Email Marketing for Musicians: It Starts With Knowing Your Audience

In our post The Biggest Misconception Musicians Have About Email Marketing, we offered tips on how Artists can start an email marketing strategy. We continued the conversation with Ferol Vernon, SVP of Artist Services at ReverbNation, to learn more about how musicians can get the most value out of emailing fans.

Experiment to Find Out What Works for You

For musicians, the prospect of creating an email campaign may seem intimidating. However, Ferol says it’s likely that most Artists will already have all the information they need to get started. Knowing how to market to your audience, means that first, you need to know your audience.

“You can read all the websites and papers out there on good marketing tactics, but at the end of the day, what works for your fanbase works for your fanbase,” says Ferol.

Watch to learn more about how you can take what you know about your fans and refine your email campaigns through continued experimentation:

Managing Your Email Marketing

Marina V ReverbNation Email

Marina V, ReverbNation Artist since 2007, has a strong email marketing strategy and cites email as “the best way to stay in touch with fans.”

Singer-songwriter Marina V has been managing her own email since 2003. Because she’s hands-on with her email marketing, she says that she’s been able to discover a balance of content that engages her fans.

“My fans are my biggest support so I always try to think about what they want to hear about. Fans who live in Illinois aren’t going to want to hear about my upcoming show in New York; I only send the fans in New York a reminder email about a show there. Many of my fans have responded really well to personal stories I share, like a recipe for my Russian Borscht Soup or photos of my garden.”

While Marina admits she enjoys making time to email fans, what if you’re an artist focused heavily on touring, or are writing your next album — do you have time to fit in sending emails to your fans? As your fanbase expands and your list grows larger, should you continue to handle email yourself, or hire someone to do it for you?

In this segment, Ferol tackles these tough questions and offers advice on how bands of any size can manage their email marketing.

Have any email tips for other Artists or questions for Ferol? Use the comments below.


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KevinEmail Marketing for Musicians: It Starts With Knowing Your Audience

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