The Special Olympics #UnifiedRelay Tour Comes to a Close

Last Friday, the 2015 Special Olympics #UnifiedRelay tour finished up its 120+ tour stops in Los Angeles, CA. The Flame of Hope finally made its way the west coast after weeks of travelling across the country. Along the way, dozens of ReverbNation artists performed at different tour stops, sharing their music with the athletes and supporters of the Special Olympics.

We documented the whole journey with our #UnifiedRelay campaign (which you can check out in full here), and now we’ve got a round-up of some of our favorite shots from the tour.We also spoke with two ReverbNation Artists, Wordsmith and Erin Kelly, about their experience at the #UnifiedRelay. Take a look through the photos below and see what these artists had to say about the #UnifiedRelay experience!

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Why did you want to perform at #UnifiedRelay?


Baltimore, MD’s Wordsmith

Wordsmith: My brand of Hip-Hop is profanity-free, uplifting and message-driven. All of these elements can be used by a Special Olympics athlete to get themselves pumped up for their big day.

Erin Kelly: I have performed numerous shows and helped with sports camps locally for children with special needs for years. This show meant a lot to me knowing how much the Special Olympics means to all of the athletes involved.

What was the #UnifiedRelay experience like?


Allentown, PA’s Erin Kelly

Wordsmith: The experience with Special Olympics was great! I hit the stage right after the Torch was lit in Annapolis, MD, and there were Special Olympics athletes, Annapolis police force, Bank of America employees and tons of others walking around that stopped to see the event.

Erin Kelly: It was a pleasure to meet some of the athletes and speakers involved with the Special Olympics after the ceremony. The Music Box Theatre in Hershey Park is such a beautiful venue, and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to perform there.

JustinThe Special Olympics #UnifiedRelay Tour Comes to a Close

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