ReverbNation Adds Spotify,, Zune, MySpace Music, Wal-Mart, and Dozens More Retailers to Its Flat-Fee Digital Distribution Product for Bands

ReverbNation, the leading marketing platform used by more than 650,000 artists/bands, labels, managers and venues, has announced the launch of the world’s most comprehensive digital distribution product for Artists and Record Labels who seek to place their music into online retailers without giving up any ownership rights or any percentage of the sales royalties from their music.

Artists and record labels can now choose from two pre-packaged offerings from ReverbNation:

The “Essentials” Package – $34.95 per release, 29 sites
Submits a release to iTunes (worldwide), Amazon Mp3, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster, MySpace Music,, Spotify, Zune, iLike, MOG, Tesco, La Curacao, Synacor, GetPlaylists, Secure Media, Intertech Media, InMotion Entertainment, WaTunes, Get Green Music, Immergent, and Moozone. See all retailers >>

The “Pro” Package – $59.95 per release, 39 sites
Includes submission to all of the stores in the Essentials package, plus submission to Nokia, Lala, Wal-Mart (Liquid), Amie Street, We7, Myxer, Puretracks, ThinkIndie, and Shockhound, and digital delivery to Pandora (for their convenience only, no guarantee that they will consider or review the music).

Learn more about ReverbNation’s Digital Distribution Products.

Artists who have released music under ReverbNation’s previous Basic package can upgrade to the Essentials package at no additional charge.  Annual renewal fees apply to either package.

“Artists and independent record labels need an on-ramp into the most important retailers and music streaming services of our day, without having to give up their rights or a percentage of royalties,” said Lou Plaia, co-founder and vice president of music industry relations at “Our new service gives them the access and reach that has been historically limited to the major record labels.”

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reverb_administratorReverbNation Adds Spotify,, Zune, MySpace Music, Wal-Mart, and Dozens More Retailers to Its Flat-Fee Digital Distribution Product for Bands


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  • KCDoberstein Wood Flute Music - March 23, 2010 reply

    I updated my digital distribution with Reverbnation as soon I heard the news. Thanks

  • uberVU - social comments - March 30, 2010 reply

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by ReverbNation: ReverbNation has officially expanded its digital distro to almost 40 stores! (via ReverbNation blog) ^RO…

  • The Siege Cats - March 30, 2010 reply

    Probably the best deal out there. We are about to submit an album and can’t wait to use the Pro service.

  • ruby - April 3, 2010 reply

    Thanks for the great post here!

    Best Attorney

  • Darwin James - April 15, 2010 reply

    Almost as cool as the new Darwin James album! 😀

  • sunfly - May 10, 2010 reply

    still does not beat songcast in my opinion i just wish it could..

  • GMDmusic - May 14, 2010 reply

    🙂 Look for the new CD by George Michael Dile: HEAVEN’S DOOR!

  • Neil - May 20, 2010 reply

    New digital download site launched only MP3,s totally legal music, keeping the artist in the pink. Check it out:

    8 Million tracks to choose from!!

  • Cagle & Nash - May 23, 2010 reply

    I already usue Tunecore as my digital aggregator. Too bad that ReverbNation won’t allow my to just fill in the gaps with stores that Tunecore doesn’t offer. Instead, I understand that ReverbNation requires that all stores go through them in order to take advantage of the package

  • Jed - May 25, 2010 reply

    @Cagle & Nash,

    Submitting via ReverbNation could have the desired effect you are seeking. The retailers that overlap with the ones that Tunecore provides will either:

    1. Ignore the submission we send them (b/c they already have it from tunecore)
    2. Overwrite the release with the one we send them (which will simply have the effect of moving your royalty collection from Tunecore to ReverbNation).
    3. Display both release if you have different UPC or ISRC codes for each. Important to add in the UPC and ISRC with our service to overcome this issue.

    If done right, you should get the desired effect of having ‘complete coverage’. Hope that makes sense.

  • Venom - November 6, 2011 reply

    Guys i gt ma mixtape but i dnt knw hw to upload ma songs

    Shelly - November 7, 2011 reply

    Hi Venom — you’re best bet is to reach out to the guys in support — support [at] and they’ll help you out with that.

  • Walter Stephen Scott - November 26, 2011 reply

    How Do I get the at-Fee Digital Distribution Product for Bands?

    Shelly - November 28, 2011 reply

    At this time, we don’t offer a free Digital Distribution option, but you can find out more about the service here:

  • onyebuchigucho - February 20, 2012 reply

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