfboard as they do in the boardroom.

But according to Pacific Records CEO and founder Brian Witkin (above left), the entire label’s brand is built around the laid-back, friendly vibes that surround the San Diego surfing community. And because Pacific Records is not genre-specific, the label defines itself by its lifestyle, which has guided their development and search for new talent, allowing them to grow their label in an organic and authentic fashion. 

SamMaking Waves with Pacific Records
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