ReverbNation Delivers Major Brand Sponsor to Emerging Musicians

sponsored songsReverbNation, the preferred music marketing and promotion platform for over 390,000 artists, labels, managers, and venues, announced today that up to one thousand Artists will be eligible to participate in a new Sponsored Songs program. The program will allow ReverbNation Artists to tap into major brand relationships that are typically elusive. Under the program, participating musicians will be paid $.50 per qualified download acquired by their fans. Each song will incorporate a small section of branded messaging within the digital cover art, which will be displayed to the consumer every time the song is played on music devices.

Sponsored Songs Offers Branded Pages and Branded Downloads
The downloads will be offered to fans on a set of branded landing pages. When a fan initiates a download, patent pending technology merges the appropriate brand message into the digital cover art, reinforcing the brand every time the fan plays the song. Songs are tracked as they are passed from fan to fan allowing the brand sponsor to capture ongoing value as the music is shared virally.

The first Sponsored Songs campaign will begin mid June, and will last 90 days. ReverbNation’s Band Equity Score and the Artists’ fan demographic profiles will be used to determine which Artists are invited to participate. Accepted artists will provide songs for use in the program, and use ReverbNation’s marketing tools to promote the free downloads to their fan base. Artists will be allowed to opt-out of any campaign prior to launch if they do not approve of the sponsor.

A New Revenue Stream for Musicians, a New Channel for Advertisers
“Traditionally the music business has been synonymous with the record business where the lion’s share of revenue came from selling music. With reduced emphasis on music sales, the music business must develop new revenue streams that leverage the artist as a brand,” said Michael Doernberg, CEO of ReverbNation. “Sponsored Songs is one of several new programs that offer musicians a new revenue stream, capitalizing on the strength of their fan relationships and offering advertisers a better way to reach potential consumers.”

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reverb_administratorReverbNation Delivers Major Brand Sponsor to Emerging Musicians


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  • nana joseph ghartey - October 22, 2010 reply

    please i think these can work well.thank you.

  • taettachip - October 22, 2010 reply

    I really love this Idea… Reverbnation you guys keep up the great work. If you all continue in this direction… I predict the next BMG in the making. GOD BLESS reverbnation!!!!!

  • marcus lee - July 8, 2011 reply

    well im inspiring drummer im trying to get sponsored for this tour this band is call soul truth this tour name is love and light tour we are shedd light on the love of muisc

  • DemandProgress - July 15, 2011 reply

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