May Breaking! Musicians Keeping a Beat through ReverbNation Opportunities

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Artists use ReverbNation every month to vie for the chance to headline festivals, be featured in top magazines, play showcases in front of music industry pros and take advantage of all the opportunities to be seen and heard. So, if you’re wondering who submits to opportunities and what happens after submissions close, hear from the musicians themselves in the post below. Watch, listen and congratulate them in the comments. Increase your chances of being one of them and submit to an opportunity now.

Took the stage in front of 4,000 at the Florida Music Festival

A handful of talented ReverbNation bands were able to perform at this year’s Florida Music Festival, which had around 4,000 attendees for each of the festival’s three days. Bands like Our Future Leaders, Bloody Jug Band, and David Lareau and the Copperpots were familiar with the annual festival and were excited to see that ReverbNation was a key player in festival submissions. Audiences were thrilled with their performances, and all of the groups who submitted through ReverbNation hope to be a part of the excitement in 2015.

Not only were these bands a part of one of the most popular festivals in all of Florida, but they were able to improve their own standing as a local and up-and-coming act because of their participation. 

Our Future Leaders for ReverbNation

Our Future Leaders, ReverbNation artist since 2007.

“Being able to perform alongside huge national acts really lends up some credibility as an independent band. Promoters and venues always like to see what acts and events you’ve performed at previously.” – Our Future Leaders

David Lareau and the Copperpots for ReverbNation

David Lareau and the Copperpots, ReverbNation artist since 2011.

“Being able to put it on our resume that we played at Florida Music Festival has made it a lot easier getting call backs on booking shows in the Orlando area.”David Lareau and the Copperpots

The Bloody Jug Band for ReverbNation

The Bloody Jug Band, ReverbNation artist since 2009.

Became a part of North Star Media’s Licensing Roster

Getting your music placed in the right TV, film, or game context is one of the most valuable ways of achieving new exposure these days, and bands like Sumo Cyco, The Vantage, and Cyra Morgan were able to find the right fit for their upbeat, sports-appropriate songs through North Star Media. Out of over 4,500 submissions, North Star Media chose 11 ReverbNation artists to help place in licensing syncs. One artist, Delaney Gibson, was even able to secure an exclusive licensing deal with North Star Media.

Although the licensing process can be complicated, Narrow Plains said that “North Star have been incredibly helpful and patient with us. Our experience so far has made us really believe that North Star will represent our best interests with music supervisors.”

Sumo Cyco for ReverbNation

Sumo Cyco, ReverbNation artist since 2011.

The Vantage for ReverbNation

The Vantage, ReverbNation artist since 2012.

Cyra Morgan for ReverbNation

Cyra Morgan, ReverbNation artist since 2012.

Delaney Gibson for ReverbNation

Delaney Gibson, ReverbNation artist since 2007.

Narrow Plains for ReverbNation

Narrow Plains, ReverbNation artist since 2012.

Featured To One Million Readers in Endee Magazine

Brandon Chase for ReverbNation

Brandon Chase, ReverbNation artist since 2012.

ReverbNation artist Brandon Chase was selected as a featured artist in Endee Magazine during the month of April. The publication, which seeks to profile musicians, artists, filmmakers, small businesses, and other creative individuals who don’t yet have major backing or support, has a monthly readership of over one million readers.

Brandon described the process as running “very smoothly. They made sure that they would public accurate and valuable information — it was all very professional.”

Brandon also had some valuable insight as to why he would continue submitting to future opportunities, even if he was not chosen:

 “Even if I don’t win an opportunity, my music is still being heard. And who knows — I might just land on the promoter’s radar and get another shot in the future.”

Scored a shout-out, feature and interview on

ANJEZA for ReverbNation

ANJEZA, ReverbNation artist since 2010.

Proving that persistence and patience are some of the most valuable assets an artist can have, Los Angeles-based singer ANJEZA submitted to a lot of opportunities before she found the right fit with the featured spot. One of the most trusted sources for Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop news online, the site receives almost 10,000 daily hits, and they thought ANJEZA was exactly what they were looking for.

After being selected for’s featured artist, she went on to be chosen for two other opportunities shortly thereafter. She realized then that it was more valuable to think of herself and her music as a complete “package,” rather than focusing on a single factor. It wasn’t just her songs or her image or her presentation that got her chosen — it was the sum of all of those things coming together.

Got heard by 120,000 Listeners On Terrestrial and Online Radio

The Como Brothers Band for ReverbNation

The Como Brothers Band, ReverbNation artist since 2010.

The Como Brothers Band is no stranger to opportunities. They browse their Dashboard everyday looking for the ones that are right for them, submitting to as many as they can. This approach, combined with a professional visual and audio package, has landed them dozens of winning submissions.

Most recently, the brothers Como were selected for radio airplay on Heartland FM in Scotland, a radio station that reaches over 120,000 listeners in both traditional and online formats. Even though the band is based in New York, they know that today’s music community is as global as it ever has been.

“Each time our music is accepted and played on different radio stations we get the opportunity to grow our fan base.”

Don’t miss out on these opportunities!

JustinMay Breaking! Musicians Keeping a Beat through ReverbNation Opportunities

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