The ReverbNation Control Room iPhone App (beta) Now Available for Free

Our first mobile app is now available in Apple’s App Store. The app allows musicians to collect fan emails at concerts directly through their iPhone, provides the artist with the latest profile and song stats, the ability to post status updates to Twitter, Facebook and Myspace simultaneously, and to send FanReach email newsletters to their fans.

Control Room iPhone App

Critical Control Room Functions Available from your iPhone

The app was developed to allow our musicians to access critical functions from their ReverbNation control room while they are on the go. Those functions are listed below:

  • Send FanReach Emails
  • Collect Fan Email Addresses
  • View Profile and Email stats
  • Update status for Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace

The App is Available for Free in the App Store

The app is currently in beta and available for free to all users with a ReverbNation login. Please let us know what you think, and post your suggestions opinions in the comments section.
Download the app for free on iTunes »

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KevinThe ReverbNation Control Room iPhone App (beta) Now Available for Free

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  • jimmy - December 21, 2010 reply

    Very nice to see the RN iphone app. But it doesnt do much for me since I use a Droid X.

  • Jon - December 21, 2010 reply

    I’m in the same boat… droid. Have been waiting for a reverbnation phone app for a long time, hopefully will get a version for all the rest of us soon.

  • Jed - December 21, 2010 reply

    Android is coming in the future. No ETA just yet, but we know that there are lots of Android users out there, and we will absolutely create and Android version.

    COO, ReverbNation

  • Kizzle - December 21, 2010 reply

    I’m loving the new app! Make sure you use your e-mail address to login! I’m able to post to my FaceBook, Twitter, etc. easiliy – I’m not sure how everyone is missing the button above the Update Status option. It clearly says “Post to these networks:” with the option to enable… have you setup these links from the website?
    Overall it’s very handy for on-the-go, and I’m sure any issues will be resolved in updates. THANK YOU REVERBNATION – I AM GRATEFUL.

  • Big Ed - December 21, 2010 reply

    I’ll chime in for Android also! This would be a great tool!

  • Paul - December 21, 2010 reply

    About time!

  • Stash - December 22, 2010 reply

    Not only the droid; I use a Blackberry. You know, Apple isn’t the only one that makes smart phones, nor are they the best.

  • J - December 23, 2010 reply

    I was really hoping for something that would let you search artists and play music. I’m assuming that’s coming.

  • Wally "Mazerati" Jimenez - December 24, 2010 reply

    smh! they need to do a app for blackberrys

  • Stephen Pate - December 27, 2010 reply

    Nice start but we need iPhone / iPad compatible widgets more than anything.

    Someone comes to my site with iPhone etc sees nothing in place where the player is.


  • Michelle - January 4, 2011 reply

    Yes – Droid please! 😀 And make it easy to upload photos.

  • michele smith - January 5, 2011 reply

    COMPLIMENTS to Zo & Terrel Badie on bring us wonderful music and making me apart of their fan club.

  • Peter D - January 7, 2011 reply

    Great App!
    Would love to be able to create an event right from the app. That would be priceless!

  • Lord Dark Da Calboy - January 7, 2011 reply

    I am waiting for it to come to Android so I can use it on my Evo.

  • |oc|de - January 7, 2011 reply

    Hey any chance of developing one of these apps for the blackberry, that would be nice since I can’t listen to none of my music or check anything from my blackberry storm 2. If you all do that would be awesome!

  • Cynthia Shelhart - January 12, 2011 reply

    Android, please!

  • @JoonJukx - January 12, 2011 reply

    definitely would like to see this for the blackberry… oh well… iphone people are like the cool kids at the party every time :-/

  • JimmyP - January 12, 2011 reply

    Definitely a Blackberry App… or some kind of mobile version of the site…

  • ggash67 - January 17, 2011 reply

    I use Droid X. Are there plans for Droid apps?

  • girlierox - January 19, 2011 reply

    let me know when you have app for blackberry..

  • Eric - January 19, 2011 reply

    Great Start! Would love to be able to send a RPK and enter a new gig right from my phone. That would be invaluable. So many times I’ve been asked unexpectedly for a band press kit when out for something non-band related and this would just make it so convenient!!

  • Cyndi Craven - January 22, 2011 reply

    I love RN. I love my iPhone and I’m glad you have this app (will check it out and I’m sure I’ll like it). But I don’t love that the RN widgets are non-functioning on the iPhone.

    Seems almost a little ironic that RN should release an iPhone app to update your RN page … when you can’t use your iPhone (and more importantly, your fans can’t use THEIR iPhones) to access the important info that’s delivered via RN widgets. (For instance, a fan is on the way to your show, but can’t remember the address.. she calls up your web site on her iPhone but alas, the really cool shows widget is a blank.)

    I am not blaming RN for this problem. I realize it was Apple’s choice to limit availability of Flash. But it’s also frustrating that RN uses Flash without an alternative for its widgets, resulting in them not working for iPhone users.

    Sigh. I guess we can’t have everything.

    All this aside, I still think ReverbNation is a GREAT tool for musicians and venues, and I appreciate all you do and offer.

  • Jimmy - January 29, 2011 reply

    RN prematurely released a phone app that doen’t work so well. I can already post to my Facebook and Twitter. This app needs a lot of work to be worthwhile.

  • Jed - January 30, 2011 reply

    Could you be more specific about what isn’t working for you? Have you updated to the latest version (there was a login bug on the very first version, but it has been fixed).


  • lee - January 31, 2011 reply

    Only an Apple app and still no mobile version of the site? RN is a cool tool, but definitely on the technological short bus.

  • Ryan Barnes - February 3, 2011 reply

    I love it! I’ve been waiting for a RN app forever! The one [VERY] important thing that it’s missing though is the ability to add shows. If I’m on tour and get an extra show booked on the spot, I can’t post it unless I find a computer/net access. PLEASE add this feature!!!!
    Other than that, great work guys! Thanks for doing this!

  • Theikid - February 6, 2011 reply

    Cool to make an ios app but please make your profile player compatible too, flash player isnt working!

  • Punk Rebel Mama - February 9, 2011 reply

    I need an iphone

  • Lil stunna - February 9, 2011 reply

    Verry great app. Works pretty good,if you have a reverbnation account I recomend this app.
    Thanks lil stunna

  • Aaron - February 13, 2011 reply

    It is good that they came up with this app. But please come up with an app for an Android system. I like the way the app works but please make it work on a droid.

  • Alexander - February 13, 2011 reply

    Thank you for this app! I’m able to post updated status with no hitch. Kudos to the brainchild.

  • Samuel - February 13, 2011 reply

    The new app is very handy. I’m able to send fanreach emails with ease. Please make this accessible to droid users so that our base will be larger.

  • Garrett - February 13, 2011 reply

    This app is very valuable and will really click. But sometimes there are compatibility issues. Please make it work for my Android too.

  • Crpn - February 17, 2011 reply

    Is this only for artists, not managers (with rosters)?

  • Neal - February 17, 2011 reply


    Currently, yes, the application is only for artist accounts.

  • Thomas Oboe Lee - February 18, 2011 reply

    I just went through the whole process of signing up for the RN iPhone app, but at the end I have to pay either $99 a year, or $199 for a one time fee. I thought it was free. I knew that was too good to be true … lol!!! So … before I sign up I’d like to know more about the app; for example, what other “hidden” charges are there in the works. It mentions that I could have videos on the app. But I have no idea how that works. Anyway, I’d appreciate more info about the app, etc.

  • 5BSC.COM – FIVE BOROUGH SHOWCASE » Blog Archive » The ReverbNation Control Room App Coming to Android and Blackberry Soon! - February 25, 2011 reply

    […] The ReverbNation Control Room iPhone App (beta) Now Available for Free […]

  • Mark Gardner - March 6, 2011 reply

    Great tool for artists and ideal if you are playing live shows and want to add email addresses on the road!

    Thanks reverbnation.

    Looking forward to my Mobile App now!

    Thanks heaps!

  • Nyjah - March 16, 2011 reply

    Big up Reverbnation!!!

  • Mocombo - March 17, 2011 reply

    Clearly, Apple should know better; they make millions from musicians and yet fail to support
    flash oriented programs. They may have their reasons but the reality is that so many artist’s web presentation integrates flash in their web presence. Apple ( remember ‘Big Brother’) is quantifying art
    and artists thus censoring art and forcing its own ideology upon art; art should be encouraged to express itself without boundaries. The practical reality is that so many artists have had their art sabotaged by such thinking. Further to this, such corporate thinking is already reaping millions in profits at the expense of both musicians and art. Apple has profited for years in the music industry and built its reputation being artists friendly however one gets the impression that there are no musicians or artists working in the engineering departments. The silent majority of artists can only hope that music delivery services like RN start to put some well deserved pressure on Apple and its cohorts whose actions are
    high insensitive to musicians, web artists and creative software developers. Perhaps there should be a protest system in place whereby artists can voice their objections to Apple’s failure to embrace flash.
    Let us work toward lighting up our skies rather than letting Apple douse them out! Yes I use flash and it doesn’t function properly on Apple products; very wanky indeed!

  • 1 Shot 2 Many - April 29, 2011 reply

    How about an HP WebOS app, since those are my smartphones of choice. And a mobile version of the site would rock too.

  • Dianna Kinkead - June 8, 2011 reply

    I have an iPhone and an iPad. I purchased the iPad specifically to enable me to play and download music from my son’s band, “FOLK REMEDY” on Reverbnation, not even thinking that I wouldn’t be able to do so. When I try to listen to or download purchased music from Reverbnation I get a message saying that Apple doesn’t support Flash player. This is so frustrating. I was just watching Steve Jobs talking about the new IOS X platform and although they seem to be making some progress, I agree with the previous post by Mocombo.

  • Steven Davis - June 14, 2011 reply

    So.I have an acct with pics and recordings. I had some blood sugar problems, But I’m back. I don;t have the previous information.How do I restart the site and save the info? What do I do?

    Neal - June 15, 2011 reply


    Hi! You can go here to reset your password if you have forgotten it:

  • Stash - June 18, 2011 reply

    How about porting your app to Blackberrys. I won’t even think about owning anything Apple. Hate the company and their business model, and there are other options out here.

  • Garrett - June 27, 2011 reply

    It’s strange that so many are so quick to blame Apple for not baking another company’s software (Adobe Flash) into their OS. Open standards for listening to music and watching videos exist, and have existed for some time, yet many websites still choose to lock themselves into using Flash, a closed, resource-intensive, battery-draining, unstable, insecure piece of software that, in my experience, is primarily used to create intrusive ads. I do appreciate and enjoy the art that can only be created using Flash (games, layered video, complex animations), but when it comes to listening to music, watching videos, etc. it’s inefficient and totally unnecessary.

    As Mocombo said so well, “Art should be encouraged to express itself without boundaries”. I completely agree! This is why I hate seeing music and videos locked down by Flash, a proprietary format that is entirely controlled by one company: Adobe. Seems like I ought to have the option not to install resource-intensive and unstable software on my computer or phone when other alternatives exist.

    In my opinion, Reverb Nation ought to follow the lead of forward-thinking companies like Bandcamp and Soundcloud, which enable audio streaming on computers that don’t have Flash installed.

  • R Fox - October 9, 2011 reply

    What’s the point of an app for a music site that doesn’t actually play music?

  • Mike g - October 18, 2011 reply

    I seen the droid comments above…
    Droid has been an iphone killer for years now and hasnt killed anything! Seriously run animoog on your droid, or beatmaker2…oh you cant becuz your inferior operating system has the worst latency i have ever seen. All i know, is… If you are an artist of any type droid is not the phone of choice! It just isnt a creative platform sorry but its true…
    I am not slamming your phone, i am just stating that droid development is wayyyyy behind, its sluggish acting and just isnt there yet, will it be one day, well of course…but i want to make music today.

    Reverbnation makes this much sense…they have developed an app for a phone that the whole website doesnt support. Which in my honest opinion is very questionable. Flash sucks, html is easier and better and works on all platforms it only makes sense to write up your sight in html5!

    Shelly - October 20, 2011 reply

    @Mike g Thanks for your comments. We’re always working to keep up with the latest technologies, always working to improve.

  • Mike g - October 18, 2011 reply

    I made 65% of the new album with iphone/ipad and apps.
    Even if you are committed to a droid…cop the ipad, you’ll love it

    Try these apps:

    beatmaker 2
    Jasuto pro
    Addictive synth
    To name a few…very few 🙂 happy music making

  • Tutuapp Apk - October 4, 2017 reply

    Being a music freak I love ReverbNation app so much! Is it not available for Android yet?

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