A Musician’s Guide to Social Media

Social media gives artists the opportunity to connect with fans, promote themselves, and share their music with the world. And because almost everyone has a smartphone in their hands at all times, creating a social media presence is more important than ever. So whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been building a dedicated community of fans, these best practices will help you develop your online identity.

Be Current

Are all of your social media accounts on your ReverbNation profile current? When fans visit your profile and click your social media icons, it’s essential to direct them to up-to-date accounts. No one wants to visit a Facebook page that you haven’t updated since 2013. Do an audit of all of your accounts today – update bios, upload current photos, and start posting consistently.

Be Consistent

If you are just starting to use social media on a regular basis, start slowly and post a few times a week. As you get more comfortable, work up to posting on a daily basis. By posting unique content regularly, you will keep fans interested and excited for more. To drive engagement, post a variety of content and experiment with different mediums including text, photos, music, and videos.

In addition to posting consistently, it is important to be consistent with your branding. Try to use the same usernames across all of the different social media platforms so it is easy for fans to find you.

Be Authentic

Wolf Colony

ReverbNation artist Wolf Colony is the epitome of authenticity. From his alluring anonymity to tweets, photos, and posts that give fans a glimpse into his life, all of his social media activity reflects his individuality.

Don’t try to be someone you are not — be yourself. Give fans a behind-the-scenes look at who you are as an artist, from snapping photos at band practice and sharing pre-show rituals to showing off your favorite guitar and highlighting your go-to stops on tour.

Sammy Brue

ReverbNation artist Sammy Brue consistently engages with his fans by highlighting their photos. By using apps like Regram (link http://regram.me/), Sammy shares fan photos with his community.

Be Responsive

When a fan comments on a post, posts a photo of you, or mentions you in a tweet, take the time to reply. A simple Like, Comment, Retweet, or Regram shows that you not only care about your fans, but that you care about what they have to say.

Be Engaging

Gavin Turek

ReverbNation artist Gavin Turek does a fantastic job at engaging with her fans. Whether she is posting a behind-the-scenes video or taking a selfie with the audience at a show, she starts the conversation.

Social media is about creating conversation. Try asking your fans questions, encourage them to upload photos from a show using a specific hashtag, and thank them for their support. Create opportunities for your fans to converse and share their experiences.


  • Audit all of your social media accounts today and make sure they’re up to date
  • Post unique content regularly to keep fans engaged
  • Be yourself — don’t try to talk or act like someone you’re not
  • Respond to and engage with your fans’ comments, photos, etc.
  • Create conversations with your fans

How do you use social media as an artist? What has worked for you and what roadblocks have you run into?

JustinA Musician’s Guide to Social Media


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  • Raphael - December 2, 2015 reply

    I like this post very much. Hey, y’all musicians out there, we know that you’re rich and famous but it doesn’t stop you from coming down a little bit, so you can relate with the fans on a normal term.
    People like Don Jazzy would forever win all the social media attraction because he knows the basics. He is current, he’s authentic, he’s responsive and he’s engaging. You should see how playful he gets on twitter and instagram. I’m forever loving him.

  • Mandell Brandy - December 3, 2015 reply

    As we become more in touch with the sounds we here. We recieve the touch of someone’s heart. We connect! And once we’re connected, we grow even stronger.. M.B.

  • BerhaneLove - December 3, 2015 reply

    To all my beloved fans and all the ReverbNation crew, I extend my sincere gratitude and thanks for all the attention and support including this informative post. More life, health, love, peace, unity and prosperity to everyone in and outside of my network. Special thanks to ReverbNation.com CEO & staff members.

  • BerhaneLove - December 3, 2015 reply

    Thanks ReverbNation

  • calicino - December 9, 2015 reply

    Thanks to reverbnation!

  • Wood - January 31, 2016 reply

    I like to thank all my ReverbNation fans in everybody who supported me

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