New Twitter Features Help Take Photo Sharing to the Next Level

Twitter has been rolling out tons of new changes recently. Taking a page out of Instagram’s playbook, the folks at Twitter recently made updates that take a more photo-friendly approach to your feed. While it’s always been possible to post photos to Twitter, now you can:

  • Post multiple photos at once
  • Add filters to a photo
  • Tag your friends and followers to keep the conversation going

Show, Don’t Tell

Ever heard this old saying? It’s more relevant than ever, especially since highly-visual platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become the places we share news about our life and music. Enhanced photos options on Twitter will provide another way to share with your friends and fans. Plus, the new features can help drive more social engagement with your posts, spreading your music even further than before.

How Musicians Can Take Advantage of the Twitter Update

While bands have been using Twitter since day one, these new changes create fresh options that were not previously available. For example, my band Lilac Shadows shared news of our upcoming EP with photos of the session. Because we were able to use multiple photos in one tweet, we painted a much more vivid picture of our process, giving our followers a closer look than what one photo might give.


Before the update, this would’ve taken 4 tweets to accomplish, bogging down the newsfeeds of followers. Now you can be more direct and show more in less space, keeping fans interested and engaged.

Tag, You’re It

Allowing users to “tag” photos also frees up that precious character count we all watch so carefully. Now you can mention friends and followers through the images themselves, leaving more room for captions. 140 Characters – no problem!

Tagging other users in your Twitter photos will also start more conversations among your followers. ReverbNation user First Personal Plural shared the poster for his upcoming show and tagged both the venue and another artist on the bill. Chances are, his photo will be seen by a much larger number of users using this method. The band also was able to share all the details of their next show without sacrificing character count.


Waffle taco, anyone?

ReverbNation band Crobot gets an honorable mention for this great post of the band’s breakfast outing to Taco Bell. How does that waffle taco taste, guys?

Also, don’t forget to sync your social sites with your ReverbNation profile. Post directly from your page, add fans and more. Click here to sync now


How will you use the new photo sharing capabilities on Twitter?

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KevinNew Twitter Features Help Take Photo Sharing to the Next Level

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