HTML5 Music Player Widget is Here

We know you’ve been waiting for this, and now it’s here. The HTML5 widget works on you iPhone, iPod, iPad, iWhatever. Like all our widgets it’s completely customizeable so you can match the color scheme and size of your website.  Setup is super simple and lets you pick from few different layout options. All artists can grab the HTML5 widget from their widgets and apps section of the control room.

Check out the examples below — then put one of these new widgets on your website or blog and post links to your site in the comments section.

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KevinHTML5 Music Player Widget is Here


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  • dj rochdi - March 7, 2012 reply

    i love music ….music is my life

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    […] too easy to download my music files wouldn’t you know. But since ReverbNation has launched an HTML5 player widget  that restricts that, I’ve decided to test out some plugins to see if they do the same […]

  • owen and the oracles - March 8, 2012 reply

    you are awesome

  • StenniZ - March 8, 2012 reply

    Great, you guys listen to the wishes and that’s perfect! As an artist when I click on the widgets the preview doesn’t load like the others yet? I only see the html codes. Thanks! SZ

  • Dan Slipper - March 9, 2012 reply

    This appears to be broken in IE. It seemed ok in Firefox, Opera and Safari to me, but im seeing a mass of error messages… even on this page you are advertising it on!

    Any ideas why this is?


    soundManager: Firing 1 onready() item
    soundManager: Document already loaded
    — SoundManager 2 loaded (OK) —
    (Flash): Enabling polling, 50 ms interval
    (Flash): JS to/from Flash OK
    Flash security sandbox type: remote
    (Flash): SM2 SWF V2.97a.20111220 (AS3/Flash 9)
    soundManager: Attempting to call Flash from JS..
    soundManager::externalInterfaceOK() (~15 ms)
    soundManager::initMovie(): Waiting for ExternalInterface call from Flash..
    soundManager::createMovie(): Trying to load
    — SoundManager 2 V2.97a.20111220 (AS3/Flash 9), normal polling —
    soundManager::createMovie(): Removing wmode, preventing known SWF loading issue(s)

    Neal - March 14, 2012 reply

    @Dan Slipper

    Sorry you had trouble. This was a temporary bug that was fixed up yesterday. If you are still seeing the issue let us know!

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    […] has launched a new HTML5 version of their music player widget. This allows the widget to work on iPhones, […]

  • andrew lorien - March 26, 2012 reply

    ooh thanks! i’ve been working hard to keep a few musician friends with RN, promising that you’d have non-flash widgets soon soon soon.

    unfortunately all i see on this page is a long white empty space.
    FF11.0, Ubuntu Linux. console shows four messages like:
    No relay set (used as window.postMessage targetOrigin), cannot send cross-domain message,googleapis_client,plusone/rt=j/ver=kSWpWgrEgyA.en./sv=1/am=!brN6X75-Zu-IDRYPeA/d=1/cb=gapi.loaded0
    Line 120

    then a DOM exception:
    A parameter or an operation is not supported by the underlying object
    line 314

    when i open the iFrame in a new tab, i just get the NS_ERROR_DOM_INVALID_ACCESS_ERR error.


    Mariana - March 26, 2012 reply

    Hi Andrew – we have knowledge of the issue, and are working on ways to address it. Thanks for bringing it up to out attention!

  • Ratcoon - March 31, 2012 reply

    Using Chrome, there are no examples, just blank space. I wonder what addin I have that is blocking it.

    Mariana - April 2, 2012 reply

    Hey there — sorry it took too long to load. That’s not how it normally works. Please send me a link to your RN profile and we’ll look into it. Thanks!

  • Ratcoon - March 31, 2012 reply

    Oh nevermind. It just took three or four minutes for them to load.

    Mariana - April 2, 2012 reply

    Ratcoon – better yet, please send me a link to the page where you’re placing your widgets. Thanks!

  • Chris - April 3, 2012 reply

    What’s the deal with the “No relay set (used as window.postMessage targetOrigin), cannot send cross-domain message” Error? Any progress on this yet? The widget loads on the page but the music never plays and when I click the play button, I get the error above.

    Looks like this hasn’t been working on WordPress for a month now.

    No mobile love = fail. kids love their devices.

    Mariana - April 3, 2012 reply

    Hi Chris – What browser and version of that browser are you using?

    Mariana - April 3, 2012 reply

    Chris — regarding mobile, there have been a couple of issues with iPhones and iPads. Is that what you have? If so, try clearing your cache by going to Settings > Safari > Clear History and also Clear Cookies and Data. Wait a few seconds and try listening to music widget again. If you continue having problems, please email us at Hope it helps!

  • RE.K - April 9, 2012 reply

    I’m getting the white frame on safari on my ipad, and on my android. but plays fine in IE and chrome.

    Mariana - April 10, 2012 reply

    Hi RE.K – Have you tried clearing your Safari’s browser cache? On iPad, go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data. Wait 30 seconds and try listening to the music widget again. If that doesn’t work, please shoot us an email explaining the issue and we’ll try to fix it! Thanks!

  • Pete Ekstam - May 16, 2012 reply

    As posted above in various areas, I’m also getting an issue with this new HTML5 player in IE:

    — SoundManager 2 failed to load (security/load error) —
    soundManager.disable(): Shutting down
    soundManager: Failed to initialise.
    soundManager: Verify that ./soundmanager2_debug.swf is a valid path.
    soundManager: No Flash response within expected time.
    Likely causes: Loading soundmanager2_debug.swf may have failed (and/or Flash 8+ not present?), Flash blocked or JS-Flash security error.
    soundManager: Getting impatient, still waiting for Flash…
    soundManager::initMovie(): Waiting for ExternalInterface call from Flash..
    soundManager::createMovie(): Trying to load ./soundmanager2_debug.swf
    — SoundManager 2 V2.97a.20120318 (AS2/Flash 8), no HTML5 audio support, normal polling —
    SoundManager: No HTML5 Audio() support detected.

    Any help???

    Mariana - May 18, 2012 reply

    Hi Pete — we’re very sorry for the trouble. Can you please send me the link to the page you’re trying to place the widget at?

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  • Max - March 19, 2013 reply

    I simply wanted to take a few moments and tell you that I
    enjoyed the blog post. I genuinely don’t believe many people know the level of energy that gets put into putting together a good blog website. I’m sure
    this will be kind of random nonetheless it bothers me sometimes.
    Anyways really good blog.

  • Doug MacPherson - May 5, 2015 reply

    I get no audio when playing my songs. It used to work, now, nothing. Please help. thanks.

    Sam - May 6, 2015 reply

    Sorry to hear that, Doug! We have created Support ticket #262336 on your behalf — be on the lookout for an email to your address soon from our Support team to discuss your issue. Thanks!

  • Kevin Lajiness - June 8, 2015 reply

    I’ve been blogging for years now , the center of my sights was the Pro Flash widget, with the option for auto play and random play people could browse my sight and read or look at the pics and lyrics while listening to my many songs at random, It was not so good when you got rid of the stores but this is a shot to the heart for me, your new widget doesnt random or auto play and has no pics, very disappointed, sad and disheartened

    Sam - June 10, 2015 reply

    Sorry for any trouble, Kevin! Most major sites across the Internet are moving away from Flash-based software due to the fact that it’s not as compatible as HTML5 is. We wanted to be sure that our widgets played anywhere and everyone on any device, and we could no longer guarantee that with our Flash-based widgets. Auto-play was removed at the request of the bulk of our users who did not value or appreciate that feature. We welcome and appreciate your feedback, though, and I will be happy to pass along your note to our Product Development team. Thanks!

  • Simona D - November 28, 2015 reply

    I added the HTML5 music player widget to my website ( a while ago. It was working perfectly but now I am not able to play the songs anymore. I click “play” but the player is like frozen. I tried on different devices but it’s a persistent problem. Please help!

    Sam - November 30, 2015 reply

    Hello, Simona. Sorry for the trouble! We have created Support ticket/email #303278 for your email account. Please be on the lookout for any replies to that thread from our team. Thanks for your patience!

  • S - January 13, 2016 reply

    And where is the auto-play? I need it..

    Sam - January 14, 2016 reply

    Unfortunately, autoplay was removed from the Song Player widget at the request of a large majority of our Fan and Artist bases. We apologize for any inconvenience, but autoplay is not currently available for this widget. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Bishal - June 14, 2016 reply

    i copied embed code, but how to use in my reverbnation profile. plz help me

    Casey - June 16, 2016 reply

    Hi Bishal, can you email us at support[at]reverbnation[dot]com so we can assist?

  • Lazer - January 19, 2018 reply

    Hi – More a question than a reply. Can the player widget be embedded in my Reverbnation Site Builder website on Reverbnation domain? Much nicer looking than player built into site by Site Builder.

  • Lazer - January 20, 2018 reply

    Guess this is same as Bishal’s question above?

  • Carlos - January 20, 2018 reply

    How do we get this player to play automatically when someone visits our website?

    Carlos - January 20, 2018 reply

    Well that sucks, I just noticed the comment above about the auto play, no reason to use it if it’s not going to play like we need it to play…

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