New Features: Enhanced Email Click Tracking, Free Ping (Apple) Profiles, and Update Your Concert Schedule From Your Phone

This week there are some great new features available for ReverbNation artists.  Check them out below:

1. See which links are most effective on your FanReach emails

When you send an email to your fans, you don’t always know which links are the most effective, or which message resonated. Starting as of June 9th, all FanReach emails sent will track which links in your emails got clicked, and show you how often they were clicked. To access this new feature sign in to FanReach, send your fans an email, and then visit the email history tab to see the clicks. The feature is available to both FanReach Free and FanReach Pro users.

2. Update your show schedule from your iPhone

You can now update your show schedule from your iPhone with the ReverbNation control room app.  The feature lets you add and mange shows, and keep your attendance numbers up to date. The Control room app, and the new show update feature, are still 100% free (the new feature is not yet available for Android, but will be soon). You can download the app by visiting the Apple App Store.

3. FREE Ping profiles available for all Distribution customers

Now all customers of ReverbNation’s Digital Distribution service can have a page on Apple’s social network, Ping. The service does not cost anything extra, is available to all ReverbNation Distribution customers who have a release that is live on iTunes. Simply click on the distribution tab in your control room and look for the yellow banner at the top of your screen. If you don’t have Distribution yet, check visit our Distribution page to find out more.

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KevinNew Features: Enhanced Email Click Tracking, Free Ping (Apple) Profiles, and Update Your Concert Schedule From Your Phone

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  • hXc - June 16, 2011 reply

    Every Monday 😉

  • Klipstein - June 17, 2011 reply

    How do we get on Ping if there is no link to it on distro page.?

  • Greg Lyons - June 18, 2011 reply

    I just want to say. Being spammed by my so called fellow artists is just plain Rude. I never join mailing lists but I get several thanks for doing so a week.
    Especially from stuff I would never listen to. And you, my fellow artists want another musician to listen to your stuff and tell you what they think? Well you sure as hell better listen to theirs first and tell them. Not just 30 secs. but leave a detailed comment as to why you like it and that person will most likely do the same.
    I have had an so called artist try and tell me that they love my screaming vocals and the driving guitar lines are great. Problem here. My music is all ethereal instrumental done on the 12 strings acoustic guitar with only one song with electric guitar which it is a mellow Gilmorish gtr solo at the end of the song.

  • Stanley Uanserume - June 20, 2011 reply

    Am an upcoming artist still searching for a helper. I promise to make any helper that comes through. Am gonna blow up like banger

  • Jim Grobecker - June 27, 2011 reply

    Email marketing can often be a mystery when not seeing the open rates or how many folks are reading the emails, as well as which links are clicked on more than others. This is a great feature that will help demystify email marketing and show artists what fans value most, links to YouTube vids, myspace, etc.

  • Kevin Williams - July 10, 2011 reply

    I see you all have an app for artist. Are there plans to make an app to listen to music. My phone is not compatible with flash so I can’t just log in to the website with my phone.

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