ReverbNation’s Facebook app My Band gets a new name (Band Profile), new features, and it’s still 100% FREE

Today we’re announcing some major upgrades to our popular Facebook app, My Band. We’re giving it a new name (Band Profile) and some seriously powerful new features. More details are below, but to check them out right away you just need to login to Band Profile and click on the Appearance tab (if you haven’t upgraded your band page to Facebook’s new layout, you’ll need to do that too, but it’s as easy as clicking a blue ‘upgrade my page’ button upgrade your Facebook page).

Your App has Fan Boosters to grow your Fanbase

We know fans are critically important for an artist, and that’s why we wove Fan Boosters into the fabric of the new app. Fan Boosters help you grow your mailing list, build the Likes to your Facebook page or spread your music virally. They are super easy to activate, and they work automatically after you set them.

Your App is now COMPLETELY customizable

You can customize just about everything on the new app. Colors, button location, visualization options and content. Not only is it powerful, but easy. The customization interface we built is just flat out fun to use.

Your App has a new Name: Band Profile

When ReverbNation launched My Band in 2007, it was the world’s FIRST band profile app on Facebook. In 2009 we updated MyBand to make it more powerful, which was an overwhelming success. Out of the over 50,000 apps on Facebook, My Band became one of  21 Featured Apps. Today, we’re taking another giant leap forward, changing the name to make it more relevant, and adding some powerful features.

All your favorite features are still there and it’s still FREE

Your ReverbNation content and the content on your app are always in sync eliminating the need to edit your content in multiple locations. It’s still FREE and still offers all the best ways to manage your Facebook presence.

A few notes on the transition:

  • You will need Facebook’s updated layout for Band pages, you’ll need to go to: and click the blue ‘upgrade my pages’ button to upgrade.
  • If you have not yet added the application but wish to do so, simply go to
  • If you have already added MyBand to your band page on Facebook, your app will switch to the new Band Profile tab automatically. To check out the new customization features, login to Band Profile and navigate to the Appearance tab.
  • We’ve done our best to make sure the app looks dynamite, but we recommend that all artists login to Band Profile and make sure their app looks the way they want it to

Show us your creativity in the comments

Login to Band Profile, visit the new Appearance Tab and start customizing, then leave a link to your band page in the comments. We’ll keep our eyes on the comments and dish out a featured artist spot to the most creative, best-looking app.

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KevinReverbNation’s Facebook app My Band gets a new name (Band Profile), new features, and it’s still 100% FREE


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  • Eugene Paradis - March 10, 2011 reply

    this is great…..I am not a computer pro…I still like to talk directly to you folks about getting set up….love what you do….thanks and
    God bless…

  • United States - March 10, 2011 reply

    That fan booster was an excellent idea. I enjoying the upgraded version of My Band!

  • Vic Stathopoulos - March 11, 2011 reply

    The new Band Profile is a major improvement and its great to look at and easy to read. I also think the fan booster is a great idea. Its great now the navigation is on the left because you can go to the Vic Stathopoulos Wall with ease and see the Band Profile with ease. I think the Band Profile could have been called Music Player, thats easier for people to understand.

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  • The EARL of SWIRL - March 11, 2011 reply

    How about enabling the changes from our control room here at Reverbnation, for those of us who don’t wish to have a Facebook account ?

  • Frank - March 11, 2011 reply

    I love apps, but this one is great. Fan booster is indeed a great thing and don´t forget…it´s free! As it´s fully customizable I think this will get very popular. I´m very excited.

  • Morgan @ MRR - March 11, 2011 reply

    Rock ON!! This is AWESOME! Loving the new features! This will truly benefit the bands in so many ways. The app was already awesome, but you just made it awesome-er. 😉 Nicely done!

  • AVANZA - March 11, 2011 reply

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou lovely Reverbs! But agreed with Vic Stathopulos, please think about new name, not all of us are members of the gangs … sorry, bands 🙂

  • bren - March 11, 2011 reply

    its a very good upgrade although One More Thing : Please just integrate the EXISTING WALL! we don’t need two… its the only thing you guys left out. It can be done as i’ve seen it on Rootmusic. It makes so much more sense.

  • Sue - March 12, 2011 reply

    Real helpful tips:

    1) If you want people to listen to your music, do NOT require a like, a share, an email or anything — just simply let anyone and everyone listen to your music.

    2) If you want people to download your “free” music and to listen to it and spread the word — do NOT require a like, an email, a tweet, a FB mention, or anything.

    3) If you want to keep your fan base nice and small and never let it spread out of your own little circle, then require people to like, click, join, email, etc.

  • C Bret - March 13, 2011 reply

    I agree with Sue above 100% and until I read it the way she put it, I would have asked that those “features” be removed. But now I think, ” sure, go ahead and use that stuff… I will gladly take your turned-away-would-be-fans and friends. ”

    The rest of the profile is Great! Smooth, sleek and Oh, so much faster!

    Vic, simply name the tab whatever you like in the settings, it’s that simple.

    Peace to all.

  • Fernando - March 13, 2011 reply

    Sue has a point but… composers musicians producers studios all are investing sometimes our all lifes on making the music available…. for at least one like! one email connecton. I know how it is hard to make that decision but, if people just don´t want to give a like, email or share…. on facebook, well there are a lot of other musicians willing to give it without anything like that 🙂 so. Mine will be just a fair trade,,, my music for a email, like or share, anyway the reverbnation fanreach system is quite fast to get out… just one clik, that´s all and people will stop receiving our “Souls” for free. 🙂

  • Andre From Idlewod - March 13, 2011 reply

    I have seen a jump in my numbers since implementing this new software! Thanks!

    Andre From Idlewood
    Please “LIKE” my page and support local/indie music!

  • Scott - March 13, 2011 reply

    What happened to the iTunes, Amazon, etc. store links that used to be right below the My Band music player? I want those back!

  • David - March 14, 2011 reply

    Here is my app

  • Travis - March 14, 2011 reply

    What is the new app using that make some content blockers think that it is Web-based Proxies/Anonymizers? I am hearing a lot of people complain about this (mostly companies blocking the app).


    Travis ( )

  • Robbo - March 16, 2011 reply

    Amazing job, super easy to customize and fun. We’ll probably be changing it up often. Currently using presets but can’t wait to get in and really do some fun stuff!!! Great Job Once Again RN!!!

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  • Archangels - March 19, 2011 reply

    Amazing job! New features are there and working! Now it depends on you if you want to use them or not, at least we have choice! Thank you guys for doing a so great job!
    Here’s our BandProfile on Facebook:

    thx for helping independant music! ReverbNation, You rock guys!!!!

  • Hogg - March 23, 2011 reply


  • Da Minestor - March 24, 2011 reply

    My name is Da Minestor new artist at Reverbnation.Check put the new mixtape “Everythang Green”Strictly Mulah productions your support is greatly appreciated so Please visit us at Da Minestor at Reverbnation

  • Lokeetee - March 27, 2011 reply

    I am liking so far. Seems promising,

  • Tek-Nizzy - March 29, 2011 reply

  • Bek - March 29, 2011 reply

    This is a great opportunity for artists! Well done!

  • universecity - March 29, 2011 reply

    The new Band Profile is a great improvement, well done !

    Here is my electronic music project, with many free track to download ! :o)

  • Alvaro Paiva Bimbo - March 29, 2011 reply

    We just LOVE the Band Profile app!

  • Space Paladin - March 29, 2011 reply

    Alright, well I am submitting my band for your contest! Thank you for the nice reverbnationness!!! <3 <3

    PS SPACE PALADIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • DeJuan - March 29, 2011 reply


  • Stanmore Phoenix - March 29, 2011 reply

    Here is my super pimp looking new page! Hope you like it. I’d love that featured artist spot!

  • mikky - March 30, 2011 reply

    this is working nicely and we recieve lots of compliments for it

    big it up!

  • Tim Teazy - March 30, 2011 reply

    @therealAcehood Hustle Hard Remix- Tim Teazy

    New Exclusive Off The Mixtape “Upstate King” Coming Soon @MacMiller Donald Trump Remix Ft. Tim Teazy

  • Jennifer - March 30, 2011 reply

    Why is reverbnation/my band no longer accessible as a tab/button on my facebook page? it seems it has to be on a separate page now that is not accessible to the page my friends are on, and when I go to the star on my “home” page, it leads me not to my RN page, but to a “welcome please join” page that my friends don’t have access to. The tab worked. This doesn’t.

    Neal - March 30, 2011 reply


    Sorry you are having trouble. Facebook made the change to do away with tabs, and the adding of applications on personal profiles. Unfortunately, ReverbNation had no input or notification of these changes. You can add the application to any bad/music page at Facebook from here:

    If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to let us know on our support site here: , which is also accessible from the “Feedback/Support Tab” on the right side of any page at ReverbNation

  • Maple Syrup Diet - April 1, 2011 reply

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  • the daytona riots - April 1, 2011 reply

    why is the facebook app page for your app not working? just keep getting a white screen at:


  • Evan Kasson - April 3, 2011 reply

    I’m Submitting my band ‘Kasson’ for the Featured Artist Spot. <3
    Thank you for check it out & having a Listen.

    We <3 ReverbNation!!


  • Jay Rath - April 3, 2011 reply

    Great job, Reverbnation!

    I love being a part of this. Thank you.

  • Steve Probst - April 7, 2011 reply

    Thanks for a great app! Looking forward to the Droid app as well!

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  • Helge Krabye - April 7, 2011 reply

    Great tips, thank you so much!

  • DOCTARYN - April 8, 2011 reply

    I’ll certainly throw my hat in the ring!!/pages/DocTaryn/112834425445878

  • Lee Rodriguez - April 11, 2011 reply

    Hi Guys 🙂 The new facebook app is great but mine doesnt seem to work properly anymore. When i make changes to the appearance and click “Apply Changes” nothing happens. I’m stuck with a half decent looking page but not exactly how i want it! Any suggestions please??

  • jerry benning - April 15, 2011 reply

    Zedakiah is talented
    who is this kid?

  • Bob - April 15, 2011 reply

    People, please, stop putting your band links here, no one cares about your band, just like on myspace, bands spamming each other. Pathetic.

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  • Jacques Mees - April 20, 2011 reply

    Check me out

  • Aitee - April 27, 2011 reply

    Hey yall why not check out my new band page and let me impress you with the very best from me please visit my page leave your comments and become a fan

  • Msanii NoMore - April 29, 2011 reply

    Launching Tangu lini nikakuwb mgondi n Maisha yangu kwa net

  • AllDay 80's Baby - May 2, 2011 reply

    Hey everybody, Producers, Artists please check out my band page i am a very lyrical rapper and im only getting better, i would love to get on songs with any artists so please contact me for any features.. AllDay

  • mick - May 3, 2011 reply

    Require Like to access media content … what does this do?

    Neal - May 3, 2011 reply


    That would mean that a fan would have to “like” your Facebook band/music page to access the content, as opposed to being able to without “liking” the page

  • stsaka - May 6, 2011 reply

    Just dont get it! why as kwazult natal citizin only few r on success, whle the talent is here nd we got wt it take 2 be da legends wit new ideas

  • Charis - May 6, 2011 reply

    Is it possible to have multiple tabs for different artists on a single facebook page? As a small label owner i would like to have all the artists in the label page.

  • Valdemoro Mire - May 8, 2011 reply

    I love this site and your comments
    I am also a fan of the Cuban singer
    Is ona shame that reflected his biography does not appear that the author of these songs is his own father who lives in Helsinki Finland and his name is Antonio Gomez Carballe.
    I think that he would be very grateful and most complete biography of the singer.

  • Paul - May 17, 2011 reply

    I’d love to see an option where i can disable media links within wall posts!!! Please advise me where this is, or if it’s in production! Thanks!

  • justi myers - June 6, 2011 reply

    hey nice handeling on that last show rock on yall

  • Angela - June 21, 2011 reply

    Would love to see a feature that gets around Facebook’s ‘notification’ issue for events so that we can actually ‘invite’ fans to gigs the way we used to on personal pages.

  • Bruce Cline - June 22, 2011 reply

    Help!! I am the administrator for 2 facebook sites…. one is my band and the other is a club I work for and help promote. Unfortunately, somehow using the band profile app, it is now posting ALL of my club dates to this clubs page which is NOT cool… can someone please tell me how to get the band profiler to stop promoting my shows on the club’s site??????

  • Derek Schuurman - July 22, 2011 reply

    Can you please remove the new ‘SOCIAL’ section of my ‘band profile’ app because it has been hacked by someone who is posting rubbish messages on it?

    Thank you.


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  • Shahroze Suzuki - July 27, 2011 reply

    good 🙂

  • Kristine - July 28, 2011 reply

    How do you make the “My Band” page tab pull up automatically instead of the “Wall “tab. I want anyone that pulls up the page to see My Band instead of my Wall.

  • smplx thacitzen - September 6, 2011 reply

    How do you make the “My Band” page tab pull up automatically instead of the “Wall “tab. I want anyone that pulls up the page to see My Band instead of my Wall.

    Shelly - September 6, 2011 reply

    @smplx thacitzen

    Hi there. It may be as easy as hitting publish (even after publishing the app will only show as default for those who have not yet “liked” your page. This is a Facebook restriction. But you should really check with the experts — drop an email to support@reverbnation and I’m sure they can help.

  • Lee - October 1, 2011 reply

    I am getting email notifications that someone has signed up on the email list. Where do I go on my control page to find the requested email address?

    Neal - October 6, 2011 reply


    No problem! Just go to Control Room — FanReach– Manage Contacts and you will see anyone who has signed up to your mailing list.

    Just as a heads up, we have a support site here for help: , so be sure to bookmark it!

  • sal - October 19, 2011 reply

    whenever i want to kill a couple of hours i try to make this all work..never does..a lifetime of fun

    Shelly - October 20, 2011 reply

    @ sal Sorry you’re having difficulty. Have you reached out to the support site?

  • JC Wightson - November 10, 2011 reply

    I was wondering if i can have the Band Profile on my website too? The widgets are all good but they don’t have the same professional impact as Band Profile would.


    Shelly - November 10, 2011 reply

    Hi John — Unfortunately, because the Band Profile is designed specifically for Facebook, we don’t have anything like it that you can post as a widget to your home page.
    I’ll forward your suggestion along to our developers though for them to consider. Thanks!

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