ReverbNation Artist Charity Turner Secures iTunes Feature

Charity Turner, who uses ReverbNation for Digital Distribution, was recently given the coveted “Single of the Week” spot on iTunes Australia for “Our Secrets.” The song will be featured for the entire week, giving excellent exposure and download numbers for the ReverbNation artist.

Be sure to check out the feature and download “Our Secrets” here!

ReverbNation would like to extend a big “CONGRATULATIONS” to Charity for being selected!

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KevinReverbNation Artist Charity Turner Secures iTunes Feature


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  • bob dinglebum - August 25, 2010 reply

    hi mabe you read this mabe the double base on the first song is a realey nice touch with an acaustic guitar i hope to use that idea soon ok?

  • Nathan Phelps - August 25, 2010 reply

    Way to go Charity. Hey and while you guys are at it, check out FALLEN ANGEL out of Memphis, Tn. Brand new original rock band, tryin to get things rollin! The respect and support of the fans is what it’s all about!

  • michelle - September 2, 2010 reply

    Way to go!!! CONGRATS!!

  • oladioss - September 7, 2010 reply

    great to see people gaining success thru consistently creating art, whilst using promotional tools available to them 🙂


  • Soft music Bridgy - September 13, 2010 reply

    Super cool sound!
    Great stuff!
    s… P…

  • Lproduct - September 13, 2010 reply

    I like your style I would love 2 do a collaboration with you

  • HarleyMadd - September 15, 2010 reply

  • MJ - September 16, 2010 reply

    A drummer who sings and plays the guitar? Go girl! Enjoyed watching your videos, off to get your songs from Itunes now…

  • Partyband mit Livemusik zu buchen - September 28, 2010 reply

    Ich finde diese unplugged Dame wirklich schick !
    Mal schauen, wann wir so weit sind … schließlich macht unsere Partyband auch ein Akustik-Programm.

  • Raras astronia - October 10, 2010 reply

    So many own created songs with a new wave a new beat a brand so new, but i dare to move, problem is… Who some one there trust n make a deal for bussines??? Music is my life, i really dont know any other life. Plis support n help me. Thanks

  • Chris Woodson/maintain media - October 12, 2010 reply

    Cut and dry pure talent

  • boaz - October 14, 2010 reply

    good work over there sounds great!!!

  • Drew - November 18, 2010 reply

    Charity’s got it! Great playing, great voice, great songs!
    Nice to see someone get a break who’s truly deserving!

  • YOUNG FLAME - December 6, 2010 reply




  • X Squared (of Sir Mask) - December 12, 2010 reply

    Congrats, inde artists are taking over, major record labels need to show respect.

    Keep on grooving and spreading positive vibes to fans and mother Earth.

    X Squared

  • Owen And The Oracles - June 14, 2011 reply

    Hey! check is out .owen and the oracles is a very good gospel gruop but need a label that will help them in advrtising thier selfs in any event,awards,a record deal and so on and so forth you can give us a try by testing our stage performane

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