Mashable ❤’s Our New Product!

In case you missed it, Zachary Sniderman at Mashable posted an article on Wednesday after seeing a demo of our latest product — PROMOTE IT, a powerful, affordable, yet extremely easy-to-use ad system for Facebook built just for the music industry.

“This is enormously helpful for bands and labels, which are often more concerned with getting the talent to the gig than devoting resources to social media marketing. The tool also includes ad creation, custom landing pages and actionable results.”
Zachary Sniderman, Mashable

Want to learn more? Check out our latest video — Introducing PROMOTE IT — starring S-izzle, an emerging artist facing the typical challenges of any musician: How do you stay focused on your craft while still growing your fan base?

Introducing PROMOTE IT from ReverbNation on Vimeo.

Ready to get started? Start your campaign now or watch the demo in our post below and you’ll see how you can set up a PROMOTE IT campaign in 90 seconds or less.

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KevinMashable ❤’s Our New Product!

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