June Breaking! Musicians Keeping a Beat through ReverbNation Opportunities

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Every month, ReverbNation artists submit for the opportunity to headline festivals, get featured in magazines & blogs, or receive airplay on some of the best radio stations across the country. Promoters then handpick their favorite artists for each opportunity — here are some of the highlights from this month’s selections. Increase your chances of being one of them and submit to an opportunity now.

Whiskey for the Lady and Jumpship Astronaut played the 2014 Wakarusa Music Festival

The Wakarusa Music Festival is one of the south’s premier music festivals and is home to artists like Girl Talk, The Black Keys, and Snoop Lion. The festival’s 2014 lineup included The String Cheese Incident, Walk Off The Earth, and The Flaming Lips.

Among these acclaimed artists were Whiskey for the Lady and Jumpship Astronaut.

Whiskey for the Lady understands the value of having a big festival name on their show list:

“The ability to say ‘We’ve played at Wakarusa’ will definitely help us continue to book larger gigs that we may have never had access to otherwise.”

Chris Bourland of Jumpship Astronaut agreed that this opportunity would open doors for the band

“We don’t always get a chance to attend things like huge music festivals when usually our focus is on finding time to tour and record. Having artist passes allowed us to meet and talk with some industry people we wouldn’t normally have access to.”

As an artist just getting their start, this provided the band with an inside look into the festival world; Bourland added that this is “very valuable information for a band just starting to tour and play festivals.”

Breanna Kennedy, Joe Marson, and Dustin Prinz were featured on BestNewBands.com

BestNewBands.com feature just that – the best up-and-coming bands and artists you can expect to see making headlines in the near future.

Breanna Kennedy, Joe Marson, and Dustin Prinz, were selected as featured artists on the site.

Kennedy understands the power of online exposure, and said “Its getting the name Breanna Kennedy out there so the fans know where to see me and where to get my music.”

For Tom Crosthwaite, CMO of BestNewBands, selecting Joe Marson was about more than just his music:

“Joe Marson exemplifies everything we’re looking for a new artist. Joe traveled around for six years and the real-life experiences and wisdom he got from those years is reflected in his music.”

Both Prinz and Marson agree, that features like this are the best way to spread your music:

“Taking advantage of opportunities like the feature on BestNewBands is integral to spreading my music to a wider audience.” – Dustin Prinz

“Blogs like BestNewBands provide more exposure for your music to potential new fans. It is also good for music industry professionals to see that you are being written about.” – Joe Marson

Skyler Lutes, Yonat & Her Muse, Tidelands, and Rashidi Omari performed and networked at the 2014 California Music Industry Summit

The California Music Industry Summit is a three-day music conference attended by more than 100 music industry professionals each year, from GRAMMY-Award Winning producers, major/independent label companies, radio station executives, record label representatives, music supervisors, talent scouts, and more.

This year, Skyler Lutes, Yonat & Her MuseTidelands, and Rashidi Omari were selected to attend the summit to perform and network.

The summit was the first opportunity Lutes and Yonat were selected for, so they weren’t sure what to expect:

“I enjoyed my experience and the promoter was great to work with. They even got me another gig in town after the main one was over.” – Skyler Lutes

“It was a lot of fun and the promoters were excellent. I was able to learn some so much about the industry. I’m excited to see where the connections I made will lead” – Yonat Mayer of Yonat & Her Muse

On a similar note, Tidelands and Omari added:

“The event went well, and it was clear that every industry professional we worked with worked hard to make the event happen and help artists get their name heard.” – Gabriel Leis of Tidelands

“The people that I had to engage with who were running the show were very professional and I was able to make some good connections as a result of the summit.” – Rashidi Omari

Little Ugly was Featured on Zumic

Zumic, a Brooklyn-based music blog, prides itself on curating the best new music daily; a feature in Zumic was exactly what the band Little Ugly had was looking for:

“Zumic was looking to review up-and-coming acts that deserve exposure and the timing couldn’t have been better. After working incredibly hard on our music and having just come off our first national tour, Zumic recognized our passionate efforts with a wonderful review.”

They went on to talk about “the amount of publicity Zumic has been giving [them] and [their] song, Named After Saints. [Zumic] did a great job pushing the article on all their social media pages.”

The group wrapped up everything by touching on the lasting impact of this opportunity:

“For a band that has made music it’s full time career it’s always encouraging to be recognized by other artists and professionals in the industry. Not only were our fans just as excited as we were but it has opened the doors for many more people to discover our music.”

The Hamiltons were featured by the Milwaukee Rock Examiner

Journalist Kellie Levans’ Milwaukee Rock Examiner has covered artists like Black Label Society, Five Finger Death Punch, Kiss, Motley Crue, and the Cult.

Levans’ recent feature of The Hamiltons, We’re In Love with Rock & Roll and The Hamiltons, praises the band for their ‘Cheap-trick’-esque style:

“I have a new obsession – cranking The Hamiltons. Some of my favorite songs of theirs include Barrom Angel, Annie Good-Bye and NO TIME TO LOSE.”

Robert Hamilton, guitarist and vocalist, is confident this will allow The Hamiltons to expand their fan base:

“The opportunity was a great way to get our name out there to a wider audience. It really has helped people discover our music and videos.”

Read the full feature here.

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KevinJune Breaking! Musicians Keeping a Beat through ReverbNation Opportunities

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