More than 400 ReverbNation Artists Take the Stage at Canadian Music Week 2014


Canadian Music Week kicks off today, and more than 400 ReverbNation Artists will be performing during the five-night event in Toronto.

CMW chose 60 bands exclusively through ReverbNation opportunities to take the stage for fans and industry pros.

CMW hits just as festival season is heating up. A panel you won’t want to miss is “How to Get Booked for a Festival Even if Nobody Knows Who You Are.” This is your chance to hear from festival directors, artist managers and industry veterans who can give you advice on what talent buyers look for when they book, how to submit to them, what should be in your press kit, what to expect from the performance and a whole lot more! The hour-long panel will take place Friday, May 9 at 12 p.m.

One of the panelists is our co-founder, Lou Plaia! Follow Lou on Twitter for real-time updates, and catch him at a mentoring session on Saturday at Noon.

Have we hit information overload yet? Pack in a bit more with these.

Five tips for making the most of Canadian Music Week:

1. Network, network, network. Even if you’re tired from a night of seeing your favorite bands, or playing a show yourself, this is the time to meet people who could be instrumental in helping your career.

2. Keep track of what you learn. If you sit in on panels, make sure you’re finding a way to keep up with the information. Throw it back old school and take notes, or try something new and live-tweet the panel with important info and quotable things panelists say.

3. Be a social(media)ite. Have an active presence on your social channels while at the conference. This will let your fans know what you’re up to and provide opportunities to engage with other bands and industry pros. Tag the CMW Facebook and Twitter pages when possible.

4. Follow through. If you meet some incredible people during CMW but never followup with them, you’ll have wasted your time. Make a plan to make sure you keep in touch with them and follow through. Even if you’re totally spent after your shows, make it a point to shoot them an email or a text once you get back home from the event.

5. Work hard, play hard. Don’t forget to have a little fun!

Artists to Watch at CMW

We teamed up with the MuseBox to curate a kickass showcase for Thursday night, featuring Megafauna, The High Dials, Uncut, Open Air, Salt of the Chief Cornerstone, and The Toniks. Showcase starts at 9 p.m. on Thursday at The Bovine Sex Club. Don’t miss out!

Here are five ReverbNation acts you can’t miss at CMW:

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KevinMore than 400 ReverbNation Artists Take the Stage at Canadian Music Week 2014

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