October’s Breaking Artists: Kudos to these ReverbNation Opportunity Winners!

October’s Breaking Artists, Kudos to these ReverbNation Opportunity Winners

Wondering who submits to all those opportunities you see in your email inbox every week? What happens after submissions close? Our monthly Breaking Artists newsletter, along with this nice, shiny blog post, breaks it down and shows some of the opportunity winners.

Take a look and a listen, show your support for your fellow musicians and send them kudos in the comments.

Breaking Artists are selected by Reverb staff from opportunity winners. Increase your chances of being one of them by submitting to opportunities here >>

Signed to North Star Media

Epoch Failure Wins Campus Nation: Music Video Feature across College Campuses

Urban pop duo Epoch Failure makes laid-back music that reflects their life mantra of “cold beers and high fives,” which they say is all they really ask for out of life. After applying for a deal with North Star Media through ReverbNation, the group was excited to be chosen for a recording contract and publishing deal. This isn’t the first time they’ve scored big through opportunities. In the past, Epoch Failure has been awarded opportunities to perform at the 2012 Hard Rock Cafe Battle of the Bands, NoDa Fall Musicfest, and had their song played on CBS Radio after being a Featured Artist on ReverbNation.

“We applied for placement on North Star Media’s artist roster for sync and licensing, and they believed in us and our music so much that they signed us for a recording contract and publishing deal. All in all, ReverbNation has really helped propel our career forward and until we recently signed with North Star Media, it was our go-to tool for getting on the inside track to the industry.”

Even after signing, the group says that they plan to keep applying for opportunities and hope that it will continue to help spread their songs to current and new fans. They just released their first official single with North Star Media: Check out their brand new video for the track “Where I’m Sposed to Be.”

Blasted Through Speakers on K-100 Radio

Hip Hop artist Woo Child submitted his song “Anywhere” for K-100 Radio and was thrilled when his song was chosen for airplay. He says he is grateful to K-100 and Blizam for choosing him and promoting his music through their show, website and social media. You can hear Woo Child’s songs on popular video games like UFC Undisputed and Saint’s Row 3 thanks to his involvement with the licensing program opportunity.

It’s always a good feeling to get selected, when you know so many artists were competing for so few spots.  I will definitely submit to more projects in the future.  Huge shoutout to K-100 and Blizm for selecting me for this opportunity and going above and beyond promoting my music.”

Rocked the Skateboard Marketing Metal Industry Showcase

Negative Sky is an aggressive and thought-provoking metalcore group, based out of Central NJ, utilizing a diverse mixture of heavy groove, technicality, melody, and attitude. They had the chance to play at a private showcase held by Skateboard Marketing Ltd during the week of the biggest music convention in NYC. These metalheads were able to open for fellow Jersey rockers Fit For An Autopsy and Otep. Check out this video from their live performance.

Featured as a Spotlight Artist in Substream Magazine

Alternative band June Divided was featured in Substream Magazine for their August/September issue. The band has worked with the publication before, but this is the first time they’ve been able to get a feature with them.


“We’re always active on ReverbNation and take advantage of every opportunity that we can. We’ve submitted to several ReverbNation opportunities and have been very fortunate to take part in a lot of great showcases, interviews and radio plays. Substream has worked with us in the past, however, this is the first time we got a feature with them. It was a really cool step forward.”

Performing at the International Music and Entertainment Association Awards

Not many 15-year-olds are invited on stage by a legendary group like the Oak Ridge Boys or have a chance to perform at the International Music and Entertainment Association Awards. Beginning her music career at the age of 12, Mary Sarah started out at a performer at Kidz Bop live concerts, and recorded her first full-length album at age 14. Thanks to being chosen from a ReverbNation oppotunity, Mary Sarah will take the stage at the 2013 IMEA Awards on November 2, 2013 in Ashland, Kentucky.

More Winners: The Bone Chimes, Steve Liriks, Pip, Red Cup Music and Spider Rockets

The Bone Chimes

The Bone Chimes attended and played a Music & Branding Showcase
“The Knitting Factory is an AMAZING venue with great sound, stage, and history. It was an honor to play there for the first time. The show sounded great, felt great and introduced us to a few new fans (Every single fan counts). We also now have a relationship with The Knitting Factory and hope to play there next year.”

Steve Liriks

Steve Liriks will be featured in the October-December issue of Quip Magazine

PIP Featured in GLAM Magazine

Pip was featured in the October issue of GLAM magazine
“The feeling of someone singling you out of a bunch of other musicians, really makes you know that this is the right path you’ve chosen. As long as someone is enjoying and connecting with what I am doing, that’s all it’s really about for me!”

Red Cup Music

Red Cup Music performed at Going Deep: The Local Show

The Spider Rockets were featured on the Captain SIB Show

The Spider Rockets were featured on the Captain SIB Show
“ReverbNation is a useful source for us. Some of our live performance opportunities that we have won range from performing in New York, to shows in the Midwest USA, to a music festival in Germany.”

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KevinOctober’s Breaking Artists: Kudos to these ReverbNation Opportunity Winners!

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