Bailiff Secures Synch Placement on FOX’s Cooper’s Guide to Surviving Life

Can you imagine watching a hit television show on one of the most popular networks and hearing your song play? That’s what happened to ReverbNation CONNECT band Bailiff this past Sunday as they watched FOX’s Cooper’s Guide to Surviving Life. “I haven’t sat that embarrassingly close the television since the Ninja Turtles were on,” said Josh Siegel of Bailiff.

KevinBailiff Secures Synch Placement on FOX’s Cooper’s Guide to Surviving Life
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5 Questions: Josh Rabinowitz of Grey Advertising on Sync Licensing

Over the past decade, sync licensing has established itself as a reliable source of income for emerging artists. Once the domain of only top-level performers, now artists at all levels are finding success with licensing. In addition to touring, merchandising, and album sales, sync licensing can boost your revenue on a consistent basis. And in today’s digital world, sync licensing is no longer only relegated to film and TV. Artists are placing music across a variety of platforms and devices, including video games, eBooks, and more.

But as attractive as licensing can be for an independent artist, it’s not the easiest realm to navigate. If you’re thinking about getting into this new arena, questions can begin to pile up. To help with that, we spoke to Josh Rabinowitz of New York City-based advertising agency, Grey, who are currently running two licensing opportunities with ReverbNation. Check out some of the helpful advice Joshua gave us, and then be sure to submit your music! 

Kevin5 Questions: Josh Rabinowitz of Grey Advertising on Sync Licensing
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May Breaking! Musicians Keeping a Beat through ReverbNation Opportunities

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 12.53.26 PM

Artists use ReverbNation every month to vie for the chance to headline festivals, be featured in top magazines, play showcases in front of music industry pros and take advantage of all the opportunities to be seen and heard. So, if you’re wondering who submits to opportunities and what happens after submissions close, hear from the musicians themselves in the post below. Watch, listen and congratulate them in the comments. Increase your chances of being one of them and submit to an opportunity now.

Took the stage in front of 4,000 at the Florida Music Festival

A handful of talented ReverbNation bands were able to perform at this year’s Florida Music Festival, which had around 4,000 attendees for each of the festival’s three days. Bands like Our Future Leaders, Bloody Jug Band, and David Lareau and the Copperpots were familiar with the annual festival and were excited to see that ReverbNation was a key player in festival submissions. Audiences were thrilled with their performances, and all of the groups who submitted through ReverbNation hope to be a part of the excitement in 2015.

Not only were these bands a part of one of the most popular festivals in all of Florida, but they were able to improve their own standing as a local and up-and-coming act because of their participation. 

Our Future Leaders for ReverbNation

Our Future Leaders, ReverbNation artist since 2007.

“Being able to perform alongside huge national acts really lends up some credibility as an independent band. Promoters and venues always like to see what acts and events you’ve performed at previously.” – Our Future Leaders

KevinMay Breaking! Musicians Keeping a Beat through ReverbNation Opportunities
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Ask An Expert: Music Licensing 101 from Vince Quintero of Red Bull Records

Vince Quintero

Vince is a music industry veteran who strives to help artists get great licensing opportunities

Earlier this month, we asked ReverbNation Facebook fans and Twitter followers what they wanted to know more about when it comes to music licensing. We read your questions and we have answers!

We sat down with Vince Quintero, Head of Creative Music Licensing & Publishing at Red Bull Records to get the lowdown on all things music licensing. Vince has worked in the music industry for major record labels and with recording artists for more than 14 years.  His roles include strategic marketing/cross promotion, A&R, music supervision, music licensing and artist/producer management. Read below to get a Licensing 101 lesson from this seasoned expert.

Can you give a basic definition of what licensing is?

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 5.24.24 PM– Cleophas McDonald, The Madd Felon

Music licensing is the act of ensuring that both master and copyright holders are properly paid for the use of their music. My working definition includes the act of pitching the songs I represent for use in visual media and manufactured items. Visual media entails film, TV shows, video games, movie trailers and advertisements. Examples of manufactured goods are things such as toys and soundtrack compilations. I do all of these licensing deals from inception to approving the final deal terms and signing the licenses.

KevinAsk An Expert: Music Licensing 101 from Vince Quintero of Red Bull Records
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Sync Licensing Successes: Maxim Photo Shoot, 21 Jump Street featurette, UFC 3, more

Influential music supervisors continue to enjoy and place music from the ReverbNation Music library into TV shows, promos, video games and more. This Maxim photo shoot of Siren Levin Rambin (Hunger Games) features the song “California” from LA’s Ivan Ives, a touring hip-hop lyricist who Rolling Stone, SPIN, URB and CMJ have all spotlighted in their competitive “Artists To Watch” editions. Ivan has earned over half a million YouTube hits of his videos since 2008 – independently. See how this bright talent weaves hook-and-verse seamlessly into musical symmetry in our featured video:

Ivan Ives – Maxim shoot for Siren Levin Rambin (of “Hunger Games”)

Congratulations to all of the following ReverbNation artists for their recent placements on:


21 Jump Street Featurette Vandevander
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Gina Cutillo
Restaurant ImpossibleThe Karen Curious Band
Restaurant ImpossibleDouglas Cameron
Face OffGood Looking Animals
Lost GirlTori Sparks
Anthany Bourdain: No ReservationsMatt “Melodious” Coe


Saints Row 3Michael Holland, Jason Donnelly, The Collins Brothers Band, Wordsmith, Tone B!, Cirious and Deelux, Falling Blind
UFC 3 – World Vs Me, Wordsmith, Kidd Russell, Tone B!, Howee, High Tolerance, Wunda845, Cirious and Deelux, Mellow Dramatic

Sync Placements

How can I get involved with Sync Licensing?

ReverbNation and APM Music regularly invite new artists to participate in the Song Licensing Program. Invites are sent out to ReverbNation artists who are active users of the site, have complete profiles, and whose music fits what music supervisors are seeking. To learn more about the program, visit


KevinSync Licensing Successes: Maxim Photo Shoot, 21 Jump Street featurette, UFC 3, more
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ReverbNation Partners with APM Music to Bring Exclusive TV, Movie, and Video Game Licensing Opportunity to Independent Bands

(NEW YORK – September 29th, 2010) ReverbNation, the leading Marketing and Promotion Platform for over 850,000 Musicians, Labels, Managers and Venues, and APM Music, a joint venture of EMI Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing and the largest production library and music services company in North America, have partnered to launch an exclusive “ReverbNation Music” library that APM Music will license into TV, Movies, Trailers, Video Games and other types of productions.

Tens of thousands of qualified ReverbNation artists have already received invitations to audition their songs which were qualified through ReverbNation’s initial review process. Following submission, every track was reviewed by APM music directors for quality and client suitability.

Invitations to participate in the program are sent out on an ongoing basis to “qualified” artists who have profiles on ReverbNation. “Qualified” artists are those for whom ReverbNation has statistical data about their fan base, song plays, and more, that indicate a fit with APM’s clients.  ReverbNation collects this data for artists who use ReverbNation’s comprehensive toolset to manage their social media and marketing presence across the web.

“We are committed to bringing the best opportunities to indie artists, including opportunities to play gigs as well as to license their music. The partnership to curate a unique library with APM Music is a great opportunity for ReverbNation artists whose music fits the needs of APM’s clients – fresh, authentic, relevant indie music,” said Michael Doernberg, CEO of “Artists whose songs are accepted and placed will generate unique exposure to new fans with the potential to generate ongoing revenue from their works.”

With over 25 years leading the industry, APM Music has built relationships with an exhaustive list of clients including CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, ESPN, MLB, PGA, Universal, Discovery, Current TV, MTV, BBDO, Electronic Arts, Oprah Winfrey and thousands of others; and has recently placed music into “Avatar”, “The Backup Plan”, “Date Night”, “Prince of Persia”, “Glee”, “Gossip Girl”, “Mad Men”, “30 Rock” , “Big Bang Theory”,  “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” ,“Assassin’s Creed 2”, and “Monsters vs. Aliens” video game among many others.

“The appetite for indie music has never been greater,” stated Adam Taylor, APM Music president. “There has been a strong demand for APM to provide an original indie music library that offers exclusive, high quality music direct from independent artists combined with the freedom from copyright issues traditionally delivered through APM’s indemnification guarantees. With this partnership, APM will satisfy this need and at the same time deliver real benefit to ReverbNation artists.”

The ReverbNation Music library launched on APM’s online music search engine at the beginning of September, and has already secured licensing deals for ReverbNation artists with Kmart, Chicos, the Boston Red Sox, the PGA (check out the PGA placement) and others.

Visit the APM licensing opportunity at to learn more.

KevinReverbNation Partners with APM Music to Bring Exclusive TV, Movie, and Video Game Licensing Opportunity to Independent Bands
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