November’s Breaking Artists: Kudos to these ReverbNation Opportunity Winners!

November's Breaking Artists from ReverbNation

Wondering who submits to all those opportunities you see in your email inbox every week? What happens after submissions close? Our monthly Breaking Artists newsletter, along with this nice, shiny blog post, breaks it down and shows some of the opportunity winners.

Take a look and a listen, show your support for your fellow musicians and send them kudos in the comments.

Breaking Artists are selected by Reverb staff from opportunity winners. Increase your chances of being one of them by submitting to opportunities here >>

Keyz Had a Video Broadcast on Hundreds of College Campuses

Rap star Keyz has opened for the likes of Big Sean, E-40 and Fat Joe and has produced collaborations with Trump, Ciara, Freeway, Rookie Snow, Weebie, Big Poppa, DJBayBay, and many more. The hip hop artist spits lyrics that promote hard work, and aims to bridge the gap between Southern and West Coast styles in his music. In the past, Keyz was chosen for Best Rap Artist, Best Rap Video, & Best Duo in the 2011 Indie Music TV Channel Awards, was #1 on the ReverbNation charts for Shreveport, LA, and was featured on Snoop Lion’s Underground Heat.

“I’ve submitted to many opportunities through ReverbNation, and it felt truly awesome to be chosen for the Campus Nation Network opportunity. Knowing that my music was reviewed and chosen is motivation to keep making good music, and having the chance for millions of people to hear it is a blessing.”

Keyz says that he uses every experience he encounters to better his music. Be on the lookout for his new album, Lead By Example, coming soon.

“I will always submit for opportunities, because even when I get turned down it makes me step up my music game so I’ll be chosen the next time. Hard work never goes unrecognized. Thanks ReverbNation for showing indie artists major love and giving us great opportunities!”

Heard in Stores and Restaurants in Cities Across America

Face The King is an independent alternative hard rock band based out of Long Island that has taken the New York rock scene by storm. After performing two consecutive years with the biggest names in alternative rock on Warped Tour and producing three acclaimed EPs, the band is just getting started when it comes to their rock career. Thanks to an opportunity through Jupiter Music, Face The King got airplay in stores across the nation, including Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts and many more.


“We heard about this opportunity through ReverbNation – our band will never pass up any remote chance we get to spread our music and message to the masses. To be chosen for such an opportunity for our music to be played in over 1,500 stores across the country is a great feeling to say the least. We’re excited at the possibility of being in one of these stores for when a Face The King song starts playing.”
With their newly released preview EP, “THE SOUND,” already receiving high praise in anticipation for their full length album, the EP takes their music to new heights, giving a more clearly defined vision of what they’re all about – encouraging listeners to ‘listen to their heart,’ and uniting people of all different walks of life through the power of music. Face The King says they hope opportunities from ReverbNation allow them to keep spreading their music!


“Without a doubt we will continue to submit to more opportunities. The wonderful thing about them is that they are free and give every band an equal chance with nothing to lose. This is more of what the music industry should be about and we’re glad that ReverbNation is doing it right.

We would like to add a special thank you to both long time and new supporters of Face The King, as you are the heart and soul of this band. Most of where this project has gone was far beyond our expectations and we have the fans and ReverbNation to thank for it. Thank you for believing in us, and helping us to believe in ourselves. Rock on!”

Jammed Out at Rock’s Rhythm Masters from Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp & Modern Drummer Magazine

Mike Brennan had a chance to attend camp – but with more rockstars and drumsticks rather than bunk beds and canoes! The rock drummer was chosen to attend Rock’s Rhythm Masters, hosted in partnership by Modern Drummer Magazine and Rock n’ Roll Fantasy Camp. The camp took place November 8-10 at Rock n’ Roll Fantasy Camp’s headquarters in Las Vegas, featuring a grand finale performance at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. The camp featured some of rock’s greatest musicians, who have written, recorded, and toured with some of the biggest stars in the industry and have sold over a billion combined records. Performers and counselors at the camp played in bands for The Eagles, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, James Taylor, John Lennon and more.

A California native, Mike Brennan has been playing music for 34 years, including drums, bass and guitar. In addition to performing, he writes instructional books and DVDs for beginning guitar lessons and an advanced lesson series for bass players.

Featured in Video Game App Mike V: Skateboard Party 2

Punk rockers Moovalaya will soon have their music featured in a videogame app their fans are sure to love; Mike V: Skateboard Party 2. Members Ben, Sean and Mitch are extremely excited to be featured in a game that also hits close to home, as they grew up skateboarding themselves.

“We actively browse all of the Reverbnation listings because some of the opportunities can be game changing. We’ve won a few now, and are always looking for more. This particular opportunity is by far one we are most excited for. We grew up skating and playing punk rock, and Mike Vallely is an amazing skateboarder/musician. To have song placement in the sequel of one of the top apps of all games with his name on it is going to be rad.”

Moovalaya would like to thank White Knight Music Group, Pulse Records, and RadRod Studio for making all of this possible. Check out their music and catch their New Year’s Eve show in Tempe, AZ with Authority Zero.

Scored a VIP Fastpass for America’s Got Talent Season Nine Auditions in Miami

Carly Jo Jackson struck a combination of luck and talent. Her talent is what earned her a pass to the front of the line at America’s Got Talent Season Nine Auditions. As luck would have it, the Florida crooner attends school just a few hours from the audition site – Miami. This was the first opportunity the folk singer-songwriter was chosen for through ReverbNation, Carly Jo plans to submit for more, especially after learning she was chosen for another opportunity as well!

“It really made me feel like a star to have a front-of-the line pass for America’s Got Talent, and the overall experience was amazing! When I realized that only a few artists are selected for this, it really made me realize I have something that can set me apart from other artists.

I am not going to be heard if I just sit and wait for something to happen. I truly believe in trying to make the most of every opportunity that comes my way and I am so appreciative of all that ReverbNation has to offer.”

More Winners: Fate Under Fire, Taylor Marie, David Luning, and The Coffin Daggers

The Coffin Daggers were chosen as the Captain SIB Show artist of the week through Reverbnation

The Coffin Daggers were chosen as the Psychedelic Freak Out Artist of the Week through the Captain SIB Show Podcast

DeLon was Featured in the October Issue of the 360 Music Review

DeLon was chosen for a half page music review in 360 Magazine

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KevinNovember’s Breaking Artists: Kudos to these ReverbNation Opportunity Winners!

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