Artist Session: Tongues.

Glasgow-based band Tongues., are setting themselves apart with massive synths, all-round electronic production, and bold vocals. The Wild Honey Pie premiered their newest single "Heartbeat," a song about the pursuit of finding a deeper connection with someone. Read on to meet the band, find out what we can expect from their forthcoming EP, and more.

Hey Tongues., thanks for chatting with us! Tell us the story about how Tongues. got started.

Tongues. started as Tim’s solo project during a year out traveling the world. In January 2015 ‘Colours in the Dark’ was accidentally left public on SoundCloud and picked up attention from blogs all around the world. We’ve since gathered together a live band and it has become a more collaborative process with each release.

Your sound is quite captivating– massive synths, soaring Hot Chip-like vocals, smooth percussive beats and a lot of soul.  Are there any particular influences behind the creation of Tongues.?

There’s a long list of artists who have inspired our sound. To name a few: The Knife, Son Lux, James Blake, Four Tet, Chvrches, and Battles.

You just released your single “Heartbeat” on The Wild Honey Pie, tell us a little about the new single and what we can expect from your upcoming EP.

“Heartbeat” was our first song to really come together in the studio. It’s an idea Tim had for a long time but it only found it’s life as we jammed it. It’s a pop song with a big chorus, a few curve balls and a lot of feeling to it.

You’ve been playing a lot of live shows this past year.  The National said, “In the live arena Glasgow four-piece Tongues. surpass anything they’ve released on record to date, their sub bass quaking the foundations of the building, their destined-for-greatness electro-pop-like Hot Chip reimagined as a 1970s rock band.” What’s the Tongues. live experience like?

We’re constantly told to make our recordings as good as the live experience. So either our recordings are substandard or they’re paying us a compliment. We’re all passionate about what we do and I think that comes across in our live shows. We want it to be an emotional experience and something that’s unique and special to that moment. Each show is different in it’s instrumentals, solos, light shows and we really just try and give it our everything.

We would love to see you in the states! Any plans to go abroad?

We’re getting there…

What would you say is the most important thing for an artist to remain unique and relevant in today’s ever-changing music sphere?

Perhaps a cliche but I think you have to be honest. It’s easy to try and create what you perceive to be popular or to follow a current trend instead of just creating what you believe in and saying what you want to say.

Last question, what’s on your playlist these days? Anyone we should keep an eye out for?

I’m currently listening to the new James Blake album and also loving an electronic artist called Shallou.


Get more Tongues. and listen to their Collection here.


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Gear Talk: Carlson

Brooklyn-based producer/engineer Carlson has worked with dozens of popular artists including Cat Stevens, Autre Ne Veut, Tim Hecker, and Ariel Pink, and has been featured on NPR, Gorilla vs. Bear, and FACT. With his new LP Going South dropping on June 10, we chatted with him about about how he approaches producing, the piece of gear he can’t live without, and more.

How do you approach producing music?

For me the primary goal with all production is to take an artist’s vision and fuse it with the song at hand to create a story. Producing can mean so many different things these days. It can be an integral part of the songwriting process (as in making a beat, track or bed). It can involve a more traditional approach, with the producer playing the musical mentor (choosing instrumentation and arrangements, choosing the right takes and giving musical direction.) Sometimes it’s more of an anchor role; With large groups or even smaller groups of people, it’s not uncommon to need a studio time/space manager, making sure everyone is focused on the task at hand and aware of the common goal. Other times it can be the opposite; A very hands off job. Perhaps the artist(s) are too organized and too inside their own heads to let loose and let the emotion of the music take over.

There’s so many different roles to take on it can be hard to peg down till you’re actually in the studio making music, but once i’m in the process of making a record it becomes clear what’s needed.

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ReverbNation CONNECT and American Songwriter Present “Discover” Concert Series on June 6

ReverbNation CONNECT and American Songwriter’s concert series, “Discover,” returns on June 6 in East Nashville. Read on to learn more about the exciting show.

The fourth installment of our emerging concert series with American Songwriter is on June 6th at The Family Wash in East Nashville. Cale Tyson, Rick Brantley, and ReverbNation CONNECT’s Jack Berry are on the bill and it’s sure to be a an awesome night of music. Head over to American Songwriter to meet the artists and RSVP on Do615 for FREE entry!

Check out the photo gallery from #DiscoverVolume3 here.

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Success Story Update

Throughout the week, our ReverbNation CONNECT team keeps track of industry news and artist successes. We’ve got your weekly recap of the top stories you’ve missed, including features and premieres on The FADER, The Wild Honey Pie, and more.


Golden Age

Meet the latest addition to The Watch List: Golden Age! The NYC-based baroque-pop band premiered their soaring single “Tinted Windows” on The FADER along with an accompanying music video.

We’re so excited to bring you Discover Volume 4, our concert series in partnership with American Songwriter at Family Wash in Nashville! June’s edition goes down Monday, June 6, featuring ReverbNation CONNECT act Jack Berry, Cale Tyson, Rick Brantley. Head over to American Songwriter to meet the artists.



Shortly after blowing up the blogosphere with their electric hits “Religion” and “Colours In The Dark,” Glasgow-based band, Tongues, are setting themselves apart with massive synths, all-round electronic production, and bold vocals. This week, The Wild Honey Pie shared the band’s newest single “Heartbeat,”  a song about the pursuit of finding a deeper connection with someone.

Newcomers OTON premiered their debut single “Slow,” on BULLET Media. The Brussels-based duo may be new to the scene but “Slow” brings one back to the trip-hop sound of the late-90s, with their jazzy flourishes, hip-hop beats and airy vocals.

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Must-See ReverbNation Artists at Hopscotch Music Festival

Tickets for Hopscotch Music Festival just went on sale today and we’re so excited to see so many ReverbNation artists on the bill! Over 120 artists including Beach House, Erykah Badu, and Gary Clark Jr. will take over downtown Raleigh, North Carolina for three epic days over September 8, 9, and 10. Buy your tickets here and get ready for the festival by listening to the ReverbNation artists who will be performing below!

CaseyMust-See ReverbNation Artists at Hopscotch Music Festival
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The Watch List: Golden Age Premieres “Tinted Windows on The FADER

The Watch List follows ReverbNation CONNECT artists as they travel from their hometown to cities like NYC and Nashville to record new music and hone their craft, documenting the journey along the way. This month’s featured Watch List Artist is Golden Age, whose single “Tinted Windows” premiered on The FADER.

We’re so excited to announce the latest addition to The Watch List: Golden Age! The NYC-based baroque-pop band premiered their soaring single “Tinted Windows” on The FADER along with an accompanying music video. Front woman Sydney Sahr tells The FADER, “We’re all obsessed with the unknown in one way or another. ‘Tinted Windows’ is about giving in to the pull of an enigma, which is a bittersweet sensation.” Head over to The FADER to listen to “Tinted Windows” and check out their Chicago tour dates.

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Artist Session: Allie & Ivy

Australian power-pop act, Allie & Ivy, unleashed her latest single "Get Hi," a synth-heavy and bright little number mixed with dark undertones on Project U. She recently emailed with us to tell us about the single, what the Australian music scene is like, and more.

Hi there, thanks again for making a mini mix for us! Tell us a little bit about yourself—who is Allie & Ivy?
Thanks for having me! Allie & Ivy is the name I go by in the music world. My real name is Aleisha Conlay – Allie for short – and Ivy is my alter ego. She came about a few years ago when a producer asked me to sing in a more menacing tone because my voice has quite a bit of a sweet sound to it, so I created Ivy to help me get into character and she’s stuck with me ever since.

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#RNOpps: Meet the Latest Opportunity Selections

Every month we launch amazing opportunities for our musicians to connect with the industry. Hundreds of artists submit for the chance to be featured in top publications, headline festivals, sign to labels, and more. Get to know some of the artists who have been selected for recent opportunities in the round-up below!

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