6 Ways to Build Your Music Career with YouTube

We spoke to YouTube stars Maddie Wilson, Noah Guthrie, and Ali Brustofski about how they used YouTube to build their career. For this post, we've compiled their 6 most essential tips on how to build a devoted fanbase using one of the world's most popular websites.

Quality and consistency are the two most important factors

This was far and away the most popular piece of advice we heard. You have to establish a consistent schedule when posting content for your fans — the more they can come to expect a new video at a certain time each day or week, the more likely you are the draw them back in. And always keep upping the quality of your videos, whether through better equipment or higher production value.

If you’re posting covers, make sure they’re songs people want to hear

When choosing your next cover, make sure that you’re not spending time on something out-of-date or just flat-out wrong for your audience. And if the song doesn’t move you, don’t expect your performance of it to move your audience!

Build a buzz before posting any new material

Before you release a new video, make sure your fans know that it’s coming! Tease out short clips or drop hints for your fans in the days leading up to your release, and don’t forget to post about the video again after your first release it. You need to keep that song in your fans’ newsfeeds (and in their heads) for days.

Collaborate with artists similar to your size

Collaboration is one of the best ways we saw these artists growing their fanbase. By working on a song with another YouTuber, those artists were able to effectively double their fanbase and cross-promote each other. But don’t expect to be able to work with the highest-viewed artist when you’re first starting off. Try and find someone with a similar sized audience as you, and work up from there.

Find out what your audience wants to hear from time to time

While it’s important to select covers and perform originals that are true to your voice as an artist, it’s never a bad idea to get ideas from your fans. Ask them what their favorite song is, or what song they’d like to hear you cover next.

Make each song your own

Whether you’re restyling an entire song or just changing the tempo, make sure that any cover you perform is a version that represents you as an artist. And when you’re working on new original music, be true to your voice. Don’t push yourself into musical territories if they don’t feel natural for you.

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    Glad you enjoyed the post, George! The more ways you can bring the music to your fans, the better. If you’re able to create unique viewing and listening experiences like the ones created by Hangouts or Periscope, go for it!

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