Introducing the New Band Profile App for Facebook

As Facebook continues to limit your musician/band page’s “organic reach,” (i.e. how many people see your posts without having to spend money to “boost” your posts), we wanted to be sure that anyone who visited your Facebook page would be able to get all the information they needed in one place. So if you hop over to your Facebook musician/band page, you’ll notice that your Band Profile app now sports a simple, sleek look designed to focus all of your fan’s attention on your music.

bandprofile2Much like our SiteBuilder service, which simplifies the process of creating your own website, the new Band Profile app features four distinct sections: Music, Shows, Videos, and Press. And managing the app has never been easier — using a simple on/off toggle, you can remove or add each section in one click.

Just like before, any new content you add on ReverbNation will be automatically added to your Band Profile app. You can also “pin” whatever section you like to the top of the app, giving preference to one section over the others.

We also put any of your ReverbNation “albums” front and center under the Music section, allowing your fans to kick back and listen to the entire release, or pick and choose from your catalog of music. The Band Profile app displays each album’s artwork, so make sure you’ve got your albums up to date on your ReverbNation profile.

In the top right corner, fans can also join your mailing list, share your page, or visit any of your external sites like Instagram or wherever you sell your merchandise.

With the new Band Profile, less is more, and we think you’re going to like it that way.

To install the app on your Facebook page, just click here:


JustinIntroducing the New Band Profile App for Facebook

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