October’s Breaking Artists: Kudos to these ReverbNation opportunity winners!

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Featured in Papercut Magazine…


Electropop artist Ze!

Electropop artist Ze!, of Kuala Lumpur, was featured in the first ever music edition of Papercut Magazine. This year, Ze! won the VIMA Best Music Video of the Year for In the House. When asked about her greatest achievement of 2012, Ze! said:

“I was performing at a gig in the South of France with Joachim Garraud singing our new single I’m Invaded and the crowd of thousands went wild. Watching the guards trying to control the kids from breaking the barriers was just mind blowing!


Featured on The Gunz Show…

The Baby Grand

Indie rock band The Baby Grand.

Indie rock band The Baby Grand was featured on The Gunz Show as the ReverbNation Artist of the Month. In July, the DC-based group released their new album Renaissance, available on iTunes.

“Our interview on The Gunz Show went really well and was a great opportunity for us. The interview was really laid back and a lot of fun to do and Gunz is an awesome guy to work with. There were 56,000 listeners during our time slot and we got a bunch of new Facebook likes and Twitter followers during the show so it was definitely a great promotional opportunity for the band and really good exposure to a wider audience. (…) We have ‘won’ and been chosen for several other opportunites through ReverbNation and find it to be a great tool for helping to get our music out to fans and members of the industry.”

-The Baby Grand

Headlined the CMJ Convention Showcase…


Heavy metal band KILLCODE.

New York-based metal band KILLCODE headlined the CMJ Convention Showcase in New York. KILLCODE beat out more than 1,000 other submissions to lock up the top spot.

“It was the usual packed, rowdy, high-energy KILLCODE show, but what surprised us the most was a surprise guest appearance and performance before our show from Geoff Tate, the legendary QUEENSRŸCHE frontman and one of the most acclaimed vocalists in the history of hard rock and heavy metal! It was great sharing the stage with him! It was also refreshing to see three independent companies that support independent artists, Horn’s Up Rocks, Skateboard Marketing and ReverbNation, work so well together! They put on one hell of a show/party!


Featured in Daily Unsigned…


R&B group Legaci with Justin Bieber.

R&B group Legaci of Vallegjo, CA was featured in Daily Unsigned. In 2010, Legaci went viral on YouTube with their cover of Justin Bieber’s Baby, attracting the attention of Bieber and his manager, Scooter Braun. Legaci was asked to go on tour with Bieber, and to date has performed at more than 130 of his shows.

Featured on 94.4FM Salford City Radio…

Semitt Falls

Experimental/DnB band Semitt Falls.

Manchester-based band Semitt Falls was the ReverbNation Featured Artist on 94.4FM Salford City Radio. Semitt Falls plays a unique blend of genre-bridging music, fusing elements of metal, drum and bass, dance and more to produce a truly one-of-a-kind sound.

More Winners: Mad Rapture, KEPSTAR, Lawless Percussion and Jazz Ensemble, and Shannon MacDonald!

Mad Rapture

ElectroAcoustic group Mad Rapture won a spot at the Tinderbox Music Festival.
“ReverbNation has been tremendously helpful to us in getting gigs, gaining exposure, and making connections in our first year as a band. Recently we were accepted to perform at the Tinderbox Music Festival at Webster Hall in New York, an all-day annual event featuring up-and-coming female fronted bands. We submitted to play at the festival thinking it was probably a long shot, and were absolutely thrilled when we were selected. This will undoubtedly be our biggest show yet!”
-Mad Rapture


New York-based hip hop artist KEPSTAR performed at A3C 2012 in Atlanta.

Lawless Percussion

Texas-based Lawless Percussion and Jazz Ensemble was the WICB Jazz ReverbNation Artist of the Month.
“When I heard about the opportunity for the WICB Jazz Radio’s ReverbNation Artist of the Month in an email from ReverbNation, I didn’t know if our little jazz percussion combo had a shot at it, but thought, it couldn’t hurt! I was delighted to receive a phone call from Cory Healy, one of WICB’s DJs, informing me that we had been selected. (…) I highly recommend to other groups when you see those opportunities offered to take the time to enter. You never know which exposure event will be the one to give your band the boost it needs!”
-Lawless Percussion and Jazz Ensemble

Shannon MacDonald

New Jersey-based Shannon MacDonald was the Captain SIB ReverbNation Band of the Month.
“The experience from this contest win was a tremendous help to my band, myself, and our UK audience…especially since a lot of my music is fan-based in the UK. The Caprtain SIB Show got us a lot more fans, letters, plays, and buys. I, myself, appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the Reverbnation family. My music is truly receiving the attention it deserves and id enhancing our chart numbers. Thank, Reverbnation! Keep up the awesome work.”
-Shannon MacDonald

Congrats to all of October’s “Breaking” Artists!

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KevinOctober’s Breaking Artists: Kudos to these ReverbNation opportunity winners!

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