Opportunities on Tap: Legendary producer Sarom, Wright Stuff Management, Urban Ink Magazine, MUSiiCO

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Have your next single produced by Sarom


Location: Online
Genre(s): Hip Hop, Pop

Award-winning Philadelphia based music producer Sarom has a penchant for creating smash hit singles. He’s worked with top artists like Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Brooke Hogan, Enrique Iglesias and Big Sean. Sarom will select three ReverbNation artists to work with. The artists he chooses will have their next singles produced for free!

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Ink a development deal with Wright Stuff Management


Location: Online
Genre(s): All

Artist manager Donna Wright has always been at the forefront of the teen pop explosion. Her company, Wright Stuff Management, has been behind some of the greatest pop stars in recent history, including Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC and Pink. Three ReverbNation artists will be selected to join the Wright Stuff roster, and will have the chance to nurture their careers with some of the top names in the music business!

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Urban Ink Magazine is back!


Location: Online
Genre(s): All

With a circulation of 200,000 copies, Urban Ink Magazine is one of the leading publications celebrating urban tattoo culture. Its pages have been graced by sports stars, Olympic athletes, rappers and some of the world’s most talented tattoo artists. Each week, one ReverbNation artist will receive a spotlight feature on Urban Ink Magazine‘s homepage. ReverbNation artist Tora Woloshin was previously selected for a feature.

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Get your video played on MUSiiCO


Location: Online
Genre(s): Alternative, Dubstep, Experimental, Hip Hop, Indie, Jazz, R&B/Soul, Rock, Ska, Ambient, Blest, Folk, Instrumental, Pop, Rap, Comedy, Dance, Electronica, Funk, Jam, Metal, Punk, Reggae

MUSiiCO aggregates and curates the best music videos in Indonesia. With more than 15,000 viewers, MUSiiCO is a popular discovery site for fans and Indonesian music labels. Ten ReverbNation artists will be selected for a feature on the site as well as inclusion on the MUSiiCO Mixtape!

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JustinOpportunities on Tap: Legendary producer Sarom, Wright Stuff Management, Urban Ink Magazine, MUSiiCO

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