New Tool for Facebook Gets More Fans to Your Next Concert

Are you a musician? A promoter? A venue operator?  Then you get it.  You work hard to put together an amazing show, but then comes the real challenge — promotion.  How do you get fans to actually get off the couch and go?  How do you compete with a world of distractions — computers and TVs, video games and sporting events?

The answer is PROMOTE IT for Shows — a revolutionary new tool that helps artists, promoters and music venues pack the house. How does it work? Simple. It goes where your fans are right now. It goes on Facebook where they’re chatting with friends and making plans. It puts your show in front of the most likely fans and encourages them to like it, RSVP, share it, buy tickets, and invite their friends to come along.

If you’ve used PROMOTE IT for Songs or Pages in the past, you know how simple we made building targeted, highly effective Facebook advertising campaigns. And now we’ve taken everything we’ve learned from doing that nearly 50,000 times and created a version for your shows.

PROMOTE IT for Shows campaigns take only minutes to set up, reach all the right local people and get those people to respond and invite friends to buy tickets and come along. The system “learns” whats most effective from previous campaigns and applies to shows and venues of all sizes.

But does it work? Yes! say the many top venues that have been trying it for the past month, including The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, Brooklyn Bowl and Knitting Factory in NY.

“Once we set up the ads, we saw ticket sales start to go up,” said Tonya Cooke, Social Media Manager at The Roxy in a recent LA Times article.

PROMOTE IT for Shows goes beyond traditional event advertising, creating new relationships between the artist, the venue and local music fans by driving ‘likes’ and encouraging subscribers to join mailing lists. The system even has an optional incentive element that artists, promoters and venues can activate to offer free tickets for early responders.

Want to check it out? Here’s a few screen shots from a recent venue campaign. Or, if you’re ready to explore it right now, click here.

Take a look at these results — way beyond typical impressions and clicks!

Here's a look at a typical landing page — auto-generated and completely customized.

JustinNew Tool for Facebook Gets More Fans to Your Next Concert


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