Announcing the #1TakeCovers Results

ReverbNation, in partnership with We Are The Hits, launched the #1TakeCovers video competition in early July to give our Artist community a chance to put their unique spin on a popular song. Artists were asked to choose from a list of 20 pre-approved songs and film their interpretation of the song in one continuous take.

Our panel of experts and tastemakers reviewed every submission. Then, the videos were judged on originality, performance, and quality of fan engagement through social media to determine the final results.

SamAnnouncing the #1TakeCovers Results
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Email Marketing for Musicians: It Starts With Knowing Your Audience

In our post The Biggest Misconception Musicians Have About Email Marketing, we offered tips on how Artists can start an email marketing strategy. We continued the conversation with Ferol Vernon, SVP of Artist Services at ReverbNation, to learn more about how musicians can get the most value out of emailing fans.

Experiment to Find Out What Works for You

For musicians, the prospect of creating an email campaign may seem intimidating. However, Ferol says it’s likely that most Artists will already have all the information they need to get started. Knowing how to market to your audience, means that first, you need to know your audience.

“You can read all the websites and papers out there on good marketing tactics, but at the end of the day, what works for your fanbase works for your fanbase,” says Ferol.

Watch to learn more about how you can take what you know about your fans and refine your email campaigns through continued experimentation:

SamEmail Marketing for Musicians: It Starts With Knowing Your Audience
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Demystifying the Recording Studio with Mitch Easter

For beginners, the studio can seem like a mystery zone, a place where MP3 files are distilled from an unknown alloy of instruments, cables, and knobs.

Even for experienced musicians, there is an emotional element to the process that can complicate things. Long hours, attention to the smallest details, and constant repetition can swing them from rewarding highs to frustrating lows.

To help shed some light on this complex topic, we sat down with producer Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Susanne Vega, Pavement, Wilco) to discuss common misconceptions about recording and address basic questions that might improve your next (or first) studio experience.

SamDemystifying the Recording Studio with Mitch Easter
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July Breaking! Musicians Keeping a Beat through ReverbNation Opportunities

Every month, ReverbNation artists submit for the opportunity to headline festivals, get featured in magazines & blogs, or receive airplay on some of the best radio stations across the country. Here are some of the highlights from this month’s selections. Increase your chances of being one of them and submit to an opportunity now.

The Quixote Project and MW were selected to play the 2014 NoDA Summer Music fest

“While these trips/tours are a lot of fun, it's important to remember to promote your band and music to as many people as you can. Busy bees make the best honey.” - The Quixote Project

“It’s important to remember to promote your band and music to as many people as you can. Busy bees make the best honey.” – The Quixote Project

The NoDA Summer Musicfest took place for the third straight year in Charlotte, NC this July. Last year’s festival brought in over 1,200 people and 45 artists/bands of all genres. A portion of this year’s proceeds were set aside to support a local Music Business Summer Camp for ninth-graders.

The Quixote Project and MW were selected to perform at this year’s festival, and said they were able to reach new fans from the event.

ShellyJuly Breaking! Musicians Keeping a Beat through ReverbNation Opportunities
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The Biggest Misconception Musicians Have About Email

A few months ago, ReverbNation surveyed artists and asked what digital tactics they use to promote their music.

Surprisingly, we found that Artists don’t think it’s important to use email marketing to communicate with fans. Why?

“I’m not a senior citizen, that’s why I don’t do email marketing.”

“Email is for old people.”

“Nobody cares about email anymore. They care more about social media.”

Ferol Vernon, SVP of Artist Services at ReverbNation (and our resident digital marketing expert) analyzed the survey results firsthand. I sat down with Ferol to learn where this perception of email came from and why he thinks it’s a dangerous view for artists to have.

SamThe Biggest Misconception Musicians Have About Email
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Jesse Kinch Wins Inaugural Season of ABC’s Rising Star

photo (1)

UPDATE: 20-year-old ReverbNation Artist Jesse Kinch was crowned winner of the first season of ABC’s interactive music competition show, Rising Star. “I want to make sure that guy can do two hours a night until he’s ninety years old, because [his voice] is a great instrument, and I want to keep hearing it,” says series host and Kinch’s mentor, Josh Groban in Billboard

Jesse offers this advice to emerging artists:

“Whenever you’re on the cusp of achieving your dreams, always remember who you are and what music is all about. Music is about being true to your self and putting your heart into everything you do. Keep your integrity…that can take you further than you can imagine.”

Jesse says he is back in New York laying the groundwork for his first EP and Album post-show. Read his full story below.


“He’s a soft-spoken kid with a huge rocker singing voice, surprising stage presence, and even more surprising sex appeal.” Billboard

“This David Cassidy-haired, rock ‘n’ blues belter was the only truly memorable or unique contestant of the 10 total who sang on Sunday…Jesse had it all: sex appeal, soul, swag, and a strong set of pipes.” Rolling Stone

ReverbNation Artist Jesse Kinch was one of the premiere artists to perform on ABC’s new music competition show, Rising Star. The show boasts being the first of its kind, an interactive singing competition where fans vote via a smartphone app, with a small percentage of votes allotted for three celebrity guest judges. GRAMMY-award-winning vocalist Josh Groban hosts, and audiences watch as stars like Jesse emerge from behind a giant digital wall that lights up as fans and judges cast their votes. The grand prize? A recording contract with Capitol Records.

When we sat down to talk to Jesse, we wanted to understand what it’s really like for a musician to be a part of a reality TV show. Jesse provided some perspective on the selection process, his initial reservations and what he thinks sets this music competition apart from others.

SamJesse Kinch Wins Inaugural Season of ABC’s Rising Star
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High School Nation: Exposing you to the one demographic you can’t afford to ignore


If you’re an artist who plays frequent shows both in your hometown and on tour, chances are you’re mostly playing to a 21+ age group. And usually, this is a good thing for a performer — this demographic tends to have more disposable income and is more likely to help run up your end-of-the-night payout with bar sales.

But by default, many artists end up overlooking a demographic that, according to a recent study by Nielsen, contains some of the most dedicated music fans — teenagers.

Nielsen’s study confirmed that 54% of teen concert attendees purchase t-shirts and merchandise [source]. Similarly, 51% of teens have purchased some kind of music (download, CD, etc.) in the last year [source]. These numbers are far above the national average, as well as being higher than any other age demographic.


Founder Jimmy Cantillon

So how do you get a foothold in this often overlooked but highly invested demographic? A good place to start is with this year’s High School Nation (HSN) tour. We spoke with founder Jimmy Cantillon about the festival’s inception and its benefits for the artists who participate:

SamHigh School Nation: Exposing you to the one demographic you can’t afford to ignore
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Your Facebook Fans Aren’t Seeing Your Posts: Here’s What You Can Do About It

When musician Ryan Trauley logged into Facebook to check the performance of a recent post to his band Oulipo’s page, the results shocked him.

“I have 800 fans on my page, but this post I wrote about my show was only seen by 10 people. I don’t understand how that’s possible,” said Trauley.

Ryan isn’t the only one surprised. Every day more artists are noticing that they’re reaching fewer and fewer fans on Facebook. Why is this happening?

Facebook is reducing the number of people who see your posts in their News Feed organically. They’re accomplishing this by cutting down on a number called “Organic Reach*,” which refers to how many people you can reach for free on Facebook by posting to your Page.

ReverbNation has been a longtime advocate of artists promoting themselves using social media. In 2007, we developed Band Profile, the first Facebook app for artists. Band Profile was designed to help artists take advantage of the growing platform, and to share everything with their fans, from songs to updates to merch.

Since then, ReverbNation has continued to integrate products closely with Facebook, including tying our ad offerings into Facebook through its API. In fact, we were one of the first partners invited to use their API (Application Programming Interface).

Given our front row seat to the ever-changing landscape of Facebook, I spent some time talking to those knowledgeable about the platform. I asked two key ReverbNation team members some questions and received some interesting responses.

SamYour Facebook Fans Aren’t Seeing Your Posts: Here’s What You Can Do About It
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